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Last update for (3)White Water : 2018, 09, 29 22:49
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
328 (3)White Water 128*128Travin1.4final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 86 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I havent had so many games on this one yet.
Only one zvt which i won :]
Btw youre able to walk up to high ground with only lings, without mining the 100 patches.
trevin, post this in SP's map contest, which is only for 3-player maps;)

Have you tested unit AI on the map with those blocking minerals. I don't really see their purpose, why do you want to prevent early movement on those cliffs?
I think its because the natural minerals are right up against the cliff, and only letting zergling up there will prevent really easy shots on the mineral lines unless you either mine the patches (which would take 13 rounds of mining each) or get dropship tech.

From the looks of the jpeg, you also can't land a quick barracks or factory up there because of doodads (the only available space looks like it's in the middle expo)
yeah ive uploaded this to 3 player thingy,

you can float stuff up to lvl 2. The game i played my opponent tried to do just that. To prevent that you can either scout with lings (i forgot to do that) or just wreck his main.
The whole "cliff wall fortress" base premise is kinda cheesy, IMO.

Great balance though.
Good map, but middle left expo is easier to defend because there's no space behind to harass with mutas or even drop tanks on icy terrain like the 2 others. I really like Behemoth and Nautilus though. :)
Theres the same problem in my 3 player map.. bottom right expo has a lot more space than left one :(
loving it
Wow, great map!
Your Name
btw the ai works fine i had much trouble to fix ling walk thing so i got that tested too
I was the T in that game, and I used scvs to stack jump marines through the minerals :D

Then I lifeted a fac and then a rax but you needed range to reach the minerals so it kind of didn't do much damage.

I lost too many marines because of reacting slowly (he attacked at my bunker and my main at the same time) so I died ;p

Cute map.
random map. Very nice. The map is pretty tight looking though.
id really make the high ground ramps inaccessible to all units to make it fair, no? kind of defeats the forbidden until midgame purpose if zerglings can just waltz right on up there.
Please refrain from bumping age old maps like this without good reason. No one's ever gonna care and update this map, the map maker has been inactive for a long time and probably does not visit BWMN any more.

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