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Last update for (2)Sideways : 2006, 01, 07 14:42
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
454 (2)Sideways 128*128Starparty1.4final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 70 points

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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

And im back ;)
i wanted a double entry concept without z beeing totally fucked.. Still the 1nat is dangerous so you gotta defend it well... otherwise a offensive strategy needed on the map and alot of attention drawn to the sides where the expoes are.
Actually I thought about a concept with _exactly_ the same design of the starting positions a long time ago.
But I never turned it into a map, so I'm glad somebody else did it :P

The map has a very simple structure. But I think T would be quite strong on it. Having taken the natural, he controls most part of the middle. In addition, the sideways are quite small and useful for a little push. And as all the expos on the sideways are hard to take and cover, I feel terran having an advantage when he's got natural and minonly, for he can proctect both very well with tanks at his nat.
Another aspect is that EVERY sideway expansion got a is horrible to take them against T because he can harass with drops like hell.
And don't forget that nearly every expansion is gas source.

I'd suggest to erase the 3h and 9h expos and turn them into minonlys on NORMAL GROUND, and the sideway cliffs reaching then only to where now the little ice-spaces are. You'd have one minonly more and a much bigger map center disfavoring T.
With that and with erasing the cliffs on the corner expos, I'd say the map would be more balanced. Though, this would clearly fuck up your map concept (as I look at the map name) and so it's probably no point in doing this ;/
maybe its just the terrain but blues main looks kinda small, i would also like to remove the cliffs in atleast 2 corners.
and imo you should remove the wall with no expo near it so protoss can take that half easier.
and it would still be a ok map for t since the amount of close main expansions
added gmcs so you dont have to read 200 rows
The wall is for the symetrical feel of the map.

The spaces are very open. I was even afraid they were -too- open. Open the map in-game and youll see what i mean :P
Also, with the double entry on opposite sides it will be very hard to push since opponent always have a second exit to walk through and counter.
wow, looks very cool, again. <3

  • Mainbase size: May be a slight problem, could easily be improved on the top position, but would be hard to improve on the bottom one. Actually I think it is really not too much space, but if terran builds his base clever, he should have enough space for 2 base pump at least.

  • cliffs: 6 cliffable expos are really a lot. I would prefer making the center ones uncliffable, so all corners could still have a cliff. If you do it like travin wants, players might get confused because some corner expos have cliffs while other dont.

  • flothefreak, stop writing BS like that. the sidepaths can be used for a harass attack, not for a big push. You never played tvp of your life?

  • Starparty
    I could remove 3 and 9 cliffs.. it might even improve the design too :O
    I don't speak of big pushes. But terran could pressure an expo quite good there with few units
    that's what I mean
    there is plenty of other routs to counter that move on imo
    In TvP on 90% of the maps you can't afford to have some units here, and some units there, you will lose the main battle in the middle and then the game. That's why this really is not a big deal.
    I wonder how a zerg will defend his ?natural? gas expansion against a T. I`d just float an ebay to it and kill the gas from the tip of the cliff with a bunker or a sieged tank.

    If T just mass rines with two tanks i don't see a zerg definding this expansion. But without this gas the Z might have a really hard time beating M&Ms.

    Well, i'm just guessing. but that might be a real problem, don't you think?
    Well, Z could build sunkens near the cliff to prevent a bunker... hmm... i still feel not comfortable about that.

    I watched the OSL VOD Boxer vs July (~250 mb download) where Boxer figts off Julys forces with just some clicks. July had a hard time killing Boxers M&Ms and Tanks from two sides (and that's what it would be at this position probably). Boxer just shifted his rines from front to back and July had massive problems not loosing his entire army.

    Just reminds me of that spot somehow ^^
    Sorry for triplepost ^^
    but except that the map looks really cool.

    I`d agree with Travin about the cliffs, as well as with panschk. You should delete cliffs, especially on 3 and 9. Others might be confusing. furthermore the position of the min-only in front of the choke is confusing as well ^^ thought about two min-onlies on each entrance? maybe with fewer mineralblocks each? Just a thought so..
    i had that at first, but i just felt that none of the expands were worth using so i just gathered at one side instead.

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