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Last update for (2)Blue Razor : 2007, 02, 10 12:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1223 (2)Blue Razor 128*128[7x]Spitfire0.1final

The map has been rated 42 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Nice main bases, but the only problem seems the distance... It's very long.
--v mOsQ
bad map -.-
just unplayable
wow nice. actually looks very playable too. And the long distances make sense, as the choke is fair from main too.
Not sure how safe those middle min only exps will be...
man I love this map, very original, good work!
panschk[FP], i think the distance between main building and choke are very good! Just perefect, and impressive. Gj, spit!
very very very sexy..

one suggestion concerning the middle and min only expos:

move the min onlies a lil bit so they are hugging the high ground more. that will enable u 2 open the middle it is now, its very tight. so open it up and i'd say: "MOTW!"
modified by NastyMarine
these dudes really love these huge ramps. they do them so well too which is awesome. shut up mosq
this map would be really cool if you didnt play pvz.
Aiurz, nice comment, but where are the arguments?
I think you should lose the bottom mid expo and do what nasty said. Rearrange those min only exps and open up the center
indeed. seems right to me. Never be afraid to change up a map, you can always keep a back up
long distances + building positions = you cant really pressure early

no ramp = cant really tech early

ok, heres a solution. Open up the bottom middle. lol thats it. yea. i was getting ready to write a lot but then.. i dont know. I was probably going to mention something about the nat and 1st expo both having gas.

I think that this is cool because it brings new gamplay, ofcourse it needs work, like making use of a 200/200 army cause its so tight ;D
But, i think most maps, even ones on this that dont have the 8/8/6 are still standard cause they dont change builds, or micro throughout map, this seems interesting to me. Of course maybe i will dislike it after playing it a few times though.
so... people want this as motw, despite the huge pvt imbalance..
well, it is hard to say from the pic
there are no cliffs, and always alternate routes. it may be slightly T>P, but it is hard to judge this for a map like this one on the pic. remember the short distances also help goonrush
king of 8 plr maps
Good map, this basic side to side gameplay done right, you manage to get the players to use the bottom, by placing their main battleground down there.
This perfect example of making terrain part of the gameplay, and not only for the symmetry.
These are types of maps I like making good work.

All it needs is little fine tunning and widening in some places, mineral adjustments to make room for routes, and mabe remove some doodads around main battlefield.

modified by king of 8 plr maps
i hope youre kidding about the short distances. they look about as far as luna cross.

having to "micro" across the map is retarded. its ok if you maybe have a trouble spot or two, but having that be a "feature" of the map is probably the stupidest idea for a map maker to have.

have you even considered the reprucussions of having to "micro" across the map? hey, lets just take out rally points, and make the map no rush. lets make the map unplayable except for those who are so horrible that they probably wont notice the difference.

this map is really cool if you like to gawk at wide ramps, but besides that its nothing special.
They are ugly as whore, but it seems that ramp leading from 5 to 11 has perfect wall-in and both could be blocked with 2/3 zeals (depends on unit trying get down or up).
Can someone make them sexy? :D
I doubt anyone can make them STIR ;) You better try crushed-rock-blended-ramps.
WTF? Like in your map?
They're toooooo old, I used them a long time ago Oo Since SP made Shangri-la ;DDD
I know they are old. You do not necessarily have to use "new" things.
Oh and btw, I have been using such tile-ramps for years now, I just never made any decent maps :p (and very few)

Well, you have to accept that until now nobody we know of has ever made a good looking, pathing-correct and equally wide inverted ramp for twilight, and it will not happen very soon either. So you can only try it yourself ;)
It is pathfinding correct and *almost equally* wide + wallable. The look sucks T_T
I don't doubt that you made them right in those aspects. I just said that there is no ramp out there that fulfills ALL those aspects ;)
haha yes =]
would not like to be terran on this one unless mm but then a lurk or dt could smoke everything change the twilight so you dont have to play this map on bw then i would be good

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