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MotW [16]19 of April 2006 09:25 PM
Posted by:flothefreak

This situation is similar to LGI and Darinas Feelings.
It is not the best thing to happen, but it must be done early enough, and I am the only one caring. So even if you do not like that move - I also could imagine a more beautiful decision - you have to give to me that I am doing the dirty work now. And this is the first time that I get something out of it.

I do not want to describe the struggle again, but I also will not pretend it was a child's play. Without much glory:

Map Of The Week 16/2006:
(2)Trench Warfare

It is a well tested and very interesting Map for 2 players in Space tileset. It is divded in two parts. The upper half of the battlefield is marked by the player's naturals and a large open field as connection. The bottom part of the map however is totally different. On the bottom, you find a maze made of platform and rusty-pit paths. This is where most of the neutral expos are located. The mentioned paths are connected in many places with the rest of the map so they provide a lot of tactics and dynamic gameplay. The heart of the map is an uncommon expansion which is divided in two. Afraid of your neighbour's minonly, you can just place your mainbuilding to "your" side of the mineralwall while still being able to get the gas easily. If you are bold, you can place another mainbuilding next to the first one so you are able to mine the other half of the expo as well. However, as long as you stay on "your side" of it, you're even safe from siegetanks - unless they're dropped to the rusty pit above this expo!

Enough of description. The map has proven to play very dynamically and smooth, with many battles taking place all over the map. From large fights in the open center, to drops onto the expos, harassing shuttles and mutalisks, vultures sneaking up and down mining the ramps and finally severe combats about the isle to get access to the gas geyser there - the gameplay is fast, aggressive and turns rapidly, from above to bottom, rust to space, top to bottom part and so on.

So, even under the current circumstances, I think this map is worth MOTW and I hope it will get you out there all playing and showing some bold moves!

You want to have this map? Get it HERE (melee) or HERE (obs).
Uploading replays is also possible, just click here.

men, you were right to do smthg about the motw-case, because if you do not do the 'dirty work' as you wrote, it would lead to chaos
i appreciate you took the time to end the argument so even though i dont like the map, it is still worth it. just not my taste, nobigdeal
Great map, still nice newspost.

Gratz flo!

The egg-shitting ape ftw ^^
gj, i think the map is great.
Lost Temple clone.
--v mOsQ
aaahahah flothefreak u lol, +1 idiotic MOTW maked only for yourself
I would have made the newspost today if you didn't^^

Good choice, good map.
Sorry, I've been working on a project all week, I'll be posting this tomorrow.
kinda lame newbs
no not lame, pro. u newb.

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