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Last update for (4)Roadkill : 2022, 02, 16 18:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4398 (4)Roadkill 128*128Freakling1.3leagueground

The map has been rated 82 times and got a total of 104 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

lol you rly are persistant aren't you :>
I had two test games with jugle and Arc yesterday and both said that the area in front of the nat was too tight. so I opened up that area and widened the narrow ramp as an alternative route.

@Last: I don't see the problem. De facto this is 100% a Freakling map. I did not really incorporate any one elses ideas or contributions.
modified by Freakling
so by community map you mean We give YOU ideas to make YOUR map ? and if you like any of them over yours which will never happend then author stays bwmn ? :D
Short answer: No.
"I did not really incorporate any one elses ideas or contributions." this says otherwise..

"I did not use anyone else's ideas" means the map is yours in the first place and we just giving you suggestions of what to change..
modified by LasTCursE
However it came about, it's a good map. Definitely a worthy concept to have some energy and time put into it.
Shades's concept.. :D
And every jungle map with high main, low nat setup and a flat middle is a python clone... So what? There is just a limited variance and diversity of certain elements you can throw together into one map, with additional limmiting factors like these main positions coming into play it's even more limited. And now tell me this is a Shades clone... Until you take your third (which suddenly turns out to be a low ground Ikarus ripoff)...

Has any one realized that Tomorrow is but a crossover of Katrina and ROTK? You can do this with every map you like LasT. Now stop being pissed of already.

@Phobic: Tanks?
Well not tank imba.... but tank pressure will be interesting on this map.
That's why the mains are fairly huge, so you can keep some distance to the cliff against terran.
The choke i front of the nat was kind of a problem, but see second post^^...
Update (pending redecoration)

[version 1.02]

removed the small ramp in front of the nat and moved the wide one to its place instead.

modified by Freakling
There could still be some problem with Terran pushing counterclockwise through the tight highground... What do you think?
Reminds me of this map

Shades of Twilight
- finished version 1.02 (deco and some terrain fixes)
Seems a little tight, would have to test it though to find out I cant host but if anyone else does id be willing to test
Another mineral fix update...
Looks sexy
I think the enemy-nat to your min-only distance is too short, such that in conjunction with the indefensibility of the expansion from attacks by the lowground that only terrans can actually use them, which strikes me as being an imbalance since it's a critical area to secure in some positional matchups.

Generally it seems cool though.

- resources completely debugged
- added observer version
modified by Freakling
Fixed/changed some deco tetails.
Fixed that one unwalkable cliff tile on the eastern wide ramp.

Consitent non-diagonal pylon-walls to the corner expansions:
Pylon Walls
No changes. Just reuploaded both version to make sure they are up to date (wasn't sure about it).
1st December 2015
Version 1.08
-pylon walling tweak at corner expos

Sent you a pm on tl Freakling.
Have you uploaded the newest version here?
Yeah, if you dl you can see.
I discovered a unit stack bug on the top main ramp. Remind me to try and fix that before the next ICCup realease.
very interesting design.
12,6 o clock harder defence mutalisk than 3,9 o clock.

this map like 0809 5R proleague map twilight of shadow.

starting point 12 3 6 9
defence three parts(recall, mutalisk)
it made more harder terran. good point.

3,9 o clock
Mineral fields back space does not exist.
but 12,6 o clock is not.
that made more harder vulture drop defence
vs terran
more harder attack zealot. they arm minerals
fight fewer zergling.

11,5,1,7 o clcok set bridge (narrow and long)
in zerg vs terran, terran feel picky crazy zerg play.(fast hive. armor upgrade. zergling-mutalisk- fast ultralisk. armor4 melee attacl 2upgrade play)

you know,
i lack english, are you understand?
if you don't understand, qusetion me
modified by TwoS
Well, it's a funny thing:

all horizontal main mineral lines: Players complain about imbalances in defending harassment.

Vertical main mineral lines: Players complain about... vertical main mineral lines, because? No idea. Seems to be mostly a variation of "don't know, don't like"...

Other maps like Aztec, Fortress, Icarus, Roadrunner, Tau Cross, Demian... all have the same issue. So at least I am in good company.

maybe you can solve issue.
modified by TwoS
Or like this (top main).
Or this.
When you update this, please record how many tiles you change, for example, 4 tiles on the top main ramp. And please dont change anything else. I know the map is playing good right now, so I wont include them. (just trying to save you from wasting time and avoid future problems)

You can upload it as version 1.09 here if you like to get it to me, and when it goes live on iccup it will be version 1.1 and I will update this page.
I will move the whole ramp... And probably at the bottom main too, for symmetry reasons. And after that I'll have to retest/fix all resources.
Latin Quarter had a ramp bug. I changed 2 tiles on the ramp itself to be slightly more substantial unwalkable tiles and it seems to have done the trick.
The tiles I changed were close to the exact position the tank was getting stuck on.
Have you tried doing this?
Rather than moving both ramps and doing all resources, try just editing the ramp directly first.
many players doesn't like horizontal mineral formation.

player cannot see minerals in one screen.
they are demanded move screen when they start in game.
i'm sure ¤ˇor¤¤ formation.
I never had a problem with that. It's really only a problem with mineral lines at the bottom, and even then you can usually see the four closest patches to split to. Compared to other issues that may arise, such as gas placement and mining problems caused by comsat station placement, it's really just players being whiny, I think...
Cardinal, can you please disable the Map Load/Correct Doodads option in your SCMDraft?
hmm I guess I did something bad. What happened?
It's just annoying to have to delete/convert doodads before copy-pasting. I usually place most stuff as terrain.
Update: Version 1.09

  • Fixed some bugs pertaining to sloppy editing of custom ramps, equalized high ground, low ground areas
  • Chagned top/bottom main mineral formations to horizontal to equalize vulnerability to harassment between the spawns. With SC:R's wider screen there should no longer be any problem with worker splits. Top position has altered worker spawn, of course.
  • optimized some mineral formations
  • lots of pathfinding region fine tuning, ensuring there are no mining bugs, vortex bugs or Reaver jams
  • some minor deco updates
And there are still mining bugs. And they are in the top left base. Fuck this.

EDIT: I guess I figured out a way to solve this one as well, that did not just destroy everything else…

EDIT2: Or not… :(

EDIT3: Finally (I really really hope…)

EDIT4: Definite version up.
modified by Freakling
I never realized 1.08 had any real balance problems but this looks like a better version all around as work goes toward 2.0 so good job. it probably is more even to play on
Balance was not the main problem, but I had to fix some bugs and just generally get this up to current quality levels.
modified by Freakling
Update: Version 1.10

  • Some final readjustments,to pathfinding to wipe out those last coupe of mining bugs, vortex bugs and Reaver jams (or rather find the right configuration where none of them keeps popping up somewhere)
  • Added proper melee triggers and in-game credits for UMS play
  • I gave this a new version number to avoid potential confusion with any of yeseterday's uploads.

EDIT: And now it's v1.11…
modified by Freakling
Gave this one final revision of pathfinding optimizations, small bugfixes and little deco updates (removing repetitive cliffs mostly), that I'll call v1.12 and then call it a day…

Okay, forget everything I ever said. Seems like once you start out bothering with pathfinding regions, there's always one more critical thing to do. Or maybe I am just a bad at it. Or more likely a crazy perfectionist. Anyway, here's v1.13 now…
modified by Freakling
Updated observer version.
Changed type to League, as just played in KSL Movie vs Last.
modified by CrystalDrag
It´s nice to see that maps from this site have been used in tournaments and ladder. :O

Feels like your hard work is starting to pay off.

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