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Last update for (2)shamant garden0.1 : 2007, 04, 18 05:30
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1278 (2)shamant garden0.1 128*128noname0.8final

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 41 points


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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

so i was skimming trought the random maps and this map cought my eye somehow and i felt like remaking it with backward ramps and all that fancy stuff. i namened the original map and the creator in the map describtion and called it after ShaManT. so i hope it will be fine and i wont be a thief or something. but imo it's ok to have me as the only author of this entry. i don't know if ShaManT is still active, but if he's offended i'll remove the map from the database again.

but let's talk about the map itself: ..i don't really know what to talk about atm.
..the min blocks at the island expos have a value of 0
..i don't know, if the 12 and 6 o'clock expos are tankable from the main. i just noticed that it might be, but i will test it

as always i'd like to heare your thoughts and wouldn't mind a replay of a test game ;)
Wow... I'm very impressed with the transformation. It's look like a very involved "pimpin'" but better. I can see this map as MOTW...
if you use those inverted ramps for mainbases, then be very careful and make sure you put the right tiles onto the right place.
Is there any way to add more room to the mains? It looks like you could move blue's up a bit and red's down a bit.

By the way, how does one go about doing the upward ramps? I see them in a lot of maps now, but i don't know how to do them/where to copy the tile from.
they only work on jungle. for the ramp as such, you just take the tiles of the existing ramps. nothing special. the only problem is the transition from ramp to dirt, because there is none for upwards ramps.

so some korean guy just took the transition from bridge to dirt and added it to the ramp tiles. as the ramps and bridges on jungle have almost the exact same color, you hardly notice the difference - but it works. very nice idea actually
I think the mains have enough room...
The map is sexy. Although im not too fond of these new ramps, i think u did pretty well with it. one thing about these new ramps is that the "default" ramps (that are inverted) are not as wide as the originals(u can block it off with less amounts of units).. Sumthing to think about...

map is def gosu.

what jpeg program lets u see trees etc in it?
omg I cant belive someone actually remade one of my maps

btw Syndrome = Shamant

man you made me feel so great. I never knew that map was going to atract such an attention. thx a lot man again.

lol and its a little embarrasing having my name as a map name. but it sounds cool anyway +)

just give me a little credit and its all yours. thanks a lot again man. its a wonderfull transformation. And it looks so great, imagine this being the next PGT map +OO omg omg its just amazing.

modified by SynDrome
Nasty, I think you use SCMdraft 2.0's image program to make the bmp picture. Then use a program like Irfan or something to resize it and convert it to JPG. But not with Paint because at least for me, it'll make a poor quality picture
eh, I prefer u put "Original map by Syndrome" rather by shamant. -P more people know me by syndrome rather than shamant
thanks everyone. :) i'm glad you like it. especially syndrome (i will change the credit)

flo// i don't really know what you mean with right tile on right place tbh, but don't worry, cause i copied the ramp from that one pro map exept for the bridge pieces. but i will recheck to make sure everything is right.
oh.. and i saw inverted ramps on space as well allready ;) you only need to figure out, what to put instead of the bridge tiles of jungle.

nasty// i create a .bmp with scmdraft2, then use photoshop6.
1)turn to rgb
2)resize to 768x768 (for 128x128 map)
4)save to .jpg with compression 5 or something
[wrote a script for that]
king of 8 plr maps
do you have the map name that made inverted ramp on space I could use one those on a map.
I was trying to to it but got half way i was having trouble doing transition to look good
aren't the brigdes of space different in color from the ramps? thought they'd be.

referring to the ramp-tiles: pay attention that you put at the upper half of the ramp tiles which are _also on the upper half_ on the standard ramp and so on, same for bottom parts.
king// it was some korean mapname and my windows made "___0.2" out of it ^^

but i took screenshots so you get to see them (the map is protected, so the mapfile wouldn't really help)

pic1 | pic2
those are ugly :)
acutally, they are quite good. The jungle as well as the space ramps, best ramps of that kind by now. I'm impressed. These koreans don't have anything to do all day long as it seems :P
they look ugly...just look at the tile-borders
Well i am too lazy to remake the whole map...
i know, they are not the best looking tile creation out there. but with the possibilities give they are quiet good imo. and i honestly think that most players won't notice the blockynes. you only see how ugly they are when you take a close look and analyse. that way you will also find blocky parts on the jungle ramps (they are not as obvious, but there are many imo)

lgi// if i may find some time i'll see what i can do for ya ;)

btw.. are there any suggestions about the map itself? i mean.. there are some things beside the ramps.. ^^
modified by noname
Thx, i will really be greatfull for those ramps.

About the map i really don't know what to comment. It looks really original and somehow it's confusing me. When i look at the pic, there is just one blank spot in my head...
king of 8 plr maps
oh ok I can see better now what peices he was using to make the ramp. I was stuck before on how to make transition top and bottom now i think i know
Wait I still don't get it... just taking each 1x1 tile and putting it somewhere else to make your inverted ramp? Man... that would be a pain. Anybody have an unprotected version of Baek Do that I can copy them from?
ahahahahahahaha that shit was f@#kin funny
terran can wall pretty well. I played as T in this map and its easy to wall.
there you have a pvt replay.
yea when i first saw this i was worried about pvt but im worrying less and less about it.
T seems a bit newbie player...
well, he just didnt knew the map, but I also had like 170 apm so I did good. but he actually is a bit better than me.

another thing I wanted to say. Terran pushes right in the middle are a f%^cking pain in the a$$, so that shoud be the best strat for tvp in here.
modified by SynDrome
apm don't say anything. besides, real skill is revealed in adapting a non-routine map imo. many players gain much success based on routine of having played a map hundreds of times (lt, luna). this is why (as i see more and more often) that progamers/good players often like new maps and like playing them. many average people that refuse new maps are just too afraid of winning only 50% of the games they used to win.
I did not look at the apm to appraise it, I have only seen how he plays..
modified by SynDrome
we did it syndrome :)

seems like i should upload final and add obs. i will do that today or in the next days.
go ahead mister
yea, thats why everyone did not like chameleon, it has very good flow when you play it, except mutas are impossible to kill on this map(what map aren't they)

i don't agree with shamant garden though...even if noname did make it look cool , it doesnt look like the concept holds.
actually, i fear about the center being to Tish.

How about adding a ramp there and there (gmcs X)
Btw, I hope you know that this map is put under the wrong tileset -_-
imo you made a very good suggestion, lis.
here are two possiblities how ramps at this place could be added. i somehow cannot decide on one of them.. : tell me your thoughts, please. no ramps, ver1 or ver2?

Free Image Hosting at

Free Image Hosting at
i'd say version two, it looks smoother for unit movement
version 2 with cliffable nats =)
thanks for your comments. does anyone else have an opinion about this? if there won't be anyone complaining i will upload ver2 as the final and add ops.

syndrome// you mean using ver2 plus adding cliffs to the nats? .. :\ hm.. the extra ramps are added because of a possible terran advantage in the middle. ..imo cliffs favor terran as well..
Added obz version.
just bringing back some memories


--SyndroMe[aD] vs Sky_Jiuli[aD](1on1, 1.13)
--Dea[Light] vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--LGI vs LostTampon(1on1, 1.14)
--HypNosis[FUZZ] vs LGI(1on1, 1.14)

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