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Last update for (4)Stadium : 2006, 01, 21 15:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
912 (4)Stadium 128*128JK)Valkyrion3.0final

The map has been rated 134 times and got a total of 407 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

flothefrea k
WHAT is so hard that you can't understand that you should stick to one map.
instead, you upload one more with the fuckin same mistakes
Map looks funny, except that is flo more than right :/ i'm tired of posting the same comments to your maps ever and ever again. maybe you can tell me why you keep dpoing that.

(even if this map is "ok" the be straight lined, after you tried to craete a fotball stadium with tribunes and stuff. quite nice looking actually)
flothefrea i have understand perfectly but:

1) the other map are already improved
2) i upload one a day
3) this map must be geometryc for rappresentic almost the figure of the stadio
--v mOsQ
+1 idiot map
1) they have improved don't mean they are perfect. they are actually far away from it. there is very much work to do
2) 1/day is still too much. look at the experienced mappers of this site. do THEY upload one map every day? no.
3) it's nevertheless ugly. and IF you do such a map, don't EVER make it user-final. experimental.
for vengeance rivers for example, there it is still a lot it to do? but we do not joke.....
Why would we spend more time on giving you tips to improve your map when this progress takes more time than making your maps. Its useless to post 1 a day.. you won't get more comments, you will get less.. but if its what you want ;)
I have a feeling someone abuses the rating system

a map like this should not get 76 votes in one day
and Valkyrion, do you really expect anyone to play this map over the popular maps that are already out there? what reason is there to play this?
it was on 0.1 after 37 votes, said flo.

so someone rated it bad often (i wonder why someone spents time on rating anyway...) and someone else voted good to make it equal again...

Noone ever cares about the rating system, EVER! Believe me. MotWs are it, and maybe recommended maps are it, nothing else.

Just imagine, someone sitting in front of his PC, deleting the cookie ever an ever again, just to vote on a map 298342973 times. wtf? :) we have a script that undos all votes, good luck guys ^^
Seen that I am I that I should improve the maps that badly there it is if I put a to the day, well I can improve also more of a map to the day, you say me the mistakes and I fix them, I do not see therefore the problem. ...
ita was --v mOsQ....
the problem is that if you're making one map a day, you won't be making good maps.
if you could make a map perfect by saying "mistake 1" "2" "3" "4" "5" done

then we'd have only great maps.
but your maps are NOT perfect. take memory cell and compare it to vengeance river. then tell me if yourn maps is finished. if your answer is yes, well, then there is no use for you to be here
these maps that I am putting I have them already created a year ago
and one year ago, you were a bad mapper. fact, no offense. same goes for my first maps.

so why don't you just keep your bad maps at home, but take your new knowledge and make a _good_ map?
the map of this week personally does not attract me, I find bothering it and repetitious, however never I said that vengeance rivers is perfect but for me things is stalked and if is not things you say does I should change and I will provide, hope to be explained me
hmm your map personally does not attract me, i find it in game to be bothering and repititious. it is simply a fastest possible map/ starship troopers clone and it will never be in my interest to explain to you the faults of your beans of misery.
You repeated precisely what I said capable. ....
a lot of beginning mapmakers comes in with super geometric simple maps thinking they have an original new concept (i admit i did too). just accept that nobody likes them, and pretty soon you will realize that you do not either.

and it won't let me post with my name even when i log in... i'm sure i'm making some newb mistake let me know
for me the map must be:

3)attractive to look at
and your map is none of your criteria

perhaps i not balanced ut is original and attractive....
ok, you agree it's not balanced.
attractive? I bet 9/10 serious bw player won't play it
original? if I make a map that looks like a bunny with a pancake on the head, it's original, too
This map looks like fastest possible just with air mains and limited ressources...
for me is original and attractive
well, you'll be the only one playing it.
is that your reason to make maps?
I do not understand because it should not go well alone because it a stadium is drawn us
these are maps that I created much time does and the place to improve them
I have plenty of maps on my PC that I did not put here, so do Starparty and trcc and probably most other mappers here. There is no need to flood the DB :(
Actually I don't think your maps are bad to play, but natural look is much more difficult to do and gets more respect from other mappers, that is why you will not get much love for straight-lined maps like this.

So I think you are better of if you make a pause with uploading and take your time on refining some of your maps. It is just that the other mappers may also feel like you push their maps out of the spotlight with such a flood of maps, and so it is obvious you get negative comments on it.
JK)Valkyrion... all we are saying is that it is not helping you to post one map a day. Are you trying to show off your maps or improve them? If you're trying to show off your maps, don't beg for comments. If you're trying to improve your maps, listen to our comments, and take time to improve and make them the best they can be. If you just listen to what the comments here say, you can really make great maps. But just because you have made one or two improvements, or nobody is commenting does not mean that the map is perfect. In fact, it probably means the opposite.

If you post tons of maps, and don't listen to the comments, nobody will want to comment on your maps any more.

So PLEASE stop uploading one a day and instead work on perfecting one or two of your maps.
sweet map can i have?
Scrap this map. Start off with a standard 2 or 4 player map and we'll work on that one till it is above average, then after that is all done, you can make another one.
naa, this map is already playable and it has a pretty funny theme that is realised well. Ingame it looks ugly as hell though because of the lack of doodads or terrain variation.

How about making the tribunes High dirt? You would have more building space in main and you could place (please mostly buildable!) doodads in main?

And then we should look for better placement of natural expansion, where tanks can not own them easily from main base.
btw your map is not playable in UMS. Do not ally/share vision players. And while you do that, better move players 5-8 to group 2 for future obs versions. Maybe you should put your name in map description too?
Panschk is right. The map itself, is nice. Because it is well made. You tried to create a football stadium, and totally succeeded. But it has still some issue to changes, like the expansions.

ALso, as epidi0n said, if you want to improve ypourself, then just work on your 2 best maps. Tell us what your two best maps are, if you want to improve yourself and the maps, and we will help you on those, to show you, what a mapper needs to know about starcraft mapping.

And jix the things panschk mentioned, it'S worth it.
k boys

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