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Last update for (4)The Artist : 2009, 11, 07 09:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1224 (4)The Artist 128*128Spitfire4.9final

The map has been rated 120 times and got a total of 585 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

Already has games on it.
This seems your best map from those four. Just make the red base a little bigger. You can use the space between reds base and his air expand.
--v mOsQ
nice map, but i hate center and some bugs
Some tips about the center? Maybe I should destroy temple parts?
yes, you should make the left-right passway wider in my opinion
the dentist
good map, but conventional. gotta find a way to mix it up a little or it's redundant next to all the maps we already play. like arkalash, the only thing unique about it is its 2nd nat has a gas....
Hm... very nice map, very simple, but in a complicated way - ??? heh. I'm thinking that maybe those islands by your main deserve a min block? Terran can use that as an easy first exp that won't be touched for a while. (that may take a few min blocks)
Ok the map is very good, but I think if postitions are crossed, terran can get 3 expos EZ. Maby adding a backdoor tot he second nat, or small mineral patches in islands to prevent CC from floating there.
:O I just forgot to put them =P
Thanks to all who managed to see this.
VERY interesting map.

A blocking mineral definitely would be a good decision on the islands.

The expansion layout itself is the most interesting layout i've seen for a very long time.

Just remove the inner two small temple segments and it's great.

Hm, maybe the distance from mainbase to choke on bottom left and top right startpositions is a bit large - but not to a point of any imbalance.

I'd really love to see this map as MotW, really.
my complaint is too many islands.
If you are going to have that many islands make sure some of it is unbuildable, therefore making it harder to defend.
I think the map looks fantastic, great job. I dont know why no one else thinks so.

Keep it up =D
i dont think this could be motw without a few changes.
the dentist
i like this map now. the 4 islands thing def makes it something a little different.

the center and the overall design is art. the mains are all well-done...

can't complain about any matchups except TvT and ZvZ (the circle thing)...

i'd like to hope there is are better variations to try other than 8ore/1gas main+nat with minonline 2nd nat and gas island (a la lt 2.4 basically, considering the islands used to yield far less minerals but no one cares).

you are a great map maker but i hate to see that go to waste making maps on the same old balance. there must be other mineral/gas counts for the main and nats (and the map in general). look at what people say about LT:

much easier for T than necessary (walls, cliffs). your map addresses this. good job.

Z>P .. your map makes distances larger and nats arguably harder to take than some places on LT (for toss I mean). bad job. islands are less gay than LT though. zerg late game taking another main is the same old formula. i think you could vary this theme a lot (as other maps do) by offerring gas outside of the main and nats somewhere, and balance this by giving less gas to the main and nat. when you think about it, the amount of minerals (12k) and gas (5k) are most likely nowhere near ideal and can be tweaked quite a bit to mess with the midgame/lategame scenerios.

since you do everything else so perfectly i just had to mention this.
So what's the update?
Mostly cosmetic fixes.
+ removed part of land which allowed terrans to siege 7h ramp from the centre
+ fixed drop holes and linesa between water and highground
+ all four minonlies couldn't be sieged from the mains (two of them had positions to siege from mains)
+ mineral placement little fixes
+ gas issue for mainbases
+ cutting 5h main a bit
Ah, k. GL in Map of the Season contest :).
thx :)
About the island expos on this map...

In order to land on Blue, Teal, and Purp's islands expos instantly, all you gotta do is remove one minblock. Whereas you have to remove all three of them in order to land at Red's expo instantly. Technically you could still land by removing one minblock, but you won't be able to land right away at the expo (you'll have to relift and reland once all the minblocks are gone.)

