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Last update for (3)Moon Tear : 2010, 08, 26 12:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2234 (3)Moon Tear 128*128Testbug4.9final

The map has been rated 119 times and got a total of 578 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

obviusly not finished and not tested.
but need to balance it before decoration.
please help

main gass: 5000
expos: 3600
island: 2500 (and 750 mineral)
modified by Testbug
This map looks godly.
How exactly does it work, though? you have a direct transition from low ground to high ground... where is it?
the low to hi ground transition? maybe its same concept as the pyramids?
it says Warning: unlink((3)Moon's Tear(n).scx): No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/v127008/mappage/edit2.php on line 13
You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Tear', mel='(3)Moon's Tear(n).scx', players='3', mapend ='scx (3)Moon's Tear has been edited

is it because of the mane "moon's tear"? i'll change it to "moon tear"
did you intend the ability for T to lift to the island expos are you gonna put min blocks there?
ok it works now.

the transition is in the temple wall, the face of the temple wall that faces the main base it the high temple wall, and the other side it a copy/paste low temple thing.

then, the raised jungle where natural expo can de tanked is high rised jungle, some of the islands are high rised jungle but don't remember, this map is not finished and i have not tested the high/low ground isues.

i'll add trees and small plants all around the temple wall (near the rised jungle) but when walking with my SCV all around the rised jungle, i did not noticed the transition from low rised jungle to high rised jungle.
do you?

do you like my metapod (pokemon) center area? :D
it looks like the moon is sad :(
that's why i named it "moon's tear" but name did not work :(

looks like teal player has the minonly too far, and those 2 minonlies needs some mud decoration.
and main mines too.

i can decorate it very well, what i need is the things you know about positional balance, testbug doing things on key parts that hurts gameplay, gass isue, etc.

-don't worry about tank spots! i'll fix it when this thing becomes finished!-<

and should i put a mineral blocking the islands so terran can't lift a cc?
because terran doesn't looks too strong here, 3 gass for zerg, and a lot of places where it can be flanked.
oh, the natural expos can be tanked (i forgot to place some bigger rised jungle at the red natural, but it's suppose to be as same as the other 2 naturals)
modified by Testbug
Wow, this absolutely brilliant. Honestly, it is simple, but what you did here was very unique. Excellent. But you really should find some better low cliff to high temple tile transitions. Some of them are just butt ugly. X)
Is the main highground or lowground?
It obviously is highground, check out the brightness of the dirt.

The extended terrain looks pretty well done; I haven't downloaded it and the cliff/temple wall blend might be improveable, but it looks pretty good.
highdirt is lighter = mains are high
The room in red's backdoor is the smallest, blue's the largest, although it's not *that* much larger than teal's, but red's needs some room.
Blue's main is the smallest, then teal, and red's is the largest, and in imo the differences are large enough to matter, teal's main could fit in like 50 barracks, 58 in teal, 42 or so in blue's.
Red's nat cliff is different from the others, the others have a long piece of cliff connected against the cliff but red's does not.
Blue's distance from main2nat is the shortest, then red then teal's, but red/teal are fairly close to eachother.
The northern-most mineral is way too close to red, the southeast one is pretty close to blue to, but not acutely so. Teal has the longest nat2mineralonly distances, going to the southeast one is the longest distance, and the distance to the west one is about the same as red to it, which is shorter than red's to the east one. There's a tile in the top of blue's backdoor you should checkout, it's unbuildable for some reason.
The island by red's nat is by far the smallest, being six or seven rax smaller, the one by teal's is the largest, being about 2 rax larger than blue's.
I think your tile blending is good enough, but close up it is a bit ugly^^
The metapod is the best part of the map :D
I'm concerned about the tvp gameplay, terran gets to turtle at the top of a hill and get 3gas, then can lift for 2 more geysers, protoss can't attack a hill, t doesn't have to do anything but mass to maxed supplies. I reccomend making the nat gasless. I think for all mus that will balance it out alright. If you want more gas you can add it to the mineral only in the middle making the middle more usefull, right now it's sort of just a barren wasteland with a gigantic metapod(!). The doublegas on the island imo is fine, it will make them key fighting positions.
I think the execution here is really nice, editing sizes/distances + taking out nat gas would improve the map a lot imo. Also look for that tile in top of blue's backdoor. Oh and red's nat cliff to be more like the other two. gl with the nat2mineral only distances though :( looks hard, but red's is way too short to leave it that way...
Wow, your maps are truly incredible ! I see you like 3 players maps :D
I'll test it soon with friends ;)
you know you could have changed the file's name rather then the name you put for DL
impressive artwork, brilliant. out-of-the-box in a great way, why still being kind of standard.
but as already pointed out: your map is even more macroistic than azalea, especially for terran. 3 gasbases SO easily, a tankable nat (except for red OO) and a VERY short route for dropping/taking a dualgas islandexpo.
a pity that this piece of art will have serious lack in gameplay :<
The aesthetic quality gives it a WCIII feel... I really like the layout, and it is implemented way better than your other maps. I really like this one, it offers a lot of interesting concepts to make games interesting. And while Flo's statements are true, I think proper compensation by good quality gamers can make this map's potential shine.
Tanks can be unloaded behind the naturals of blue and teal but not red on the raised jungle.

