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Last update for (4)Hive on The Range : 2010, 01, 03 15:01
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2545 (4)Hive on The Range 128*128Lancet0.8experimental

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 38 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

The map is rich in minerals but there are only 8 geysers. Here zerg has lot's of room to flank in the center and creep to build. Of course, toss and terran can destroy the creep colonies and the creep will retreat slowly.

The mains have two open chokes connected by a path behind the main and this may also work in favor of zerg against toss and terran and of toss against terran. If this feature proves too much I may place a neutral at the rear choke, but if you control the gas-nat you control land access to this area.

Terran has going for it the fact that the mains are slender and tanks on the cliffs can defend access to the gas-nats, plus a row of tanks in those minonlys can be deadly for an opponent's gas-nat. Also terran (and toss) have a lot of options regarding proxy-building strategies, entrance to the minonlys can be defended at the arch-dweb-generator or doodad ash-forest at the entrance and one minonly is tankable from the adjacent one. Finally, the ramp leading to the gas nat can be walled in. I can introduce other features to make the map more terran friendly and you are welcome to suggest any.
modified by Lancet
awesome concept! though, the execution is lacking. I dont like those closed off expos with both neutrals and doodads. keep them open imo.
oh man.
I rmbr when evry used fucking neutral buildings in evry map I saw, now evry1 uses those fucking creep colonies-.-
tvp looks hard
"awesome concept! though, the execution is lacking"

Sigh...........story of my life.

I thought about leaving those open nasty but like Nightmarjoo comments TvP looks hard. I wanted to give terran a chance of getting into one of those and being able to defend it and have a shot at the gas nat. What do you guys think about the concept of the roundabout connecting the minonly nat and the gas nat? Any suggestion as to making the map more terran friendly?

LML, I got the idea for the creep colonies from the map "Shared Planet" in this database.
OK, did some minor editing and included a machine shop on each main to help terran get siege/mines faster.
bump!! how do you make the creep show on pictures ?
place normal units and then make picture :D
remove them after making the pic
aha thx xD

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