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Last update for (4)Speculos : 2010, 01, 21 01:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
2460 (4)Speculos 128*128Killer_Kow0.5beta

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 22 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

The main entrances are way to open while the center is looking weird.. too narrow
Main entrances fixed; what do you suggest I do about the middle? Which parts are too narrow?

EDIT: Updated, several things fixed.

EDIT: There are minerals blocks at north and south expos, they just don't show up in the picture (for known reasons; I'm just too lazy to update it). Also, the fact that North/South expos are tankable is noted, and being fixed.
modified by Killer_Kow
this map + nice deco = great

but like it is atm it sucks >.<
Fear not, deco will come :P
the nats are way too tight, there isn't much room for units passing by when you place the cc/hatch/nex

Try cutting some of the main size in exchange for some place.

This map is proof why I think the XY tool of SCMDraft2 is both a blessing and a curse for mappers.

It is probably just my personal tastes, but this map just makes me say "So what?"

BTW, the nats are fine, I don't know what alter's problem is with them. If you do widen them, definitely don't push them down, the mains are small enough as it is.
modified by PsychoTemplar
His problem was that once you had a cc/whatever in there, there was barely any room to move by. I compromised a little, and came up with what I have now.

PT, when you said "So what?", do you mean aesthetically? The whole map is going to be redecorated. Right now, the deco is what I made months ago when I was a little nublet (minus the doodads).
By "So what?" I mean the map is boring. There's nothing special about it gameplay wise. It's just: Here's your bases, have at it.

You drew a circle and two lines, the editor copied it to the other 3 corners, and you were done. Am I supposed to be impressed?
And if I had made the other circles and lines myself, it would be different?
Maybe (._.

I just like to see a little love in maps. I don't see it here.

BUT... I'll still 1:1 you on it if you want ^^
When it's ready. I still have to fix the east/west tankability, as well as deco.

And you'll win, btw :P
modified by Killer_Kow
This map has french prostitute legs syndrome (fpls). The center is retarded, those expos won't be fought over, it's just a huge expo boost to whoever's already winning lol.
The nats are pretty open.
Most of the expos are open and vulnerable =/
This map is pretty anti zerg.

Speculum means mirror in latin, speculos is 'mirrors' as a direct object. So alone it means something like, at the mirrors, to the mirrors, around the mirrors, between the mirrors, etc.
I don't think I understand your "french prostitute legs syndrome" reference, but thanks for the advice. I'll see what I can do with the center.
Haha, the fpls is sort of a bwm inside joke, the members who've heard my comments the longest will know it. I once made the analogy about a map, "this map is more open than a french prostitute's legs", ie fpls ;)
I agree with Nightmarjoo, with the main not being on high ground the defense of the gas nat is going to be a little difficult for Terran. However, that little "roundabout" around the mineral only is interesting. You might consider widening it to make it accessible to dropped units. Maybe by dropping tanks there Terran may be able to even out the odds and better defend the gas nat entrance or attack the entrance to the other main.
Maybe put high dirt where the water is on the sides and have openings on the top and bottom of the side expansions.

You could also try focusing the center so that the minerals are split among the top and the bottom with cliffs guarding them. The only way in would be from the left or the right. I think that would give the middle a little more consistency and allow you to get some high/low ground battles.

P.S. I still need to learn how to use the GMCS.
Updated. Quite a few changes.
jpeg pls. Don't waste web space and bandwidth.
Shit, my bad. One second. (fix'd)

Any comments on the map itself?
modified by Killer_Kow
deco plz
I add deco when it's final, so I don't end up having to redo it all.
hey! a LOT of love went into my map! no mirror! redoing a lot! :D
"updated. Quite a few changes" I see no changes, if there are any, I don't believe they change the gameplay.
The middle is entirely different... The east/west expos have cliffs, as well as some other stuff...

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