Can't see anything other than that, this looks so awesome, I wanna see some progamers palying on it ^^
while this is one of the coolest looking maps I've ever seen, I don't like it. it's just a turtle map, plain and simple.
i think the gas issue should be addressed... red's gas positions are better then tael by several hundred gas per 3 minutes 0.o also i dont think u should take the gas cuz gas doesn't racially descriminate...
metapod! metapod!
expos has only 3600 gass and islands only 2500!
is not that enought to slow a 200/200 terran army?
i can make all of them bee 2500.

i sayd this map was not finished, this is only the skeleton.
only terran will turtle in this map, and natural can be tanked very well, does it looks like a terran map?
if terra turtles protoss will get the other main mine and 3 geysers are anought to make a carrier rush.

this is only plain, yes. like Nemesis, is that wrong? :(

thank's all of you (specially nightmarjoo and crimson shadow)
this is was i'm gonna do:
1)correct the tile in the blue backdoor
2)give some space to the red back door
3)give some space to the blue main
4)redo the red natural so it is as tankable as the other two, and the transitions are really bad, i'll modify it so it has the same amout of rised jungle as the other 2 (where rised walkable rised jungle goes up to the lowground transition)
5)put some minerals in the islands so terran won't be able to lift a cc.
6)modify the distances from backdoor-main-nat

*7)because i'm not able to balance the distances to minonly.. i will place a natural xel naga temple there, what do you think?

8)i will improve the transitions while doing the decorations so, don't worry about that.

what do you think about the 7 item?
well, brb after this modifications, wait.
modified by Testbug
modified by Testbug
put xel nagas in min only? as in the minonly's near the metapod? idk wut thats gona do... i think prople won't really go for them neways until late in the game wen they have a big army which makes it ez to kill xel naga...

i definaely think u should make the islands unliftable cuz T would have lots of gas if they turtle... that throw the modong zerg vs sk terran thing to favor T
I think this map will be better without neutral buildings.
Lovely execution :)
I think a Xel Naga Temple has too many hit points.
You should make the islands unliftable. Otherwise i won't change the Expansions.
this is how does it look with the xel naga temples.
1)correct the tile in the blue backdoor
2)give some space to the red back door
3)give some space to the blue main
4)redo the red natural so it is as tankable as the other two, and the transitions are really bad, i'll modify it so it has the same amout of rised jungle as the other 2 (where rised walkable rised jungle goes up to the lowground transition)
5)put some minerals in the islands so terran won't be able to lift a cc.
6)modify the distances from backdoor-main-nat

