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Making Observer maps18 of July 2005 12:52 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]
I was shocked to learn that many very talented mapmakers have trouble making a working observer map.
I think I can help;-) The program I used was the basic Staredit.

Step 1(only has to be done once):
Open an already working observer map you downloaded somewhere, and save the triggers of this map on your hard drive. If there are any addiditional triggers to display text, you should delete them before.

Now, open your own map again. If it is named Like mapname(n).scm, Use "save as.." directly, to make sure not to overwrite your existing Melee-Map File. Now Remove all Triggers, and then load the triggers you saved before. If you let all the old triggers in it, it won't work, as observers would be eliminated right at the beginning.

Of course, you need a starting location for each observer..

I saw on some maps, that the only description was "Destroy all enemy buildings". Your name and a contact possibilty would be useful, along with other additional information, a poem or whatever^^

Make sure that the players are not allied to each other or share vision, and make sure the observers do.

All players races must be user's choice, and all observers race must be set. It does not matter which of the three races of course.


lmao u dont know anithing about triggering?
AHHH GERMAN! maybe you should have explaied how to do it without just copying the triggers also. good job though
At least it works. ^^
The "share view" trigger is not a regular SE-trigger. So with SE I see no other way to do it. It works, so why bother with more complicated ways to do it :)
Yea, I noticed I couldn't find the Share vision trigger in regular Staredit anymore did they patch it out sometime. I coulda swore I remember doing this before.

Its hard to find a map (that isn't locked) to copy triggers from. I hate map locking.

modified by SpoR
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