Dunno if this might be an issue or not. Just thought I might let you know, since this map is 99.99% likely to become MotS ;D
modified by MillenniumArmy
Nice map Spitfire ;)

I got 1 uestion- is the bottom left island harder to siege tank than the 3 others? It looks like the minerals and gas is a bit farther than on 3 other position. its not a big deal though :P
newbie map, teal and red have unbalanced island expansions.

im also not a big fan of a single choke going that far into the map. alternate routes are thankx.

center obstructions are also positionally unbalanced.

teal cant land behind their minerals in as optimal as a position as the other positions.

it looks easy for a terran to take 4 bases without much trouble. i think this map will turn out T>P

modified by AiurZ
modified by AiurZ
mmm we and my ally in 2v2 was tested this map. It's nice but i see a big bug that maybe corrected. In the main at 2 o clock have a disvantage respect the other mains when we try close the ramp.

In this main if u put rrack down, and 2 suply up closing the ramp, the marine will be closed :S u can remove this land to the marine can go out into your main? this is a disvantage in 2v2 games respect the other mains :( u can fix it? :P
i hate when ppl judge maps by its look. now its even PGT MOTS. what makes this map so special??? im starting to get pissed...
I hate this map when i play whit protoss on mass goons! Ok? No?!?! As someone said before a thing that i didn't know. The tileset bridges are making something shitty to the path finding. For example. One control of goons are passing trough there. Five of them made to the other part of the bridge the other seven are making something shitty, and don't pass the bridge.

You hear me (4)Northern Keep 1.1?!?!?!? Now really i hope everything is ok whit you (4)Northern Keep 1.1!

For future, start using normal land, it's better the path finding in game then the look on the jpg.
Holy shit, the bridges are poorly made on this. There are LOTS of spots on the bridge that units can't be placed on. Grab any unit in staredit and just hover it over every part of the bridge; you'll notice that there are many spots in which you can't place your unit.

That's the problem you ran into with your dragoons, LGI.

Because with my bridges, I didn't just add random bridge terrain squares to the middle of the bridge. I made sure that it still follows the pattern as of a normal bridge. And I also checked to see that it's all buildable.
modified by MillenniumArmy
ugh i really want those doodads taken out.. all my units are still getting stuck, its a bitch
I've run into problems with sending my scouting SCV from Bottem right to Bottem left... he got stuck on some cliff thing and it really pissed me off. Probably just a one time oddity though. I eventually had to wait for it to go to the center, send it to the expansion, and then finally scout B.L. position.

But it does look pretty cool =D
Maybe you clicked into the water.Then the KI fucks up and gets stuck at the cliff.
Yeah, that's probably it. Because at the time I thought the bases were exactly in all four corners :X
Man, only after this map became MotS did we find many problems xD
no disrespect to spitfire but we def need to start testing our fuckin maps more... its kinda embarresing for all of us
Now i really hate this map... Those bridges are fucking up my whole game 4 times in row. God damn it!
No obs version o.O?! Shame on you!
can't we gat an artist by replaceing the smallr ramps on 815 with normal sized ramps?
-huumm yeah you are right, maybe adding this cool bridges will make the diference
yes, yes, yes! i might have an idea! and what about a positinal imbalanced minonly?
great concept but the execution lacks here and there; looks like lgi, and inept saw the flawed parts too. nevertheless... ;)
the 1 o'clock start position doesn't work, the map is currently 3 players.

wtf bump


--sAy.PREVED vs THE_MEDVED(1on1, 1.13)
--eV aDe[Clean] vs DoA.theogNis(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs [CDS]Crow(1on1, 1.13)
--BHolder vs please19(1on1, 1.14)
--csw706 vs BHolder(1on1, 1.14)
--nioscar vs BHolder(1on1, 1.14)
--yootm vs BHolder(1on1, 1.14)
--BHolder vs kimjhof01(1on1, 1.14)
--DG)Rogue vs Moravice(1on1, 1.14)
--ZealMaster vs Sybyll(1on1, 1.15)
--Qed_Bisu vs Freck(1on1, 1.16)
--aG.flos vs NeveR)Dance(1on1, 1.16)
--aG.flos vs TKo-NuBZ(1on1, 1.16)

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