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Last update for (4)Heartbeat : 2020, 01, 18 14:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4794 (4)Heartbeat 128*128jungleterrain (edits: F, CD, Jukado)0.3finalground

The map has been rated 89 times and got a total of 24 points


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Newest version of (4)Feel My Love. Enjoy!
lol is that a mini ramp? Thats GREAT!
It's a tank bunker!
Another small update (version 1.03a) to fix a mining problem in the bottom left main.
Super beautiful! You guys need to suggest this for TLC while admins seeking to replace some maps (as one forumer stated Since Scan issue has been resolved for now can we can get back to important matters; bitching about maps :)).
I'll not get into any bitching before the 6th, though... Why is it always my exam time when all these tourneys pop up?
Heartbeat works, I like that name, though it does sound similar to Heartbreak (ridge).
My old idea was Valentine. Heartbeat is good though.

version 1.03a hmm that might get irritating if it becomes a trend. I think 1.04 would be ok.

But there is a big problem at the moment. The entrance to the mains can be walled ling tight with 1 depot. Terran will use this offensively and gain too much advantage.
Balancing the vertical entrances and the horizontal entrances on flat main/nat maps is tricky.
modified by CardinalAllin
I think:

turret/cannon space is sufficient, if you know how to place them. Having the minerals against the map border like this actually makes them quite safe to begin with (so it is mostly the gas that is harrassable).

Main choke: you can always send a worker to block your choke against pylon/depot blocks (as you would on Tau Cross).

But sure, if you think you can improve the map on short notice, just go ahead and edit it.

As I said, currently I do not have time to go into any more extensive edits (i.e. requiring terrain work).

And then there is the problem with what I call the "pathing butterfly effect": When you change the terrain on some part of the map even by a bit (like move a choke a bit), it can screw up pathing anywhere else, for some reason, including mining paths, so all resources would have to be retested as well after the edits... So more time this map would need and which I do currently not have.
modified by Freakling
Ive done some tweaks, primarily Unbuildable main chokes.

Goodluck with the exams

modified by CardinalAllin
"-Unbuildable main chokes

I like that you actually tile edited these instead of just spamming standard rocks or something :)

"-Changed some mud tiles and added a few cabbages outside the nats etc


"-Added a few unbuildable tiles in the centre

Hmkay... Probably doesn't make much of a difference (but it is always nice to have these little cosmetics fixed)...

"All walls at the mains are 1 rax 1 depot, and are zealot tight but not ling tight.
Terran can wall top left main so that marines spawn inside the wall but this needs 2 depot 1 rax.

Fixed that to single rax/depot for all spawns... I

"Terran cant ling tight wall with 2 depot 1 rax at any spawn, there is always 1 gap.
However, Terran can wall top right main ling tight with just 2 depots. This is not ideal but;
1. If he used it defensively he will have to kill his own depot to get out, or not complete it which means you cant repair.

Don't overthink it. Terran rarely even wall their main against Zerg, and the naturals all support the standard wallins...

"2. If he used it offensively to wall zerg out of his nat, the surface area is much greater for the zerglings to attack than for the scv to repair. Its better than before where it was only 1 depot to wall too.

Seriously, wasting that much money just to contains a zerg is not worth it, anyway...

"Hopefully you like this version. If so, please try changing the map description for me.
Goodluck with the exams

I changed version number in map description. I added you to the editors list too.

I uploaded the new version.
I also gave you admin rights (didn't you already have them yet?!), so you should be able to edit any map without password now.

I thought you wanted to make the nats more spacious as well?!

EDIT: I also fixed another mining but (@NW main)...
modified by Freakling
You had given me admin already yeah. Ive now found that the little notepad icon lets me edit.

I spent several hours getting the walls just right, you have gone and fiddled with them you cheeky monkey!
I was half expecting you to delete the walling markers (even though they are cool) but you have also made it so 1 depot can block all except 1 tile. While this is better than 1.03a, its not as good as how I had set it up imo.
Also top right can now be walled ling tight with 1 rax 2 depot and other little things like this.

