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Unfinished maps23 of August 2005 10:33 PM
Posted by:Starparty
Just wanted to inform You that almost every returning submitter on this page has one or several unfinnished maps. Check over your submissions and decide for yourself what is finnished and what does not fit into the list.

If You do this right it will be easy for all of us. If you however decide to take the lazy way out by calling all of your maps final :P (if they shouldnt be that is) - Then i will be forced to delete the entry. If, however, You play by the rules and call your -unfinnished- map as a user-beta again and keeps the mapthread active there will be no problem.

I did change the more obvious maps to final, but the rest you will have to decide for yourself. I know that you know exactly where your maps belong, so please update and help keeping this the biggest and the highest quality map page in the western StarCraft community ;)

Link to the unfinished maps can be found --> HERE! <--


The system as it is now is really bad. The only option for your map is "user-final" anyway, the script should change it to user-final instead of "unfinished". Just useless work for all of us:(
? don't undestand what you are talking about?! The system changes maps after some time to "unfinished" instead of "user final" ? Hmm... i think that's how it should be, my map was unfinished and i forgot changing it to the better and make it user-final finally.

Or what were you refering to?
Well. The script makes your map "unfinished". Starparty makes you feel like an outlaw for it, as you dare to have unfinnished maps on the site. So, as you don't really want to edit it any more, you just make it final. That's unnessesary work imo.
that's true in some case.

on the other hand, i really forgot to update my unfinished map (as i wrote in a comment) and i will check it again, if i can update it somehow.

But yes, it isn't necessary to make you feel like an outlaw just for having an unfinished map.
Bu that is overanalyzing the issue a bit imo. I changed the maps that I personally felt were final to final, and left the other ones. That is how the system was supposed to work wasn't it? Theis post is just a notification if someone suddenly wondered where their map went.

Perhaps its just my clumpsy writing which is the problem here? :P

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