*7)because i'm not able to balance the distances to minonly.. i place a natural xel naga temple there, what do you think

does it looks better now?
(i can remove the temple)
i cant really decide about the temples...
Ok, I think the xel naga temple idea is fine, but it will take a while to kill those making them not as important even more so. I still think it'd be a good idea to remove the gas at the nat, maybe put it at the middle expo to make it usefull. The idea of there being too much gas is largely unreliant on the gas values of the geysers, but on how many geysers a player can get. With this setup there is an easy 3gas, terran can get a lot of tanks with this pretty quickly. So I suggest removing or relocating a geyser, I think I'd rather the nat was mineral only and the backdoor keep its gas, this forces zerg to get a little less gas unless they want to take the backdoor first, the map is very open so limiting zerg gas will help balance pvz, but p and t are uneffected by the location of the gas. Minerals on the islands is not imo necessary, but if you want them, I suggest setting their values to 0. That way they will still appear and block terran landing, but you only need to drop 1 worker, not 2 like now, which is just annoying.

I think the xelnaga thing is fine. I think it's best to remove the nat gas, you could place it on the mineral only in the center to make the center a more important place for combat, should reduce turtling.
ok done.
and thanks nightmarjoo for the rep.
nice to game with you
I like the changes here, I don't really have anything to complain about now, except that you might look into the island sizes, I haven't measured them but they look off from the pic alone.
did you mean to remove the gas from the nat near the choke? why not the back? then we'll have the same problem as arcadia, where u have to triple expo if u want the gas and the protected choke
modified by Crimson)S(hadow
wait nvm 0.o;;
Very sexily made, plus it's a 3-player map which I always like to see. Gosu =D
I love this still, but the xel'naga temples were a bad idea.
this map is fucking sexy.

maybe consider moving the gas from the backdoor (?) natural to the more forward one (where the ramp is)? kinda like blade storm.

just a thought.
protoss won't get that much gass if FW
it terran doesn't stops zerg in the early game it will be able to 3 hatch muta as well, but the minonly natural gives it a 2hatch BO.
protoss don't need early gass vs terran.
terran can get the backdoor vs a protoss.

natural are too vulnerable to the rised jungle, it can be tanked, lurk drop, etc.
I added some GMCS about the back expo's gases (sorry; I messed up the first one so there are two up-arrows. Only the left one says anything)

Also, I'd love to have an obs version.
I say to balance the matchups a bit, make the in-base expo and the nats have 6 minerals. you can keep the gas at the in base expo if you'd like. But you should make players fight for the gas, so i say place the gases at the nats. Truly magnificent map though, i love it.
modified by NastyMarine
what do you mean NastyMarine?
ALL the expos have 6 mineral fields
nat, backdoor, zel naga teple, island, every expo has 6 minerals.
As far as I'm concerned the map is more or less perfectly balanced with the concept. I think for balance it is important to keep the gas in the backdoor not the nat, and having gas at the middle expo makes something to fight over, makes the map less turtle favouring while keeping the concept.
I've added some gmc for the differences in the drop spots in the inbase expo.
The rep is nothing special, but you can see them there.
i got a question for nightmarjoo.... what would this map be like if he kept the triplee expo but made it as undroppable as possible?
i meant just the inbase expo and the nat. only those two for each start location/main.
triple expo you mean the 3gas? undroppable, how so?

If you have the easy 3gas then there's no reason to leave your base as terran, and for protoss no reason to not go carrier as attacking terran by land would be impossible. By having no gas in nat but gas at the former mineral only, you make a good reason to leave your base, terran can max off their nat if they want to, but if they want a heavier army they have to leave their base for more gas.
idk if I answered what you're asking at all...
can can't understand what's nastymarine saying.
every single expo has 6 minerals.

he sayd: " make the in-base expo and the nats have 6 minerals"

but every singhe sing has already 6minerals
tha xel naga thigs is what units fight for, like a player spend time to kill it but oponent colonizes the expo.

i'll check the tank drop thing, watch the replay and fix it tomorrow sorry zzZZzzZZ u_u zzZZ
modify the teal backdoor so it's the same as the other backdoors.

backdoor geyser has 5000 gass
(there where 2 geysers with 3600 before, and i forgot to change it back to 5000)

added trees so units can't abuse drop, and some bad copy/paste rised jungle was fixed.

guess it gets better like this.
(and the metapod eye really shines!)
lol what's in its eye
the twilight flying creature :)
map was lightly edited.
added the doodads (tested if are walkable and so)
copy pasted some high dirt+high grass.

added treed+bushed in the backdoor.
decoration is diferent now.
i only added eauty things.

i tested the map and is finished now.
so it's now final version.
thank you 40 comments, you helped me a lot.
modified by Testbug
I don't wanna depreciate what you done,cause I really like the style & the execution of your map.Also I like your grasp for esthetical refinements.

