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2on2 league

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 08, 22 (Year, month, day)
Deadline: monday night.

For the 2on2 League, we need maps that are well playable 2on2 (who would have thought?). Preferably they should fit this discription:

  • For exactly four players
  • 128*128, maybe 128*96 is ok, too.
  • normal amount of ressources (no money map)
  • Ok race and positional balancing, although it is slightly less important than in 1on1 imo.
  • Not too revolutionary in the gameplay aspect. Nothing wrong with innovation, but most players will not really learn the maps before they are played, so you should be able to win with "classic" builds. A good looking "basic" map should have good chances.

    I think it would be good to have a jury, whoever thinks he has enough knowledge to be one should post in the comments.
    If noone else comes across with serious gaming experience, the jury will look like that:
  • Panschk[FP]
  • xOr.GaNg[FP]
  • DTF-Zero (That's probably an old account, as DTF is dead)
  • boongee
  • zarrr
  • Starparty
    I hope they all find time though.
    I think this team should be able to make good decisions.

  • NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
    (4)Kingdom of AraguatrccMelee Picture0
    (4)Behemoth1.1TravinMelee Picture0
    (4)Silver MachineStarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Surface TensionStarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Nautilus 1.1TravinMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Inner CircleStarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Diamond Valley 1.1boongeeMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Circle of The DawnGORywwyNMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)SolitaireStarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Aphrodite 1.0MillenniumArmyMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)EcuadorsaltrccMelee Picture0
    (4)Concrete ConcreteStarpartyMelee Obs Picture0
    (4)Mysterious StarMillenniumArmyMelee Picture0
    The competition is closed!

    HoLLa =P
    I guess it cant hurt to submit this one since im not using it for blizzcon
    Don't forget we need an (semi) island map, too.

    I think a limit in maps per user is something that should not hurt, but as I know trcc's and SP's output, I set "6" as a limit. So 6 maps per user should be enough imo.
    Don't forget we need an (semi) island map, too.

    oh i have one of those too, maybe ill upload it aswell
    Mine doesn't have a normal amount of resources or normal SLs... I hope you'll still look at it =P
    When's the deadline?
    Oh fuck I didn't read the title :D
    I'll be a jury member >_>

    It's not like you've got too much of a choice, anyway. we're slightly limited in active members...
    Not that it will win this, but I thought I'd enter an updated version Bone Dry.

    I had a MUCH better idea, but I've sworn off uploading any maps until my other maps meet par.

    By the way, you guys really need to get that "Edit Map" function working, because I tried to _replace_ Bone Dry 1.0 and I got locked out.
    I edited my maps fine. Maybe you're not entering your password?

    Since I'm not entering this competition, could I be a jury member :D
    Right now I'm thinking we should use Kingdom, Diamond Island (yes I'm voting for myself) and Nautilus.

    SP's maps are good too but Silver is too confusing and Surface is too LTish and we will already have LT in this map pack.
    I will hopefully find some experienced PLAYERS for the jury. my brother will probably be one of them, and I'll find a few others too.

    A jury member would of course not be allowed to vote his own maps.

    It doesn't matter if I am a jury member or not. I was just giving my honest opinion :)
    I hope the jury will try the maps too. I really really believe that silver machine will prove great deal of fun since it has intentional positional quirks.. Then the teamplay kinda differs depending on startpos, just like lt. And that is what really makes a map varied...

    I also believe that on the same basis, the map will prove to work as 1on1 too, since the paths will be more balanced then.. i.e the center startpos still ha a second route into 2nat as every other base has, and no teamplayer on the other side covers that point.
    i actually only becomes more and more proud of that creation :)
    Sort maps by user and user by alphabetical order :P
    no, I prefer it like that;) oldest maps on top :]
    really hard to keep track of ones subissions though
    i submitted Inner Circle too.. it dint go last on the list :P just so you might see that one too..
    lol. strange, it got a "compid" lower than maps submitted earlier. That is strange, I never seen that before with "auto-increment" as setting for the SQL-table. Well whatever, it isn't a big deal imo ;)
    Its already unique! :P
    ---The deadline is over now---
    As I want the mappack to be finished soon, we need to start voting soon. In the days to come, I expect every jury-member to make a post similar to the one I will do in a few minutes, stating your opinion on all maps posted.

    Then you have until Thursday night to post the 3 maps you want to see in the mappack, remember to nominate one island map. The post has to be done here, I won't read E-mails and PMs to seach for it. It is allowed to vote for your own maps, I think noone will abuse that too much. If a jury member does not make a post untill thursday, his oppinion can not be considered. If two maps get the same number of votes, I will decide who wins personally;)
    (4)Kingdom of Aragua trcc
    Very nice map, one of my favorites.
    (4)Behemoth1.1 Travin
    Solid map, I could live with that in the mappack too, but I would probably not vote for it. (4)Silver Machine Starparty
    Imo this map is just great for 2on2. It is really 2on2 only, but the positional situation could make for some interesting games. Will probably get a vote from me. The only question is, can we afford putting maps that you really "have to learn" like this in the mappack?

