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Last update for (2)Ebullition : 2007, 09, 06 10:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
296 (2)Ebullition 128*128Starparty2.0final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 121 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Very beautiful (do you write that word with one or two 'L' btw?).

The middle is too packed with stuff imo, hindering flanking there. Imo the middle should be massive unbuildable, because it is already very narrow, so at least you should not be able to support with turrets in that zone.

I don't know if you don't want to use wider bridges, but they would help on this map imo. Make sure it is not too easy to secure one half of the map, esp. TvP.
The idea was to make some kind of random battlearea in the center.. when i watch the map in staredit it doesnt feel cramped at all :o
convince me more.
And i looked it up, its 2 L
Also consider that 1 nat is fairly harrassable, but 6 exp on the map is pro-toss domination over terran :O

and the center is rather disadvantageous for terran i'd say. the walls provide no cover, the only decrease line of sight, making units able to come closer before tank sees them :o
Oh, and "beautiful" has "1 L", i thought you meant Ebu"LL"ition :)
I perhaps have an idea..

Both bases moved nearer towards corners.. then the outmost gas exp farthest from each base - that area of land is connected with the center, but without touching the min only, that would open it up exactly as you want it :)
making the shape of a big round 'N'
It's nice and stylish but it's just too simple IMO. I don't really like the huge mains either (even though I try to get drop upgrades almost every game...).

And it's 'beautiful'. Ask an english speaker how to spell words next time panschk. Obviously Starparty is a bit lacking in his vocabulary ;)
Your Name
Quote by starparty:

"Oh, and "beautiful" has "1 L", i thought you meant Ebu"LL"ition :)"

Excuse me?
I was just kidding...
ofcourse you were :P
But since i already corrected myself before your post the point of the joke went hiking :7
omg stuf ur so stupid

drop the attitude or get lost. Neither me nor the site needs it.
The map is radically updated.
Now it looks really nice. I like it.

(pls be friendly to each other, SP and boongee. You are both important contributors to this site.)
Made so that there are 1 more BIG route, and also added a extra min only.

I put 3rd gas on hills to make terran a bit eaasier though it is very open, and also the 4th gas expo is possible to bunker, cannon or sunken attack from the "inbase" min only. The center was stylish broken parts of ruins and i also removed a bridge to make sure its not TOO open instead.. any suggestions about perhaps removing second bridge too?
The shape is really cool. Design smells creativity.

But I doubt about the gameplay.
YOu must make a suggestion for improvement if im gonna try and fix the "gameplay" issue. Right now i have no idea what you're refering to :(
Wow this map looks awesome!
Incredible, stylish from top to bottom! :O

I can't express how I like this :S
top 10 most underrated maps in this database :(
as for panschks comment in GMCS:

You could practically do the same thing on plains to hill, but it didnt create any major imbalances :P

Its not like youll manage to own half of the map, as you say it, with 2-3 tanks :P Perhaps if you load 15 - 20 up there, but that would just be surreal and stupid... :7
well done, starparty :)
PtH is a 4 player map, plus there are 4 islands you can't control from land. And it is still considered a terran-map.

I never played the map though, and as noone is online, I won't for now :[
Finnaly, an original map. Every body makes the same maps but with different names, cuz all chokes, nats, mains etc. are the damn same. At least this one is cool =)
no, there are naturals, and expansions, and mainbases, and there are start positions. this map is the same as all. he shouldn't have used terrain, either, because all do
lol@flo :)


-- vs Colony)Makro(1on1, 1.13)
--DG)ScaremongeR vs aofl(1on1, 1.15)

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