However like you say, I am 'overthinking it' but I just want you to know I had taken a long time to get it just how I wanted it.
But ofcourse you have put way more time into this map than me.
Okayokay... Last offer, take it or leave it (also updated the picture).
I see you have cleaned up a few loose tiles and changed the mineral formation in the main. That’s good.
You didnt really change the walls though, T can still block all but 1 tile with 1 depot. However I love what you did at the top right. So I kept that.

Ive taken your version and changed the walls but used your building markers. And I tidied the cliff clutter in top right main and bottom left main.
Ive uploaded it and added a picture and obs version. If you don’t like it you can easily change it back.
modified by CardinalAllin
Please safe map files as *.scx, or player colours will revert to default ingame (not a grave problem, but some colours, especially brown, are just hard to see on certain tilesets).

What is the problem you see with one depot blocking but 1 tile?
I think it actually offers some nice defensive variation (block the reamaining gap with a worker or two).
Apart from that, I would probably not use that kind of wall, though, due to the danger of jamming your macro on the choke later on...

I still see marines spawning outside the wall on top left as the potentially more serious issue (sure, they can just walk through the gap between the buildings and Zealots cannot follow them, but against a proxy gate, the first zealot can easily be early enough to intercept the first marine/block the gap; but then, running agaisnt a tight wall, which terran can easily repair, with an uneconomical proxy build is already a huge disadvantage).
modified by Freakling
Its mostly about unit flow out to the main, but there are balance considerations too. They are offense related.

TvZ, Terran can proximity barracks of some sort, make a depot offensively, then plug the gap with scv and gain too much advantage.

It could come into play in TvP and TvT too with a floated barracks or ebay. These would all be uncommon and almost certainly not the deciding factor ofcourse, but they do make things slightly less conducive to a comeback.
eg Protoss defending a 2 fac, but he loses his nat and has to retreat into his main. Soon after he tries to break out. If Terran lands his rax, P will be funneled through either a 1 tile gap or a 2 tile gap. Doesnt seem like much but it will make a difference, and there is a chance that it could be significant. We want to encourage that Protoss move to be as strong as possible, especially as the map is flat main/nat. We have to be extra careful as defender advantage is already weakened due to no highground.
As an observer I'd say: let's encourage more such plays!!! ;D

Anyways, I did some more magic, I think we can finally agree that this is in all aspects as balanced (positionally) and functional as it possibly gets (we have probably outdone any Kespa map ever in existence about three version ago, just saying...)
Just gunna date this for future reference.
27th August 2015
Version 1.05 Heartbeat

cheers Jungleterrain, hope you like it if you see this
What did I contribute to this? It had been to long for me.
You helped me prepare this for the ICCup "Mapster of the Universe" thingy back in the day, remember.
Posted it on teamliquid
click here
This is the other old thread of this map
click here
modified by CardinalAllin
I stole (eh they were public, but damn hard to download if youre not native) some maps from korean sites but sadly most of them got only korean letters. What you all think, how to upload them here - with ???? symbols or just name it Korean Map 1 - 2 - 3 or K-map 01.09.15?
Tanks can hit the islands from the high ground expo at 3 and 9.
At the minimum, both will need a cliff snip, and 9 will need a doodad too.

Do you want to do this Freakling? Im happy to do it if not (in a few days time).
i.e. tanks can hit the town hall, I guess (?!)

Go ahead and fix it yourself, if you don't mind.
Do at least some testing of worker mining afterwards. As this would affect the pathing map it is prone to reintroduce random worker bugs...
Actually, I just remembered another change I wanted to try... So stand by, I'll upload a new version soon...

