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Last update for (2)Blodgrape : 2007, 10, 27 06:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2544 (2)Blodgrape 128*96Starparty0.5beta

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 30 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I wanted to make a map where you really just had alot of weird possibilities to cheese a bit. Then by opportunity i threw in two turbo exps in the center to get the map in the new competition.

The mains have a backdoor covered by a creep colony so zerg can throw up a sunk or something to cover the back. The cliffs are covered with creep - see if that makes for some interesting rushes. Also the in-base min only has a small ramp to it so only small units can get down there. That exp only fits a CC building also and it has a neutral comsat if someone want to rush fast ... comsat ... I liked the idea of neutral nuclear silos, but i just couldnt get it in.

Balance? I dont really know to be honest, i just wanted to make it weird enough so normal strategies would have a rough time versus new imaginable ones. When was the last time u got cliffed by a zerg? :P

i did not try pathing yet, i just made it.
modified by Starparty
edit, pathing is not good when you scout. cant really help it. control your scv :P
Just cut a little of the "nose" of the mains (it means the mains will get smaller) and you are ok with the path finding.
This will expose the natural, though.


Hey, comeon, it's a Starparty - don't be so surprised :p
Cool, I wouldn't mind trying this out.
interesting but not interesting at the same time. I dunno if many of the little tricks will be used, but rather people will just take there backdoor and nat and 3 base pump and have teh big battlez in the middle and eventually take island and middle if needed.
Those bases are really vulnerable Inept. IMO you pretty much have to play one base for a bit if you don't want your economy raped.
pretty fun replay tbh. I got no idea how to solve the pathing issue though
or well, technically if the main minerals were just moved closer to the 1nat.. but then it can be tanked from beneath, and terran has bonuses enough as it is.
I think it might be fixed if you move the main ramp closer to the center than the secondary blocked ramp so that the main ramp is the 1st path chosen by units. If you could figure out a way to do that, it'd be great, but if not, I guess you could just adjust to it like with Peaks.
I don't think pathing is TOO important if I'm correct about 1 base play (which relies heavily on unit focus anyway). As long as you rally your buildings properly to the natural, transition to mid game shouldn't be too hard either (as it unfortunately was for me in my game).

And yeah, I love to play gay strategies lol. There were a couple of times when I could have benefited massively from just attacking his back door, but I'd forgotten unfortunately (and it would actually added some viability to my otherwise stupid unit mix ^^).
modified by PsychoTemplar
i just hope that other races than terran might have the chance to pull off something funny on this map. i love how u both took advantage of the min only cliff fast, but i have to say i designed that cliff specially for rax liftoff cheese :) all natural expos have mineral so close to the wall that every race should eb able to hit the workers in some way, not just terran tanks.
I played another game with MuShu on it, this time a ZvP. Personally, I like the map. I'm not so sure if MuShu does though lol.
i thought z would be gimped in a zvp with an extra door into base.. ?
Not in my experience... especially if you can plant an offensive sunken or two. Z is gimped by that if they don't do an agressive build, sure, but with distances so close, only someone utterly dependant on copying progamers is going to try a 3 hatch macro build.

If I were PvZ on this map, I would forget about trying to make early pressure with 2gate (unless Zerg looked very unagressive), and just go quick gate and forge, expo in main, and see where it takes me from there.
Fun map and replays (I seldom see M&Ms used agaisnt toss). Pathing is an issue but it can be dealt with by controlling your worker and by getting rid of the backdoor towards midgame. I don't quite get the tittle and map description.
modified by Lancet
execution and concept is always 10/10 with SP. Personally i'm not crazy about it but it is innovative and i see the idea behind it.

I think this is more of an idea map if i were to title it. I could personally would rather pull ideas off of this and create a map where i could end up 'balancing' or 'mild it down' a bit so to speak.

good work though. :)
im just desperate for variation. There are so many good standard maps out there that they offer pretty much the same BOs and tactics every time. I know i had a completelly different view of this back when i did sattarchasm, but i think 2 years of wow made me realise that repeating the same shit over and over just isnt fun in the long run.
feel free to point out stuff that could improve tbh, im going to try to get this map as good as it gets.
im not gonna dumb it down though :P
More doodads.
More cowbell.

cowbell? (edit: 13 years later and i get it :P)
modified by starparty
zerg can fast pool and build creep colonies at oponent's creep before pool's ready and then sunken colony rush?
StarParty, I love this map and I completely agree with your philosophy. Don't remove that creep colony in main just yet... I have a plan I still haven't tried yet :)

I was thinking about quitting mapping when I saw the poll, but I've found some people who don't mind playing new maps, and this map has certainly inspired me to try some REALLY crazy my next map, whenever I may think of something.

And uhm, I thought the doodads were fine. If you're going to add more, decoration only, make sure they're walkable. Excalibur often imbalances otherwise OK maps he makes by adding way too many obstructive doodads.
ive got no intention of adding more doodads just for the sake of it :P If you want a nice jpg there are plenty of my other maps you can jerk off to <3 :)
what poll? :P
This poll that showed 80% of TL didn't want to play new non-pro maps.
Seriously, im gonna be a bit more semi-active on this site from now on, and when SC2 comes out we should make a push and get blizzard to apprechiate our community. If they are sensible we should get to make a map or two in there, and then can go screw themselves.
Deal, now look at my map ;)
aaaah i just looked on the map shared planet and the neutral units. Why didnt i think of that, thats an awesome idea. I gotta put some stuff in this map somewhere o_O
Yeah, it's pretty cool :X High profile units for Protoss to mind control, addons for Terrans to use, and creep everywhere for Zerg.
A lot of just plain sad maps have come out of TL and other sites. But i have yet to see BWMN try to get a map noticed that didnt deserve it.

When SC2 comes, we need to hit the ground running folks.
yea well, look at the maps that were made by custom mappers including myself that actually made it somewhere. Exactly WHAT did thos emaps offer that were new? nooothiiing.

Arena? Sattarchasm? Come on - they mostly just look good anyway.
modified by Starparty
so no other comments? dont you dare or what? :P
I like everything except the super long ramps in the middle...they just don't look good in comparison to the detail with the rest of the map.
I like everything except the super long ramps in the middle...they just don't look good in comparison to the detail with the rest of the map.

--PsychoTemplar vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--PsychoTemplar vs MuShuPork(1on1, 1.15)
--sdamjder vs ghkahr(1on1, 1.15)

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