    (4)Surface Tension Starparty
    Will not get my vote, ashworld is ugly, and the map is rather boring compared to some other maps here.
    (4)Nautilus 1.1 Travin
    Nice semi-air map. The mainbases don't look that small to me now, I'm not even sure if he changed them, or only my point of view changed^^ Have not played it yet, though.
    (4)Inner Circle Starparty
    I did not really playtest this map either, the size of the mainbases compared with the very high amount of minerals on the map might cause problems. Still a good map.
    (4)NekwitzBattlegrounds psycHOTemplar
    As I want the maps to be playable melee-mode and I don't want to be too experimental, this map has no chance.
    (4)Diamond Valley 1.1 boongee
    Very nice map too. It might make the mappack, it might not. Imo, there are some maps here that deserve it more though.
    (4)Circle of The Dawn GORywwyN
    Sorry, but compared to the other maps here, I just don't see mappack-quality here.
    (4)Temple of XelNaga GORywwyN
    Looks better than circle of the dawn, but I still think there are much better maps in the competition.
    (4)Bone Dry 1.1 Daleadil
    Improved from the first versions, but still not good enough compared to the best maps here.
    (4)Solitaire Starparty
    It's like LT in a special 2on2-version. Plays quite well, I had a nice game on it where I disconnected unfortunatly:( Still, with LT already in the mappack, I think this map is not really needed.
    (4)Aphrodite 1.0 MillenniumArmy
    Good map. I could live with this map making the mp, too. But it is not one of my favorites.
    (4)Ecuadorsal trcc
    very natural, still symmetrical. trcc has real great skills. Have only had one short game on this map, but I'm pretty sure it should play well, too. Could very well made the mappack.
    (4)Concrete Concrete Starparty
    cool map. I don't think you can wallin everywhere though. Although this map is really cool, I'm not sure if it is what the average gamer wants (unsymmetrical, repeating tiles of the main confusing to the eye, uncommon narrow double choke)
    (4)Mysterious Star MillenniumArmy
    My favorite for airmap in the mappack, although another "non-standard" map.
    I don't post my final vote yet, but it may look like this:
    Mysterious Star
    Silver Machine
    Ecuadorsal/Kingdom of Aruga/Diamond Valley/Nautilus
    I have not playtested most of the maps, and therefore i can only use my theorycraft in this voting.

    1. Kingdom of Aragua
    Solid map, nothing more, nothing less and that seems like the vogue atm.

    2. Behemoth
    A bit too wide spaces and few tactical possibillities. the in-base gas makes for passive gaming, and overall im not sure on this one for a 2on2 league.

    3. Silver Machine
    This one took me quite some time to make, and im proud of it. Its made for this 2on2 competition with no intention of being balanced in a 1on1 battle. The positinal flaws ARE intentional and i really wanted different scenarios every game. My vote ofcoruse will bear less weight on my own maps, but this one i feel strongly for and will most certainly vote for it as a league map.

    4. Surface tension
    This was "just" a map that fit into panschks description of a map in this league, so i posted it. It is quite old and some funny games have been played, but unique? no.

    5. Nautilus
    This might actually be good as the semi-air pick. I like this a bit actually. The cliffs just makes it interesting in some way.

    6. Inner Circle
    Nothing special here either. Read "Surface tension", exceot this one being brand new.

    7. NekwitzBattlegrounds
    Too much cash. otherwise it would be cool. A little bit of Blue Valleys feeling over it, though this one was made before that one.

    8. Diamond Valley
    Simple concept, and it works. The inbase min only is not too much in my liking though. not the gas placement in naturals either.

    *jumping a few*

    9. Ecuadorsal
    Good overall. But more 1on1 than 2on2. i think the best 2on2 maps doesnt have clockwise startpositioning i believe.

    10. Concrete Concrete
    Weird experiment. Prefering Silver machine to this.

    11. Mysterious Star
    Its cool. but if it works i really cant tell from the image.

    Sorry for skipping a few, im in a hurry :) But these are the more interesting as for now imo.

    My vote would be something like
    * Silver machine
    * aragua/diamondvalley
    semiisle - * Nautilus
    Silver Machine - cause its so damn cool
    Diamond Valley - Lets hype it even more! :)
    Nautilus - Simply the most interesting semi isle imo

    My final vote.

    I just had a game on nautilus. I enjoyed it a lot, the map is very cool. I fear whining about tank dominance on those corner expansions though. (we were tt vs pp, and yeah, our tanks dominated ;P)
    And I had a 2on2 on ecuadorsal, another very cool map. It will be hard for sure, as at least 7-8 maps deserve to make it, but only 3 will....
    Well that's _probably_ my final vote:

    Silver Machine
    Kingdom of Aragua
    well atleast we have 2 maps in common :)
    My final vote:

    Nautilus - Both island maps seemed really interessting, but i prefered this one.

    Inner Circle - I expect really great 2on2s on this map with fast rushes and big macro fights in the mid-late game.

    Temple of Xel'Naga - When i saw this map the first time i thought it would not have the level to get in the mappack. But it's the only map without chokes, which makes 2on2s faster. A part of this it's a solid map.
    Ok, the competition is now officially over, I'm quite disappointed in boongee, 12, zero and zarrr, but well, I don't want to wait any more. They all got the information and seemed to ignore it, can't do anything more :(

    The final mappack will be: Nautilis, Silver Machine and Diamond Valley. As pro maps there will be Nostalgia, LT and incubus 2004.

    Of course you can agree or disagree, but this is final, the maps should not be announced one day before the league starts or something.
    I've been pretty busy as of late.

    I was reading this earlier today, I was tired, and I just said "fuck it, I'll do it later..." but I guess not. oh well
    Well, for you thursday lasted some hours longer than for me;)
    i got all my final votes :D i rule!
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