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Fast & Slow15 of October 2007 01:18 AM
Posted by:PsychoTEMPlar

Well, you've had about three days to vote (someone decided to invisible the competition), and it looks like we have a pretty clear winner:

Congratulations, StarParty! Your map, BlodGrape has won!

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A very interesting and unusual map, StarParty's Blodgrape will provide many exciting and unique games. It perfectly incorporates the Fast & Slow concept by placing two fast resource nodes in the centre of the map. This allows any player willing to defend the highly contested middle an economic boost which should produce some intriguing game dynamics.

Other innovative features of this map include cliffs everywhere that are blocked off by neutral buildings, creep on the natural cliffs, and a comstat inside the in-base expansion for Terrans.

So congratulations again StarParty, and thanks to everyone who participated. Now let's upload some great replays for this map :)

PsychoTemplar out.

Someone invisibled the competition?
I don't understand, only 3 days are allowed for the voting? How can this be possible? Some people log on to here once a week, some less frequently. I think the admin that sponsored the competition should decide when the voting ends.
it's allright, you just had to place it at the visible competitions again! aren't you an admin? then you have the super powers to do it.
i think inept's map > this map
really looks interesting
technically it was starparty's as well rofl, he edited it
"it's allright, you just had to place it at the visible competitions again! aren't you an admin? then you have the super powers to do it.
i think inept's map > this map"

It isn't exactly obvious where I do that, TestBug.
Admin area -> competitions -> Fast and Slow Competition -> change deadline to something more recent ;)
Competitions auto-invisible after 3 days? :S
Yeah, can somebody explain how that works please? When the deadline to enter maps for a competition arrives does another deadline appear regarding voting?
the competitions are visible a week after deadline by default if i recall correctly.
So all you have to do to extend the time for voting is extend the dealine once the competition has ended?
yes. When I invisible competitions, I set the date to 2006, ensuring the competition gets off the main page. I see inconsistencies in the time for it to disappear, but everything in 2006 disappears, so I use it :)
Set the date to yesterday, and you can vote and it's on the first page. Set the date to today and you can add maps.
congratualtions SP

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