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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Well first i want to make a re-make of my previews map (4)Cosma but then, my girlfriend want to name a map for her, and i am even a little shame of myself, that i didn't tought of this earlyer...

Anyway i've tried to make two sides of the map:

Side 1:

Terran side. It's on horizontal positions. You see the jpg, i don't have to explain why it's terran favor.

Side 2: Vertical and cross positions. Easyer for protoss and zerg, they have more open space. Every expand is very open, wich will be very hard for terran to protect.

The overall look should fokus on the elements and fragments all over the map, that i've tried to make.
modified by LGI
zerg cant FE, terran can easily defend the nat.

whats the path for teal and purp?

I vote remove walls in mid =D
Zerg can FE, as much as most of the maps, that the "creep" is not covering everything.

Anyway think of the situations that you might have if you FE with zerg. You can attack from both hatchers in back and front and a sunk from the main base, would be a good move to move the creep more close to the expand, and the sunk can even cover a part of the expand. I think the distance is very small from main to expand, so this is an advantage for zerg. If you see that you will be rushed, you can act fast enought to keep your expand.

Or you can just put 3 hatchs... Wich is the right choise on many of the maps.

The path between teal and purp is between the two Sunk Ramps.

Point me on the GMCS, wich walls you think that should be removed.
I fixed the problem! EDIT first post...
too many expands for my taste, especially 1v1
Yeah, you have a point here, and i see that i've miss to point that the map is more for 2v2 not 1v1.

Anyway because i am not sure for the horizontal positions path what should be on the way i've made another two versions. And i will wait to see wich version you like most.

So version A is at is now on the old picture.

Version B is the top of the new picture.

And version C is the bottom of the new picture.

And here is the new picture:

Free Image Hosting at

No deco ofcourse... And if it's version C i will keep only one expand as it is now, but i am still not sure for gas... For version B, i think two expands are fitting best for the version. And if it's version A, i will re-make it a little and lose the min only expand to balance a little the expands on the map.

P.S. Listoric, flo i hope that soon i will see your very long comments in this map threat :)
original map i like it
Finally not a 100% symmetrical map!Damn I waited for so long!Go make it MotW!
this map is simmetric, all map are simmetric, but not all map are GEOMETRIC, however this map is not geometric and so good for this tileset
i take it that your girlfriends main base is tight, but as you move further up there is a large expanse of a cavern.



I like the sum of al little ideas that are packed into this map. still it feels kinda complicated around the mainentrance and the decoration in the center is to much in the way (same as on hocus crevices imo) so drop most of the stonepiles standing in the center of the way.

the position of the expansions is very well, still it feels like there are too much somehow. Anyway, the new picture you posted is great. both ideas are better than the existing one, while i prefer the upper solution. The position of the islands is just to interesting.

Biggest problem i see is missing building space. in mains as well as "in front of the natural". Sure, Protoss could buld a lot of his gates in the back of his base, but noone will ever do this. So, it's very cramped at the choke and, as said, around the mainentrance itself.

Edit2: This is the "un-blue-est" twilight map i've ever seen ^^
i have an idea how to rearrange the natural and some ramps to erase that problem, still it would only work for the bottom positions (because of the gay ramps blizzard gave us to work with...).

Anyway, as a conclusion, your girlfriend seems to be very interesting, rich, and has two big boobs (just look at the darker tiles near the center, i can see two nice round boobs...) ^^, and it's hard to come in or get out if you're in, and 4 is the maximum count of people actually playing with or on top of your girlfriend. Finally, she has a nice name <3

Edit: You notice, i don't have a real idea what to change or how it should look like to be better, or how it could be changed. I commen if i have something in mind. But, as said, great map, very interesting, i really like it. LGI - the freshmaker.

btw, this is the "un-blue-est" twilight map i've ever seen :)
modified by Listoric
where's my comment gone?
@ScoutWBF, i think it's symmetric, but thx :)

@Arden, sup?

@Listoric, ok i will fix the deco in the center, np. About the building space, i still don't know how it feels in game. I can use version B (the one that you picked), erase the min only and make more buildable space in mains, and i will keep only the air expand. Or i have something other in mind but i will see how it will fit in this map. I also don't want to change the nat positions, because they play a big role near the choke, so i really want them there, it will be more agressive i guess.

