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Last update for (2)SairinKata : 2009, 01, 06 04:46
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3460 (2)SairinKata 96*96neobowman0.1betaground

The map has been rated 38 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Can't think of a middle for Artemis still so I've decided to work on this. The sc2gg map I'm working on is done and I'm just spamming doodads on it right now so I've been working on this.

The concept is based on a previous map of mine. I think I've done it better this time though. No doodads yet except ones affecting balance.
more like neoptarman
change the backdoor or remove it.
so it won't cause more path issue
neoptarman lol
the deco is still barely done in comparaison to ptar, he just uses the same color picture
Looks like same:

yeah, main, nat, minonly, nat backoor.
i'm sure neoptarman didn't copy it, he may haven't seen that map evr :P!
but yes, it's 100% equal.
I can't remember maps too well. I wasn't basing this map off of that 0_o. New update coming soon.

Finally, uploaded new version.

The hills in the middle favour Terran a lot in TvP but when I was testing, It was really hard to hold both the corner expo and the middle at once because it's easy for the Protoss to go around and counter.
modified by neobowman
Wtf with those cliffs? -_- Just delete them.
That would give toss a huge ****ing imbalance. I lost with Terran against a Toss WITH the cliffs.
Show replay.
Didn't save XD. I was so frustrated by the recall at the end that I wanted a rematch asap. I'll get another game on the map.
Didn't save XD. I was so frustrated by the recall at the end that I wanted a rematch asap. I'll get another game on the map.
I think the cliffs are a nice touch. I think it's better than just having a huge open middle.
Since the backdoor is gone, maybe move the lowground gas expo to 12/6?

I don't think the cliffs are too bad. Maybe put a default-sized ramp on the other side of the larger ramp on the cliffs to be safe? And then either move the ramp to the other side of the expos, or keep it on the same side of the expo and just stretch the cliff/ramp with the move of the expo.
I was going to test this version before posting here but my regular testing partner has been busy the past week so I'm posting now.

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