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BWMN-Broodwarmaps.net24 of June 2007 05:32 AM
Posted by:Nightmarjoo
Based purely on the votes in the TeamBWMN Tag competition, the tag for's team's tag is BWMN-*Name*.

36 votes - BWMN-Name
35 votes - Name[BWMN]
35 votes - Name)BWM(

op TeamBWMN is our channel, on Europe. If no one's online when you are, 1. Wait a little longer, maybe go afk in the channel and come back later. 2. Why not check out clan iM on east, which often has tourneys daily, and will be including bwm maps in their tourneys as soon as we work out which maps are good enough.
So far myself and Testbug have been going through the database, looking for maps with salvagable concepts for either modification or pimpage, ie redoing, or for maps which are nearly or already are perfect. I'll be releasing a list of map ids which I believe are acceptable, and present them to you guys to see if you agree with the list, and to find people to modify/pimp the maps which need it.

MOTM 6 needs your contributions! Look at the maps, vote on your top three favourites, then go play a game or two on the maps. Hopefully after the vote filters out some maps we can choose some for another Avaton, or perhaps we can use iM's support, though at the moment Avaton is a much larger event than their daily tourneys. fighting!~

it is )bwmn(NAME btw
"MOTWM 6 needs your contributions!" Map of the week month? I think there is one word too much :P
ugly tag is ugly!
Oh yeah I won't use it anyway :3
pimping old map concepts for the iM?
i'm a voluntier!
first of all, i'm interested in MillenniumArmy's Rise of Warriors (well, i only make 3 players maps ^^)
lol oops about MOTWM, you get the idea though ><
When do you post the map list?
lol ptar, when I find the time to finish looking^^ Meh I'm learning mandarin Chinese, I'm away from home from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, then I have a little free time, then I have to study Chinese for the next day =/
So, what is the team tag?

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