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Last update for (2)Angband 2150 ft. : 2007, 04, 13 03:39
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2133 (2)Angband 2150 ft. 128*128Nightmarjoo0.3beta

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 12 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

main gas is 15000 nat is 10000 2nd base is 2000 top geysers are 10000 lowground N gas is 50000.
95% of the mineral blocks of those top bases are not full, idk all the values and don't feel like looking at what they are.

The main choke can be walled by rax/depot if (and I may have it backwards) rax is on left depot is on right, the other way around scvs can fit through. I might be backwards though heh.

The neutral on the nat cliff is a must, without it you would have 3 chokes to guard, not fun lol.

For the top stairs, for the ones with two sets connected, where one goes into that top lowground expo, the inner staircase is a deadend, units cannot leave the staircase into the expo.

That thing in the S between the nats was to increase distance, I hope it doesn't make it too tight... playing the comp doesn't give a good idea whether there is enough room or not.

Watching comps play on those staircases was fun^^
wow, everyone is getting so good. its amazing how much quality mappers we have now.

It seems kinda easy to push as T :/ But the layout is really great. very exciting style.
test the stairs. last I recall the left one was actually a different width from the right
lol i said the same thing. :P
wow this is really original. looks awesome and gameplay should be good on it from what i see. is there a ramp big enough for tanks under he xel naga temple? if not i think it would be a good idea to consider.
as most new maps nowadays: so messy and large you cannot really tell anything besides the fact that it looks good. top part with many expos should favor zerg a lot. dunno what to say else, it like i said - overloaded. you probably need to play it 10 times before you can say ANYthing
I hate those mini ramps... In any map :-) (even in my maps too ^^)
"so messy and large" lol 128 too big for you? idk what you mean by messy, please elaborate. As for the many expos in top, many (2)maps like this have a largely useless top. So I put a big need on the top for it having so much gas, but kept the southern geysers with a high amount to keep it necessary too later on.

"is there a ramp big enough for tanks under he xel naga temple? if not i think it would be a good idea to consider" Sorry, forgot about that. It's a staircase under that protoss temple (it's not xel naga!)

"top part with many expos should favor zerg a lot" hmm idk for sure about that. They are high gas and low mineral expos. It seems they would be easy to harass, and I don't think too easy to defend. Taking them would be a risk, you get gas, but not many minerals out of it. Even if they do favour zerg, the bottom part of the map is not so zerg-friendly, so I think that would even out idk.

"you probably need to play it 10 times before you can say ANYthing" lol I hope people play it atleast 10 times :)

"It seems kinda easy to push as T :/" yeah that's what I'm afraid of. At the same time though, I think harass will be easy for both t and p, and p can grab that expo above their nat really easily. Also, the map beyond the short main2main distances, with all the little stairs, is fairly t unfriendly. So I spose it's up to whether or not t dominates early on. idk, will need to be tested, as flo said =/
the zerg-top-thign was just a thought without any judgement in it.

large and messy?
messy in a sense of you have 5 different roads to almost every spot on the map. this may lead to a confusing gameplay. like, imagine if you want to attack one of the top expansion. units may act weird there. large in a sense of, there is a huge gap between the bottom and top part of the map. it feels like the important locations are drawn apart may be forced to move your army throughout the whole map all the time, which is kinda annyoing. hard to explain what i mean. it has something to do with travelroutes, traveltime and the layout which makes the map very "wide in the game".
well I do sorta see what you mean about the spacing being large between top and bottom, but I think that the majority of the troop movement will remain in the middle and south, because of the small ramps in the north. I think the small ramps in the top there certainly help zerg who can move almost all their units up and down it, while terran and protoss' stronger units, which coincidentally are larger, can't. I think that especially in tvp, attacking the north will be done with more harass style tactics rather than large macro wars. zlots and vults can go up the ramps, but goons and tanks cannot.

With your 5 roads thing, I was hoping that the many roads would help with flanking/movement with the bottommost part being so tight/close, but the fact that most of those roads include the small stairs I thought would still limit the movement, certainly of the larger troops.

About the moving your army thing, well I don't think the middle/bottom part is too spaced out, so moving your army there wouldn't be so hard, and the top part would have more of the harass style stuff or whatever, which would/might be seperate from your main army, idk. For sure you are correct about it needing testing, and I should be getting my internet back this afternoon, so mass bwm testing can start then, I hope^^
hmm just one rep on this so far, again, not a very good one but whatever. I try and exploit the cheesiness of the nat/main layout, he left before I could finish it =/ But I think what I was trying would be easy to stop if the opponent was competent.
But you WERE told that those staircases are buggy?
boongee said that left stairs and right stairs are different sizes, haven't had a chance to test them all here -_-
flo could be right.
Very original. As I understood it the idea is that, short of drops, anything separated from something else by one of those stairs is off limits to large units. However, I found out the following:

Note: T=top, B=bottom, R=right and L=left

In stairs that go TL-->BR I can move units like goliaths and tanks up and down the stairs with no problem, but in stairs that go TR-->BL I can move goliaths and tanks DOWN the stairs but I can't move them back UP! You may want to check into this.

Also, what is it with so many critters in a space platform? What do they eat? Where is the vegetation for the hervivores? Is this a zoo? LOL Get rid of them.

Finally what is "Angband 2150 ft."? Is that the name of the ring-wraith? Is it 2150 ft because that is the elevation of the platform above whatever? Does the fact that your map seems to form a face mean something?

modified by Lancet
see my comment on Angband 3600 ft. as to what Angband is, be forewarned, it is a long post^^
<3 LOTR spin off titles.
yeah, what do you think about the map though, Arden?^^

--Joel vs chard(1on1, 1.14p)

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