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Last update for (2)Transposition 1.1 : 2006, 08, 28 11:59
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1445 (2)Transposition 1.1 128*128Nightmarjoo0.7final

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 31 points


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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

the layout is nice, but sadly those inverted ramps just kill the map.. try to use the defaults if u can.. also i'd rather see water instead of ice wrapped around the main bases. also remove some of the water patches/ponds and some of the structures in the middle.. they may be a pain to manuever around etc.. other than that, nice work
lol I'm no good with inverted ramps, I'm mostly a staredit user and have little practice with inverted ramps, and I tried having them turn around, but then that messed up the distances and looked awkward, messed up space too. I could make the ice water, but what's the point? With the water patches in the middle, I wanted to add clutter or so evenly to create more tight paths, it's too open imo otherwise, there are still some pretty open places elsewhere in the map, so for races needing space they can move the fight there and namely t can use the water patches in the middle to break up the enemy. If you guys think some of the patches should go then ok, but I'd prefer having them for lack of a better idea right now
sounds fair :)
I think you should change ice surrounding main into water because of tanks
Nightmarjoo would that help? making the ice water would take up less space, tanks can get closer to the edge -_-
just put critters inside the ice holes
Is there a problem with the ice at all? I mean I can fill it in somewhat, but making it water is stupid, and critters move around, but really, is it so much of a problem?
about inverted ramps: you should search for a walkable doodad piece for the top left corner of those ramps, otherwise it is good as done

i put some things into the gmcs, which is buggy (or i have used the forbidden char :)) so the central tank means similar problem (in my eyes) as the one under
modified by Antares
Ok I looked at the gmcs and I'm not sure what to do, I could open up those areas you indicated (and the areas on the other side since the map works like it's mirror with the other side flipped), but my reason for putting them there was to strengthen t in the first place, I thought it was too open otherwise, would it be fine if your guys' opinion if I made those changes? Or would it be too open?
I'd like more feedback on this, I am fairly unaccustom to making (2)maps, and this is a different concept than I usually use altogether, and I would like more input on the matter at hand about the middle and its openess before I make an update.
oh noes spam; please comment!!, and while your at it, comment on my other recent maps too:
Fixed link
put that in your address bar if your lazy, it's a list of my maps, comments/suggestions please!!
modified by
for the inverted ramps, you could blend the high dirt with the low dirt. i think. for the ice problem, if it is a problem, go into the tileset and make ice doodads, it's easy and still looks natural.
oh lol I just understood the problem with the ice, that tanks can be put inside of it, lol >< I must just be tired ><

both of your comments are true, I will make those ramps dirt, it won't be hard at all and I'll do it for north and south, and add doodads and maybe critters into the ice

thanks for your comment ^_^ I will make the update soon
Ok readded since it was deleted, and not by me, and replaced with old version, which I overwrote with 1.1 (wtf)

New rep ^_^

And I added my first obs version ^_^ I did it in SE so 2 'illegal doodads' got deleted
modified by
You should modify that last post of yours, Nightmarjoo.
And could someone fix the display width error I am seeing here? The text goes over the whole page and the thing on the right are pushed outside the screen (have to scroll)
that is because the link
There must be some code to nicely pack that link into a clickable representative phrase...
Yeah, there is... I'll fix that.
what happened? text goes over the whole page? A link? clickable representative phrase? I know I just woke up but I don't remember having any of that crap in my post. But I think I when I modified it the second time I saw the modified by stuff already put there, and was bored and tired and copy and pasted it eight more times, but that was it =/ ^_^
Your comment
no im sorry that was not a link, instead of it that was a pure url :D
what are you talking about?
ok I submitted this as my first motw, but no one seems to like it, I like this map, I want to make it better if possible, or atleast learn what's wrong with it so I can make a better map in the future; what's wrong with this?
Your comment
oh dont take that so serius, there have been many good maps submitted this week and the competition is always hard

keep it up, try something new (non-standard), the community here will surely appreciate if you will have done it like this :)

aaand in the motw thread i have written 'many good maps this week' - this was one of them ;)
heh well thank you for your comment, I'm thinking of new ideas for maps, havn't started anything yet; my muse will appear eventually :D
Your comment *again*
Hah I uploaded a rep with a pubbie. Bad game but some people seem to be of the opinion that reps make maps oO
modified by Nightmarjoo
Well if Nightmarjoo wants a post by me, then here it is :)

First i want to say that i haven't read any other posts above, so if i am wrong in something that you've already fixed and talk about it above, then i am sorry.

The biggest issue that i see are those mains.

You've made it whit ice all arount your main. Where you can drop tanks whit no problems. Don't tell me you have animals there, because every player who use his brain will kill this animal whit 60 HP for no time and then drop near your main.

From the ice thing it comes to the main base space. It's very little when tanks can be all around your main, even behind the ice, not on the ice.

Then we go to the ramps. Well, they suck hard... Once flothefreak made me ramps like yours but they were way better. Just check out (4)Wizzy Noise.

And when i see your overall layout, and expanshion layout. Well i don't like it at all. There is not even one expand near your way to your enemy except your first nat. Well this sux a lot for terran players. And i am sure that they will tell you why it sucks.

Sorry but somehow it doesn't seems that your map will go whit a "floating" gameplay whit such layout, which is very important, because this makes your map comfortable and fun to play.
thanks for the comment

I think might make a new version of this; I had originally liked the idea of it being so tankable to give t an advantage, I figured that they were easy enough to kill in those little holes, but you're right about the mains being too small to allow that.

I'm thinking of making the mains and nat high ground, so the mains won't be so tankable, and I won't have to fuck with an inverted ramp. Then a ramp from the nat to low ground, and it won't have to be inverted at all.

About the ramps, I will try and better them a little bit, but the most important thing is that they work without any pathfinding issues. I don't claim to be an expert with custom ramps, that's spinesheath.

I don't play terran I don't know how no expos on the way hurts them, but I'll take your word for it and alter the middle to allow for an expo. I didn't want this because it is lt style, but maybe it can help my map.

I don't know what you mean by a "floating" gameplay.
I want to say that players will always find their best way to expand and attack and move their armys all around the map whitout any problems. This is making the map comfortable and they will like it. Trust me :) . You have to know that players don't care much about the image. They care about the gameplay and balance. YOU HEAR THAT FLO?!
I think I understand, and I have to trust you, you're a very senior map maker, and it was by your early influence that helped me get to where I am now in making maps, regardless of whether it's good or not it's a lot better than what I started at.
modified by Nightmarjoo

--NIghtmarjoo[BA] vs Yargh[BA](1on1, 1.13)
--Chard{BA] vs Panda[BA](1on1, 1.13)
--Chard[BA] vs Panda[BA](1on1, 1.13)
--Nightmarjoo[BA] vs some pubie(1on1, 1.14p)

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