EDIT: Did what I wanted to do.
You still need to have a look at the tank problem, though. I need my sleep now ;P

Also, to feed your pet obsession: Pylon walls for thirds are still uneven ;D
modified by Freakling
Nice changes. The min line move will also help with this tank problem.
Can you do them to the observer version next time so I dont have to re do that.
I will probably do this on Friday.
modified by CardinalAllin
"Nice changes. The min line move will also help with this tank problem."

Hence I wanted to have them done first ;)

Just do an all copy to obs version (on copy-paste-layer)...
modified by Freakling
When I want to start a new edit, what I do is start with the observer version, then just delete the observer spawns and delete the "obs" from the Map Title.

I think if you copy paste everything then you cant edit terrain using isometric tool anymore so I avoid doing that. Obviously you still have the melee version but I dunno, that just feels wrong. Ill just redo the triggers heh.
Since I haven't done any isometric changes, you should be fine either way ;P
18th November 2015
Version 1.06 Heartbeat
-Tanks cannot hit the island townhall at 3/9 o clock from the high ground expo.
-3 pylons required to wall the high ground expo ramp.
Can you also update the picture then?
This post is not displayed due to its content
Why do the 0 mineral blocking patches on the islands in the iCCup version display as full patches in-game? Were they replaced with unit sprites for some reason? Or is there some freak problem with map compression going on?
@Freakling, maybe it was the compression yeah.

17th November 2016
So Jungleterrain has been spotted here on site and teamliquid recently after a long while.
Curious to know how you think the map turned out Jungleterrain? Do you know its in the iccup map pack aswell?
Hi to LasTCursE too (also seen recently here)
Im having problems with my modem so Im not sure exactly when.
interesting to put the date on your comments, never thought about that.

I don't really consider this map mine anymore, you guys put in way more work than I ever did. As for the concept, it came out pretty much how i envisioned it... which looking back kinda disappoints me. I think i could have done a lot better in making the map play as a whole. I mean the map conceptwise was pretty finished when i stopped working on it, but u guys polished it so much.

its interesting that its in the mappool, didnt expect that but cool nonetheless cuz of that 50 map limit. Im sad that iccup still has that 50 map limit, im sure somebody can change that...

sorry i just left... I made a decision to stop at the time cuz of life stuff. I was having a really hard time finding motivation in school and it was affecting me a lot, i shoulda said something. for that i am sorry :( but your guys' efforts make me happy and i check the site frequently now.
modified by Jungleterrain
You made a properly fleshed out map. CrystalDrag and Freakling did the lions share of the polishing. I did a some minor tweaks at the end.
By the way you dont need to say sorry for anything, really we should say sorry for hijacking your map! hehe
I hope school is going ok now for you.
Overall this map has been popular, used in quite a few tournaments. I think over 1000 games were played on it in the first week when it went on iccup.
Meh, you used cover-providing tree doodad tiles on some ramp edges. Why?!?!
Lol. I opened it up and you are right. I didn't know at the time... I was just looking for the most aesthetically pleasing tile blends.

Wait... how did you just see this now? This map has been here for years now!
modified by JungleTerrain
Because I was toying around with a new SCMDraft alpha version which has tile flag overlays and identified what is with almost certainty the cover flag...
Oh that is sweet...
fun fact of the evening: There are actually cover-providing null-tiles in the Badlands palette. If any one knows something what to do with these, I'd like to hear your suggestions.
v 1.07
some bugfixes.
What nation/Country is Freakling from?
This map is kind of shit. i liked it at first but it should have a buildable center, so should circuit breaker for that matter, and it needs to be a bit larger because playing on it feels like always theres no where for your units to go.
You are shit lol :)
i could make a50x better map then this if i knew what editor people use to make them.
If you can't even figure that out…

looking forward to seeing your absolute masterpiece of a map @triller :)
Thank you for the download link
Update: Version 1.08
  • Fixed spot where workers got stuck behind bottom left nat geyser.
10th January 2020
This map was map of the week from 2015 to 2020.
modified by Jukado
Some weeks are just the longest…

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