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Last update for (4)Diamond Valley 1.1 : 2009, 02, 22 20:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
329 (4)Diamond Valley 1.1 128*128boongee1.7final

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 92 points


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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

Brand new. I was going for something like a mix between Namja Iyagi and Forte. It seems to be a lot like Forte to me but Terran has a chance. Also note this is the first map I've ever made with Starforge editing. :D
From the optical aspect, the very straight lines in the middle don't fit with the more natural look in the corners. Anyway, graphics don't matter that much. The lack of neutral expansions is something that bothers me, though. Imo they are needed to prevent deadlocks.
I was worried about that but I decided the side expos were hard enough to defend for it to be negligible.

As a side question... how am I supposed to edit stuff when I've already starforgified it? If I open it in SE it tells me that all the doodads are misplaced and removed, and if I use SF I have to work in tiles. ~_~ So what do I do?
Don't place your doodads in Starforge :(

You should use starforge only for the extended terrain you can't do in SE, if you do, there should be no problem. Now you have a SF-only map, unfortunatly.
I placed the doodads in SE... o_O

It's ok though, I have the older version without the super-bridges. I can edit that, and then copy the middle of my map in starforge and paste the bridges back on it... >_>
small edit
GMCS - a tool for the cool!

(oh blimey... :P)
Nonono, the middle has to be weird like that. It's frickin' Diamond Island, not "Oh-this-is-a-totally-natural-and-convenient-formation-of-a-diamond-in-the-center-of-4-equally-symmetric-bases Island"! I might use that name for my next map though.

I don't really think I need another ground expo behind the bridges...

And I don't want to make the bridges smaller as of now. I think Terran dominates the inside of the bases, but once you get them out in the middle, they're easier to attack. Making the bridge smaller would help Terran considerably.

Finally, I was thinking about making an island in there, but I don't think I have enough room.

Wow, that was the most thought out post for me in a while... ;D
The gorund expos just would fit in better, if the bridges were smaller, but as you said, you won't change the bridges, you shoukld not place a min-only there then, because of unit movement. That's why it was a combined sugguestion of mine in the gmcs ^^

i'd say you got enough space to create islands at 12 and 6, but they won't be big. You cound prevent Tanks from killing the expansion with oodads or something. But as said, just a sugguestion.

But, i like this map as it is now :)
updated again with mass decoration and an obs version.
updated yet again... the obs version works now -_-
k there we go
version 1.1

-Put side expos on low ground and made them more vulnerable to attack
-Extended nat cliff so that it can be reached from inside the main
- a bunch of other little things no one would ever notice
looks nice now. I like it.
I'd still cahnge the middle to look as natural as the rest of the map, BUT, it is your thing... it really is... i won't complain anymore about the mapcenter... really... :)

i mean, why bother? it isn't my map, is it? sure... if it would be my map, i would change the middle... BUT, it isn't! And that's a fact! Yes a fact! A fact that I can't change the middle, never, never ever in my whole life! Isn't that a bit sad?

Anyway, it was just a sugguestion... a small one... not that it would be hard to change the center... or difficult... or in some way even DEADLY!!!! ... absolutely NOT!... ah look, a mouse! how beautyfull... oh... a flying mouse?! ah... no, it's not a mouse... it's a bird... hehe... hehehe...
seek help.
You should put this as final now :P You could still update it, but it is definitelly done for final imo
my only concern as for now are the gasses in 1nats.. the placement seems really awkward in-game and its frustrating since a fast exp will gain you no extra gas anyway due to the ease to destroy the gasbuilding.
Yeah. I have a couple of things I want to change but I don't really feel like updating this to 1.2 right before the 2v2 thing because everyone already downloaded the map pack and stuff. Oh well, I guess you're going to have to live with the gas.
128x128 bloodbath.
everyone seems to think that the bridges are easy to defend. sorry but that's just not the case -_-;
Dont let this die?
why should "it" die?

I assume the map is finished, and it is a solid, but not great map imo.
but boongee hasnt updated it :P
update what? >_>

--IA-Borii vs IA-Sylph(1on1, 1.13)

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