@flothefreak, i wish i could see your previews comment but i see only your last comment. If you have time, write it again.

And finally, i better put some pictures of my girlfriend here. Will you calm down? I will search for some naked parts, just for you :P .

P.S. She also read the comments here >:)
hm, was a quite long one, don't wanna write it again. it seems i forgot to press the "post" button.

short form: basically no bad map, nice ideas but you put too much at once into a map. it seems overfilled which (imo) destroys the map.
some other comments to the map from which i only remember the most important one:
in ZvT, you gotta go 3hatch (or need sunkens in main and natural) but then you still need sunkens at your fist hatch (to prevent being rushed away) AND at your nat because terran will just shoot it away. that costs economy which will put the zerg behind. and no, unit only ZvT in early game may work for you because your enemies are not as strong as you are, but on higher level, the sunken/ling style has been established (as standard and strongest earyl game) and thus, you won't change the gamestyle with this setup but scare away players (except bulgarians ^^).

that were the most important things, or at least what i remember. rest was about cramped things here and there, bet you gonna see those yourself :)

[x]pro naked pics :o
"in ZvT, you gotta go 3hatch"
haha, i was right.

And still, i dont think its ever a good idea to give terran a gas natural that is easy to defend.
Version B is my favorite.
For some reason i cant post on the GMCS so, i think you should move the min onlies closer to the mid and take out the two gas expands already there. I think you should also cut down the length of the walls in the mid, cause they help T a bit too much.
Now after playing a little this map and my goal was not to win, just to see some things, i really see some things in 40 minute TvP game. So the min onlys will be changed at 12 and 6 o'clock. They are just not noticed, after so many exps on the map.

About the TvZ, thing i think gaming will show the balance on this map. Really i am sick of commenting this thing, because what should i say about most of the recent maps here, that most of you say "lol, great map" and noone point the fact that zerg will need 3 hatchs take the famus (2)Chaos_Factor 1.4 or (4)Conquer Fever or R-Point or 90% of the maps PFU... Like i feel that you will always point this in my maps, but the others are OK. I don't get it o_O . Nothing wrong with commenting this, but if you point such issue, then why i found the same issue at your maps?

And i will post pictures of my girlfriend with my every comment in this map to the end :)

Free Image Hosting at

This is a picture before i even know her... :)
modified by LGI

P.S. Soon update of the map.
modified by LGI
well, i know that chaos factor is hell in ZvT -.-

your girlfriend got stuck in a flew 8]
modified by flothefreak

- Some of the doodads and walls in the center are deleted.

- Two center 12 and 6 o'clock expands are deleted.

- Min onlys (with gas behind them) are moved more closly to center.

- Min onlys at 12 and 6 o'clock are removed.

- After removing the min onlys at 12 and 6 o'clock locations, i add an empty space (lol :) ) with the same idea as it is on Temple of Eden by Listoric, with the tank push.

- The location of the air expands is changed.

- Main bases are bigger.

I hope i didn't miss something...

EDIT: Oh, yeah i forget the pic...

Free Image Hosting at
modified by LGI
I like it alot more now. Nice map. Ill be back in a week, i leave tomorrow morning for spring break =D
Hey, she is cute :) And LGI, you looked sexy on news also <3 ^^

Acutally, i liked the 12 and 6 minonlies very much. Seemed to be intresting in horizonal play. now the path seems to be totally unused (even if it's the one you fight horizntal)

ah and, HF yenku, don't stop drinking ;) or atleast, only to "clear your throat or other organs X)" :)
modified by Listoric
Well it wasn't really fair by me to diside after 3 games, that min only is not very used, because of the many expands on the map. And the biggest reason that i delete them, was that i had to delete some expands. They were too many, and i didn't knew who exatcly to delete. It's so strange, many of my maps i wonder where to put the expands, and now i wonder how to delete expands...

Anyway the path will be used, because it's shorter. I hope to see good use from the air expand. Cannons or sunks up there would be also a bonus.


P.S. Any suggestions for something else?

Free Image Hosting at

She is a nude, but i won't show any more pictures with her naked :P
modified by LGI
I played this map with my friends. All liked it very much :)
Thank you, and i will be even more greatfull if you upload some reps :)
Your GF looks cute.

