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Last update for (4)Lavaborne : 2007, 02, 09 23:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1992 (4)Lavaborne 128*128LostTampon0.3beta

The map has been rated 44 times and got a total of 12 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

those blue little dots @6 and @12 should be dwebs - dont know why but the latest version of scmdraft couldnt display them properly ;/
Very nice and basic map. I would play it, even in tournaments!
Let me tell you how I have my dwebs show up in the map. Once you have placed them in the map using sprites go to:

units > neutral > protoss > disruption field

place these dwebs on the map over the ones you already have but DON'T SAVE THE MAP! If you save them you will not be able to erase them. Now save an image of your map and either hit undo to get rid of the new dwebs or exit the map without saving.

The image of your map will show the dwebs (or dark swarm for that matter).
modified by Lancet
how original
You could make this a little prettier =P Esp. considering you used sym tool.
i think ive seen a map like this before, not sure though
Those dwebs are great! If you fit a single line of marines between them just right, they will still be able to fire. A whole platoon of zeals or lings can attack them head on and they will just come to a standstill under the dwebs while being sprayed with lead. They can be attacked by the sides though.
oh, thx for advice lancet :)

hm, i try to redo the middle a bit, dont like it too much

@nightmarjoo: is there somewhere a hidden sarcasm tag? :p
lol this is unlike you to make such a boring map =/
nightmarjoo, I am still trying to figure out how to edit my maps. I went to a different computer today and tried it and got the same error message but the map was listed as "edited". Of course this computer did not have my map so nothing changed. What I plan to do is go again to the computer with a disk with my map and create the same path as the one in mine (e.g. program filesstarcraftmaps etc) to see if the program picks it up.
modified by Lancet
ok :)
i bet if the tileset was jungle or twilight the map wouldnt look so boring :/
I bet it wouldn't look so boring if the map had something new and unstandard in it :O
dwebs don't count, they're old now
well, as soon as i do something that is not standard a lot of ppl cry "imba", although they havent tested it ;P
modified by LostTampon
this map is imba for being so boring, any mapper will get too bored while playing the map giving them a disadvantage, whereas players who aren't mappers won't be effected
4 pool G-_-G
Insta-push EZ
I think that there is a problem with the dwebs, they are "out ofthe way". Meaning that most of the action in the game can happen without the dwebs coming into play in any significant way defense or offensewise. Maybe if you could change their placement you could make them more relevant.
yeah, I like dwebs in all sorts of nice places. Don't have to mass them at all, but place them in used areas so you actually effect gameplay :)

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