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Panschk[FP]īs imbalanced map contest

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 10, 22 (Year, month, day)
Okay this may sound very weird, but I'm actually serious about this. I want the most imbalanced maps possible in this contest, and by imbalanced I mean race imbalances in this context, not positional imbalances. So make your map beautiful, positionally fair, but clearly favoring one race in 1on1.
For example a terran-map:
P vs Z does not matter.

Obviously making a terran-map is the most easy part, and making a protoss map is rather hard, as most stuff that favors protoss against terran is going to put him behind in pvz.

Some maps that are already considered imbalanced would be:
Gorky Park (T)
Neo Forbidden Zone, fastest map (P)
Citadel of Adun (Z)

Stealing ideas from these maps and taking it on a "higher" level is allowed.
It would be interesting to have games of equally-skilled players, but also from players on very different level of skill on these maps to see how much a map does influence the winning ratio of races.

I want all maps to be playable, I've already seen some maps where it is _impossible_ to win vs terran or vs zerg, but that's not really what I want. What I also don't want to see is: No scan in main possible, no building space at all, no expansions at all. A good example of what I want would be "Terran Brotherhood" by Listoric, even though you could do more imbalanced;)
The Maps should have a name that clearly shows that they are not supposed to be balanced, right now everyone did it though;)
Please submit your maps as "experimental".

Let's have a discussion on this topic, too.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(4)Zerg ParadisePanschk[FP]Melee Picture0
(2)Terran BrotherhoodListoricMelee Picture0
(2)Pro-TossStarpartyMelee Picture0
(2)Terran ParadisePanschk[FP]Melee Obs Picture0
(2)IloveZergScoutWBFMelee Picture0
(2)Rebirth of FenixTravinMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Interesting, i'm on a map that favours T atm, and it isn't that easy as i thought in first time.

These maps are very intersting in mirror matchups then!
We could all name the map with Zerg, Terran, Protoss as you already did, to imply that these maps are imbalanced on purpose for visitors that don't come here very often?
Map names like "zerg paradise", "terran heaven", "protoss rules", "terran domination", "zerg pwnage" etc might be good to make it obvious to everyone that we don't try to make balanced maps here.
i dont agree on what you are saying about citadel of adun
I know you would not, that's why I think some additional opinions would not hurt. Especially some PLAYING experience, because in theory, much is possible...
well my playing experience has proven to be different
should you make the map impossible for other races or just VERY hard
beacause its very easy to make a map impossible vs t (i.e island map with no low ground gas)
vs z (i.e only building space enough on whole map to make a spawningpool near main)
vs p (i.e a bit away from main enough to build a pylon and a gateway but not a supply and barack)
Travin, I really did not think of that ^_^;

I think very hard is more reasonable than impossible, but if you can make a map where terran can't lose, I still could use it from time to time ;D

And I actually changed my mind a bit on CoA, in 1on1 it looks okay actually, but in 2on2 I still think zerg owns even more than on every other map.
i couldnt help myself, and you were asking for it
not travin
my map is clearly least balanced
Good idea SP. Seeing as how I usually make imbalanced maps I should do quite well.
2 maps per person?
panschk, how many maps per person? :)
Is this officially map contest #4 ? if so please put it in the title of this topic. ;)
Travin i think he wanted the map to be playable but not very fair.
not travin
he also asked for a map that was impossible to lose for t
It's panschks competition, not Starpartys ^^

So it's not #4 and if panschk wants to have a newspost, he will make one ^^
Well, actually panschk was talking about "to see how much a map does influence the winning ratio of races."

after your map definetely is a T only map, any other race won't win anyway ^^ So that`s not confirm with panschks intentions.

but it was a good laugh ^^
i dont see any minerals on that map, so it will proably be p > all unless terran lifts his ass
scvs: 60HP
probes: 20HP, 20 Shield.

any questions?
well, and with the cc-lift, it is CERTAIN that T will never lose on this map :X
Well if he is very very slow, he could not lift his cc in time. I don't know players that are that slow, but they must exist^^
correct micro and probe > scv
T can repair and can micro too, so i'd say scv>all
SCV>probe for humans.
I don't know about koreans though^^
I am going to make a terran imbalanced map right now. time me on my submission from now till then, watch how fast i can make it.
I would have submitted the map into the contest faster but I wrote a very long description for it and my friends kept IMing me. Sorry.
Travin wrote:

beacause its very easy to make a map impossible vs t (i.e island map with no low ground gas)
vs z (i.e only building space enough on whole map to make a spawningpool near main)
vs p (i.e a bit away from main enough to build a pylon and a gateway but not a supply and barack)

T can still make barax, rines, and liftoff bunker so it doesnt work. And then make more cc's (lift build new) to get more supply. Terran would win eventually.
they could also make scv under barax block so protoss couldnt get through no matter how many units they got (presuming you meant no gas too?)
They can warp canons!
Damn, we took this contest ad shit all over it.
pseudo publicity stunt though
the contest would have been harder if the task was to create a map that at least looks playable but in actuality favors one race above the others.
flothefreak it is now, it's just "who makes the worst map". and this is actually very easy.
yes, I did not think ppl would do that that shameless.

I think I'll change the rules, some maps are really very ugly :[
so you can remove zergyyyyy from the competition list.
shall i sweep the list of useless maps out of the database?

btw, i understood the contest that way AiurZ described :P
deleted zergyyyyy. all others that don't look "playable" as well?
not travin
imo my map is very playable. i have played 100++ games vs my protoss friend on it and i have yet to lose a game! thats what i call a great map!
lol not trav

stop being not travin, i like the old Travon more :P call him and say him he shall create a map that is pro one particular race but still well playable. unfair, but playable. how about that? :)
Real Travin
ok i feel responsible for making this comp full of shitmap bcus of death from above, so im going to repent and make a good bad map now :S
okay rebirth of fenix might not favor p over t as much as it favors p over z
this contest is spamming fuxed up maps :P

perhaps consider NOT making a followup conmetition on the subkect? ;P
bah they all started to made crap maps afther not travins one, so ill hope they start making more serious afther this one

It's my fault, I should have made it clear in the first place :[

And it's obvious only the playable ones will remain in the database after the contest is over.
this competition should end now since no submissions have been sent in for almost a week i guess. if you dont end it ppl will just find it boring
hey, I wanna make a design update tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, so let this deadline as it is^^
yeah I wont change the DL.
And I regret doing this on bwmn, won't do that again.
Hmm.. i think it was a fun insight on what people think about imbalanced maps :o) and, that a competition description should be clearer the weirder the competition is ^^
Deadline is tommorrow
DEADLINE *cough*
I really lost interest in this event, but we still need a winner. The best combination of imbalanceness, design and playability is offered by Listoric's Terran Brotherhood.

I also actually like my own maps and SP and Travin both made very beautiful maps, where the imbalanceness isn't that obvious though, they would make some cool "regular" maps with some modifications imo (Don't give up on 'em)

It's time to delete some entries that offer no reasonable gameplay.
Yeah, wasn't that success after everyone thought about it in a different way. Still for me, it was quite interesting to create a map that favours a certain race more than another, and i invented my "2 ways wallin" which i try to implement in another map someday.

please delete most of the maps, they are hilarious ^^
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