But you still have a imba in this map,you can't ignore.It's the distance of the expansion(that one with the xn-temple)from each start position.Red has the shortest way,blue have to go a little longer and teal has the longest.If you start from red & blue,maybe you can ignore it,but surely not if you start from red & teal.For me teal would have a prejudice.Think about!

Still a good map.
modified by DG)SpoilR
Well SpoilR, there is no way to fix that without starting from scratch; he tried to fix the imba by using the neutrals, which seems to be the second most effective option, and easily the most practical. But you're right, the imbalance is still there, but I do think the neutrals help nullify the imbalance, atleast to a certain extent.

Basicly the distance would be most significant in that it would be closer to your other expos and/or father from the enemy, or vice versa, and that you could send a worker there and it would get there sooner or later depending on the position. The heavy hp neutral means it won't be taken until later in the game, so no worker can just be sent to take it without destroying first the neutral. This leaves plenty of time for both players to have armies and scouting and whatnot. The only thing making the expo at all attractive is the geyser. A lot of the gameplay shifts towards the island also, making imbalances on the mainland less significant, but of course still present.
modified by Nightmarjoo
you def. should do a working OBS version of the map though. Especially considering it looks like it could become MotM.
can some1 make a obs version for me plz? :(
I actually never did it with anything but Staredit. Doing the obs version should be done early, before placing neutral buildings and stuff. Then you can just remove the observer's start locations to make a melee version.
i want the "map of the thing" thing at bottom right near the "replays" thing. :D

and i also want a obs version :(
i think it's done.
don't have any1 to test it with me.
tell me if the obs version doesn't work.

oh and i get this message:
Warning: unlink(): No such file or directory in /www/htdocs/v127008/mappage/edit2.php on line 14
(3)Moon Tear has been edited
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Not sure if anyone mentioned this yet but look at the island disadvantage at 9 compared to 12 which is somewhat blocked by the '3rd nat' base and neutral building while 9 has its side exposed to middle. but then look down at the 5 island which is completely safe from anything other than air.
modified by SpoR
9 o'clock can't be attacked from lowground, it's out of siege tanks range, what i will have to fix is the 12 oˇclock.
thank you i'll take a look.

ok, i edited some trees so the islands are no more tankable from the lowground.
will i have to change the 12 positon?
or it's ok like this?
modified by Testbug
imo the ruing could have been done better here testbug. You should have made them look like 2story on the outside of base. It shouldnt have been that much work i guess?
who cares xD
whatttt? i can't understand your english :S

"imo the ruing could have been done better here testbug. You should have made them look like 2story on the outside of base. It shouldnt have been that much work i guess?"

what are you trying to say??? sorry :(
Starparty, can you please xplain what were you trying to say?
SP is referring to the height.
On the inside, which is high ground, it appears as though the ruin is one story. However on the outside where its normal dirt its also one story. There is a problem with that realistically because it would be higher on the outside dirt and lower on the inside high dirt to be able to accomodate both heights.
modified by Excalibur
Free Image Hosting at

sorry for making it ulgy but i cant be bothered.
ohhh, i did not know what does "1 story, 2 stories" mean xD
i perfectly understand you SP, thanks a lot to Excalibur!! hehe sorry :(
i'll take a look ;)
thank you!
no, i can't do it.
can you help?
its a map i would believe come into iccup pack, this is the coolest fade between high temple and temple, also raised jungle. this looks very natural and balanced.

perfect jungle 3 player map
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