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motw 40

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 09, 31 (Year, month, day)

Deadline ist Saturday this time, after the last MOTW took a bit longer than usual!!

Post your ideas! :)

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(2)XiphiasflothefreakMelee Obs Picture0
(4)Scorpion DesertAntaresMelee Obs Picture0
(2)ScorpionTravinMelee Picture0
(2)Solar Disarray 1.99yenkuMelee Obs Picture0
(2)The Bad OmenTravinMelee Picture0
(2)BicropolistrccMelee Picture0
(2)SidewaysStarpartyMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Ardorris, Scorpion and Solar Disarray are User-Beta.
I bought up some ideas, maybe you know better sugguestions or want to comment on those. Just wanted to have a better start than last week. GOGOGO :)
Hmmmmmhhmhm let's discuss -_-
I like Ardorris and Xiphias best by now.

Sideways needs to be tweaked i gues, same at both scorpion maps somehow.

Bicropolis looks good so far, but the two expansions at the choke are maybe imbalanced, needs playtesting.

The Bad Omen is also quite well.

Solar Disarray is also quite entertaining, but i prefer all twilight maps.

What about you?
I will not give a comment for xiphias for obvious reason :>

Solar Disarray has an appealing design, I consider it more than just entertaining. I kinda like it, can't point out why. It's a bit 'different' (in a positive way) :>

Scorpion is too imbalanced in my eyes (favoring T) as I already posted in its comments.

Scorpion Desert is also quite nice, but I'd prefer if the author changed it a bit for I think he could balance it a bit more with the small changes that I proposed. This is personal opinion, though and shouldn't be integrated in a judgment.

Bicropolis? It's hard to say for me if it is balanced because I only regarded it in theory.
So I won't say much about it here.

Sideways is callow as I think, so I don't consider it worthy for MOTW. Sorry starparty :/

I would love to have a talk via icq with travin about Bad Omen, so I won't commentate here.
Where could I get his number?

[x]vote for xiphias
no, just kidding :O
i dont have icq :s
and me personally thinks xiphais is a more terran map than scorpion
ah, travin, have you looked up the GMCS comments on your map?
yep and i think it is best as it is
Scorpion desert is probably the best one in here at this moment.
I like scorpion desert too. But it's a pity I don't get to play all those maps T_T
so, what are the maps considered possible motws then? So we may discuss on he last ones.

Scorpion desert looks like the best map as i look through the comments by now. Basic but cool. (reminds me of Cold Revenge and White Lies a lot)
Ok we hit the deadline and noone seems to have something against Scorpion desert and by now it looks like the map with the most votes on it.

I still like almost every other map better, reguarding design & creativity. Anyway, if you all think it should be MOTW, then i'll write the article tonight :)
;) ohh ^_^
lol, it's already sunday T_T

I looked at skorpion desert again, looks neat imo ;)
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