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Last update for (4)Silver Machine : 2005, 11, 29 23:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
324 (4)Silver Machine 128*128Starparty1.1final

The map has been rated 72 times and got a total of 80 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This is a bit of an experiment, but i thought it MUST be playable enough to be beta :o.. my 2on2 league submission.
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It looks positionally imbalanced, and that the gameplay would depend too much on where you spawned.

Like if one team got the outer positions, while the other got the inner positions, the people on the inner expansions have a much easier time expanding and defending, and can more easily target 1 player at a time.

If i wanted a perfect positional symmetry map, trust me, i'd make one :P
if a team spawns center and hold their bridges, then the other team contain the center and get even more expoes to harness from.
i believe this map must be tested throughouly (typo?).. because i think it will be great fun in a amateur 2on2 tourney.
I wasn't saying you should make a positional symmetric map, only that you should consider the effects that the starting positions will have, and to try to lessen these effects, because nobody wants to win/lose games because they spawned the "good" positions.
Great idea. Obviously, that it a pure 2n2 map, not suited for 1on1 play. Have you tested wallins at every choke, they look suspect to me?

btw did you have the map on your HD some time or did you just do it? If you did, your speed is impressive;)
1st off, before I make any negative comments, I would like to say that this maps looks very balanced, and fun to play. I really like the concept, and some of the other maps that Starparty has made show me that he is a real pro when it comes to SC Map making.


(and I've seen this in many maps and it really irritating)

The grid of the terrain layer of the Editor is on a 45 degree slant. (Because of this) Trying to make verticle lines or partitions just makes the maps look jagged and rough... in a distinctly artificial way. And "artificial" is bad. When ever I play starcraft, I always like a map with a natural feel to it.

I feel that Starparty has it in him to do _much_ better.

Well, that's my two cents.
It's a thirty degree (isometric left) grid, newbie ;)
Space maps look just fine with few sharp edges. They're supposed to be man-made, you know?

Anyway, this map looks pretty neat but I don't really like the concept. As it has been said, there will naturally be a lot of positional imbalance. It seems the two inner bases are contained to those four bridges while the outer two are free to do whatever the hell they want.

You could remove two start locations, as much as I know you'd hate to do such. You'd probably have to remove a few expos as well... this is a pretty rich map.

After this small ramble... there's just one question I need to ask... SP, how do you find it in you to make this many maps o_o
This map is cool period.
We already had posters saying the inner players were at disadvantage, as players saying the outer players were at disadvantage. Imo, being contained is always bad, and you should no let that happen.

Well, imo a inner team would have a slight advantage, but we all know a 12/3 team on LT has an advantage, too. I don't think it's too bad, all other combination of teams should be balanced teamwise, and it adds very interesting aspects to the gameplay.

I'm still not sure if it is a good map for the contest though, I like it, but maybe it's too much innovation for your simple-minded broodwar player:(
i just tried to make 4 players start on the same side of the map.. i ciuld close down a few paths but thn it would be too hard to break a containment. now, sure some roads are disadvantageous for some positions, but as already said, in a 2on2 i believe there will be enough units to make up for it.
Btw, i just made this one :)

Surface tension is a very old one though, but i thought it might fit in the contest
Can anyone atleast test this? my sc doesnt work as you hopefully know by now :o
I think this map benefits from, slight positional imbalance, since it gives a new way of thinking (not radical, but anyway) And that makes it fun in itself. Any positionally balanced map will be the same to play even if every inch of the center is different.
well after some games the map seems totally playable atleast. There should be a real gg too so i can see the full capacity of the map.
Replays!!! :)

Btw, can you destroy the wallin with a tank from one middle position to the other?
that was not the intention and from the games ive seen so far that has never been the case anyway
panschk probably has a few replays... i always obseverd only
cool map but It would seem like if the middle bases spawn as 1 team vs the outer bases they automatically get more map control because they have the center.
I see the center positions in 2on2 very strong. Bothy armys are always together, so they can attack both outer enemys together, all the time. But the may stand in their own way also.

Still, very interesting map, we want replays!!
well, 2 allies on middle pos have also their weaknesses...
they can easier be contained...though this is not imba, they've lots of expos near their mains

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