The map does too, good job.
ZvT Looks like a bitch. And is the pathing make units go down ramps and then back up ramps at teh opponents natural when you are next to eachother? Or do you take the high ground?
You take the ramps road ofcourse.

Btw, after so much playing this map today, it's one of my smooth maps ever. I really enjoy it.


Free Image Hosting at

modified by LGI
It's good, your GF and the map :P

I'm not sure about the drophole neat the mineral only. imagine, TvP or TvZ, horizontal. a terran drops 2 tanks there, attacking the mainbases choke, while the other part of the terran army is in the path between both bases, near the ramp, securing the tanks and firing at the choke as well.

Think that's really hard to defend, especially for a P with his stupid goons.

Some TvP would be interesting here.
You are right. Haven't tought of this...

Anyway i also want it to make more room in front of the choke, so thx :)


- Holes near chokes are missing :P

Free Image Hosting at

Guess, who is next to her :)


Btw the 2v2 replays that i upload today can show a lot of the ideas of the map. Most of the players that i play with were creative even if they play the map for first time :)
modified by LGI
btw, what fragment of your girlfriend did you actually use?
I can't explain this actually. It's in my twisted mind. My other acc is InfectedMind, remember? :)
whose that ur sister?? lmfao jus kiddin.. shes good lookin

neways bout the map:

Im likin it more and more i see it.. is nicely constructed. idk if i can be too critical cuz not many maps are like this. but it looks good. gw
It's his cute girlfriend + da LGI man ^^
Did she agree on posting all those pics here? :O
i dont like the random patterns in main bases.. imo make them symetry too
@panschk[FP], she is reading all here, so she agree and she know.

@Starparty, ok :)
wtf your gf reads map making forums and she's hot? Where can i get one of those? Mail order?

- Name is changed :) .

- Difrent main tileset (with diffrent faces/feelings :) ).

- More doodads added few in center and more in mains and near nats. Those near nats were nessery to prevent bunker rush from outside the nat to shoot the hatchery.

- Obs version added.

- More love added {}
lol whats wrong here :X
modified by panschk[FP]
looks alot better then when i last saw it, great map, i like it.
its easier to protect natural on top pos than bottom
and how can u make a map to ur gf without having a heart in it? shame on you

- Bigger nats.
- Fix the problem with the gas nats (all of them).
- Cross positions are closer.

My main goal to do this update was to make closer cross positions. I think now they are fine.

- Fix the problem with the gas nats (all of them).
- Re-build the nats.
- All ramps to the nats now are behind the chokes (in base), not only on top positions.
- Open a little the choke that is leading to the center.
Something is wrong with the MotW editing or i am doing something wrong... I don't know.
LGI did it again - great map - I will try it soon in Headoff - LGI you have official chalenge from me and one of my allies for 2vs2 on that map!
edited it

just have to add "2006.XX" as XX being the weeknumber in the "motw week" field in maps-admin pannel.

I like the "feelings" displayed with smilies, nice idea ;)
Thx, now i know what was my mistake...
king of 8 plr maps

modified by king of 8 plr maps
king of 8 plr maps
this one of your best maps LGI, Hard to make good looking map with only 2 levels of tiles, you managed to make it look good, and game play on it good too.
the dentist
T>P if they are both top or both bottom

--LGI vs ceko(1on1, 1.13)
--ceko vs cell_fish(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI, PlaZma vs MukuMauc, Raging_Bull(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI, Robb vs Stormfucker, Volume_max(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI, TOSHEC(13)OOD vs Stormfucker, Volume_Max(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI, STI vs anjimira, Volume_MaX(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI vs Prosto]sumSlab(1on1, 1.13)
--eSu.TechnicS, LGI vs GO_DexteR, armrestling(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI vs EvilBeastBG(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI, EvilBeastBG vs Protoss_Worold, dominos(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI, PlaZma vs EvilBeastBG, TITAN(13)OOD(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI vs BuLdoZerG(1on1, 1.13)
--eS-Fear- vs TechnicS(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI vs Queen_(1on1, 1.13)
--TechnicS vs eS-Fear-(1on1, 1.13)
--sickela vs PreSSure(1on1, 1.13)

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