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Last update for (4)Zerg Paradise : 2005, 10, 12 10:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
520 (4)Zerg Paradise 128*128Panschk[FP]0.6experimental

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 35 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Good for Zerg groundunits, bad for mutas, no hiding space :)
This is my first try for imbalanced-on-purpose maps:
I used a mineral concept similar to Citadel of Adun, plus the secound base is easy sunkable at the entry, while other races will have trouble securing the wide choke.
The distances are pretty long between positions to make a cheese rush against zerg not too easy, Most of the middle is quite open to allow flanking. There are little cliffs on every player's natural and at 12, 3 , 6, 9 expos, that can be used very well for lurker harrass, while not being big enough to make a really dangerous (terran) cliffdrop.
The extra gas in the backyard should be good for zerg too, and of course it is a very rich map, like zerg needs it. 5*4 + 2 = 22 gas is a lot ;)

I could have made very small mainbases (lack of building space for t and p) and reduced value of minerals per base too, but I did not want to ;)

What could I "improve" ?^^
Make smaller mainbases and reduse minerals per base too :P
Listoric, I actually tried to make mutas stronger by the lack of space behind the mainbase minerals, so that mutas can hit and fly there. Might be too close to the border of the map though..
lol our conversation is out of sync^^

Stats ZvT on this map: 0:1
Stats ZvP: 0:4

The players were tombombalin, flacker and me, so skill level is quite balanced between us. Protoss always pressured the shit out of me :[
That's SO interesting, isn't it? :)

/me is fascinated by our competitions
I think an Inner Expo benifits other races more than it does zerg because zerg expos cheaper anyways. Also can be optimal with 7 crystals at main while other races suffer. So make expansion defend main choke easily but be able to be attacked from all angles. and put 7 minerals at main and 6 at nat or something.
2nd sentence put 'Zerg' after the word 'Also'
The idea is that you pretty much NEED to expand to be able to get seriuos money in. And obviously zerg is the race that can play fast expansion the easiest. So I don't think I will change that.

Actually the distances might still be too short, thats why zerg can still get rushed pretty easily.

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