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Nightmarjoo's Random Competition #228 of July 2007 12:50 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo

Ok, while I'm working on testing and reviewing the first competition's maps, you guys can work on this competition, and I'm allowing more time.

128x128, 128x96, 96x128 are acceptable sizes.
Ice, Desert, Badlands, and I guess space, are acceptable tilesets.
(3), (4), (5), (6) are acceptable player positions. Preferably not 3 or 4, because 3 is impossible to balance perfectly, and 4 is overused. But I know that 1. Testbug only makes (3)maps, and 2. Not everyone is up for a (5) or (6)map.

Theme this time is make a world which appears to be perfectly natural, but definitely inhabited and or colonized by um people, whether that be zerg people, protoss people, or people people :)
This is pretty easy to do in ice and desert, as they have nice doodads for both natural and people stuff. Badlands also has both natural and people doodads, as well as more city-like asphault and then natural dirt and whatnot. Badlands would be pretty easy to make a city in the middle of a dirt or grassy plains kinda thing. Space will be harder to get a natural look, but basicly a natural space setting would be a space colony, so making it have like jagged edges and space on the outskirts of the map with a founded colony in the middle would work well I think.
Now, since I want a natural looking setting people would actually consider founding cities and colonizing, you have to consider what about a place is attractive. Basicly, a space setting had better be rich in resources (does not mean 3490590540 expos), an ice/badlands setting had better have a substantial amount of water and trees and grass and maybe critters. Desert should use critters too to indicate a habitable climate lol. Mud would work I think to indicate presence of water or some liquid. Tar does not necessarily indicate a habitable place :)
I haven't really touched half of what should make a place look colonized, but bridges and tunnels and stuff are probably good terraformed-geography-indicaters.

Up to three maps per person. If you make two maps they must be of different tilesets, if you make three two must be of different tilsets and two of different player position numbers.

In this case, theme >/= positional balance > racial balance, to an extent. I don't require perfect symetrical balance so long as you hit the theme well, and create a nice playable concept.

omg, you stole my idea for my 2nd theme comp. i wanted "big city fever" with a city in a spacemap.

well, at least i have loads of ideas for this setup myself :>
i prolly will make 2 maps

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