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Last update for (2)Justify : 2015, 09, 09 00:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4795 (2)Justify otherTeam ROSE0.2finalground

The map has been rated 38 times and got a total of 6 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Looks like a less refined version of Camelot.

I don't like the 3 gas bases behind 1 choke. This just tends to play out in a very boring way... Seems like Zerg is unfairly disadvantaged in defending the forward nat, on top of that (very wide choke with no creep coverage).

The expansions at 1/7 are just weird. Seems like another pro-mech-terran contraption.

The inverted catwalk ramps at the SW corner base are surely bugged. Sorry, you just cannot do this...

The workers at the low ground bases will get massively in the way of any other passing units.
A lot of the clutter looks like full of tank holes to me.
Mains are too small but if you can secure natural (not little area which is above) you can have space but it sounds not right. Rush distance is fast like on Blood Bath, so you can't secure that area fast. Bugged ramps work fine with vultures + all other T ground units, don't know all cases and what will happen with some other units.

I think those projects are abandoned. No one will really care about authority if Freakling will modify these, if he wishes.
modified by outscar
I dont't know who uploaded these, but "Team ROSE" makes me think some Korean.

Anyway: "Bugged" as in terrain level bug, not whatever-you-think-units-would-bug-out-bug...
Of course me. Read last message at Heartbeat map. There are ton of maps, but I think uploading them slowly to discuss about them.

Can terrain level bug be an issue for gameplay? Aesthetically it seems nice, units don't have problem. Also, little question, is there a way to make reverse ice outpost ramp? I saw this thing somewhere, where someone said you can't do it, and other one showed it but forgot.
To answer your question: Best to...

- ...either translate the names...
- ...or to transliterate the hangul to latin.

Units unexpectedly going blind and missing their target is a gameplay issue that you should not be willing to pay for some superficial aesthetic show-off.

reverse ice Outpost is mostly an aesthetical issue: There is just nothing to satisfyingly blend them (same for jungle temple, desert outpost).
Now, high outpost/temple/compound is a completely different story: One simply should not use these ramps at all because they are all terrain level bugged (extensinve documentation of the issue can be found in my mapping thread on TL).
Oh, I don't even know how to translate (4)+Ķ+0.98ver thing to korean, when system can't recognize them.
You have to convert from whatever code page that is to unicode first ;)
modified by Freakling
Before 2012 many korean map makers made some 'team's, such as Team ROSE, Team Again(my team), or Team OMIT... etc.

Most of them used Naver Cafe's system(with chatting system), and they(we) called 'Naver Map Teams'.
They felt need to make some "Meeting Plaza", and OMIT's site was chosen first.

Team OMIT had many incredible map makers, such as JackyPrime and LSPrime(Who made first official map in StarCraft II later). Somehow, OMIT decided to make their site exclusive, so map makers moved to another site, Team ROSE.

That's why there are so many maps in Team ROSE's Site. Those maps are not only ROSE's, but so many Teams.
Interesting bit of insight.

What happened to all those Korean mappers? Have they all witched to SC2?
No... Actually our average age was 16~22 in 2012. And many "expert(major people"(age 20~22) had some military problem.
Unfortunately when they started, or ended their duty, there is no more BW League. And they had no more will of making maps.
Critical hit was intothemap. After it was closed, most of them were retired, except few(including me and SC2 map makers).

I can contact with some of them now, but they don't have some comprehension of BW games and BW map making, and no will of map making.
Maybe now they like to play League of Legends more. lol(in fact, me too)
modified by CardinalAllin
Yeah, just closing down Intothemap like that was a real shame...

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