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Last update for (2)Xiphias : 2006, 01, 22 19:25
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
444 (2)Xiphias 128*128flothefreak1.3final

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 60 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Another map of mine. I consider it a very nice map, but I would like to have your comments on it.
It is a bit experimental style, though.

Please keep in mind that I used scm-draft for the first time for setting my triggers for the observer-version. So I am not sure if the triggers work the right way, I have to test that.
Nevertheless, they should :>

But votes/comments on the map itself are the much more important thing for me. :P
Hmm, haven't seen the edited version by now, looks good to me. stil, i dislike the mineral-block on the island. you said you want to annoy T with that if he just floats a cc there, but i think that's just unnecessary. Apart from that are the min-onlys "in the way" if you command your units to one of the cornors, so you might move them a bit away from the water, so that units might pass behind the minerals (also would add the posibility to Vulture harass).

Then again, i like this map, think you get better every time you release a map.
hi :P

I already said on that I'll stick with the mineral block for making an terran expo on this island a bit more time expensive. My reasons are still the same: It's a 3rd gas expo easy to take and defend for terran and the distance a terran would have to float a new cc is so tiny that I want to increase the time he needs to take this island a bit. :)

Well, on your consult I tested how the AI can handle this position of mineral blocks. I used Dragoons for their AI is not that good anyway, especially with them being a large unit. I tried moving from the bottom left minonly to the other and to both starting positions, too. Then I did the same with the upper right minonly in a reverted way.
The way from the bottom left minonly was no problem. Even with 36 dragoons starting from the expo, there were no problems at the mineral line, and surprising few dragoons doing one single step too much.
The upper right position was the opposite. With a doodad above the minerals, there were many dragoons getting stuck. So I had to remove this doodad and slightly change the terran behind this mineral line.

AI is now no problem on both expansions and the map playable without this little annoying bug.

Thanks, map & pic updated
Your triggers should not work.
You have "all buildings die ->lose" and observers don't have buildings. So they should lose automatically.
arcticle by me

I agree with Lis on the mineral block. Just annoying:[

btw you can't put addon at the 3 O'clock gas expansion. You should fix that, as it is obviously not wanted.
The blocking of comsat is wanted, it's the same woth the other gas expo at 9

I'll check if I wrote the trigger for all players or only for the force playing.
thx :)
oh, I see. Still a HORRIBLE idea imo. There is already an other expansion where you can't out an addon, when playing a dt fanatic you want 3 comsats sometimes.
True, comsat should be buildable everywhere.
It is a trick for making t pushes through the middle (especially against p) more risky. As there is only ONE way, protoss will have a hard time stopping a good pushing terran. This feature is ought to give some possibilities using DTs to harass terran a bit.
Anyway, terran has comsat in his main and at his minonly-nat, so there are 2 very early comsats, which I think is enough for normal game, if you add the one on the island.
It is not really a big disadvantage, though.
yeah it's not. That's why you should not do it. It's the same thing like blocking minerals at islands where noone will ever float a CC anyway. Every feature that does not change the gameplay really but just is causing the player to do needless extra-clicks or get on his nerves is a bad feature imo. It's like doodads blocking units in the battle area, it makes the game less "smooth" and effortless. Players prefer to concentrate on strategy and micro in fights instead of stuff like this.
I simply have to agree on that. panschk is absolutely right imo. it just makes no sense to make the game more complicated than it is.
Ok I see your point. I'll make comsat possible at the minonly expansions. Though, I still don't want a 3bases-terran with 3 comsats straight away on this map. That's why I won't change the gasnat-comsat.
Hu, can everyone send in maps for MOTW?
There is no limit?

btw, changes done.
Everyone can enter a mapID if he thinks that the map is worth to be a MOTW. Then we discuss about what map is the best of the sugguistion pool and we have a winner. so if you want to add a map to the pool, if it's your own or an other, just add it :)
Does it have to be a new map? Or could I (just as an example) send in Blizzard Original Lost Temple?^^
Every map that is in our database. But i don't think that anyone would vote LT for MOTW, there are plenty of maps better or fresher than LT here ;)
Well, back top topic now :>

Any further suggestions for improve it or do you think this map has reached its limits now?
this map needs more gas, also widen up the middle it dsnt matter if tanks can shoot 2cm into ur main. as it is now terran can easier take middle and half amount of expansions then they can on gaia. except here protoss wont have gas enough to make carrier or some other shit.
the lack of gas also hurts z much
Changed it to your suggestions for they sound sensible.

Pic updated, better now?
12 and 9 exp seems more natural to have gas in it than the one in the center... so z can cover 3rd gas :o
looking better now
I fear terran being able to cover 12h too easy so he'd have masses of gas...
I don't want to add gas to the minonly nat, because I think the 2nd (gas)nat is quite easy to protect once you've expanded to your minonly...

Or am I wrong?
Sorry for pushing my maps to top, but when panschk said all the obs versions of the maps should also be up to date any time, I realised that I didn't update the observer versions in all published maps, which I do now with hindsight.
review that map.
made some changes, esp. remove those things that were pointless. i really don't know what I thought to myself doing this.

gonna do some finetuning and decorate properly the next days. if you have some ideas, just post them.
for now, I will remove the 2nd gas at bottom main T_T

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