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Last update for (4)Scorpion Desert : 2006, 10, 05 16:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
449 (4)Scorpion Desert 128*128Antares1.6final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 101 points


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Comments:   GMCS (5 elements)

Looks really awesome, I like it!

The little cliff at the minonly is very nice. Only thing to change (imo): Enlarge the space between the two (on every side) sandholes. A terran pushing in tvp in a vertical way doesn't have to fear much from this passage at the moment, and as the way down- or upwards isn't that wide, it would balanced this scenario a bit, because protoss can strike from the top, bottom and also from one side (this IS necessary if you want to give p a real chance). Z should be balaned because the very wide space in the middle is compensated by the fact that there aren't many gas expansions on the map.

The map is very well designed, I like the general look and the structure :>
Add more doodads maybe

Nice map, well dine. I do not see any striking imbalances.
Thank you, i thought about changing it, because its too small, but nobody strengthened (?) my opinion. But I surely repair it!
Hmm, i likte it to. It doesn't fit my design taste, but it looks neat.

What i dislike are the expansions somehow. They are all located near the mapedges. That makes the wide center a bit useless imo. (fighting diagonally is somethign different of course ;)

Anyway, nice to see new people here :) Maybe you should change the things you already thought about, might improve the map as dlo already said.

actually i like the mid, alot, despite the moguls are to thin to be unbuildable i think it looks like it would play ok. maybe if you wanted the middle more accesible, open the chokes in the mid.. or move the min only expansions to the center.

nice map tho, gj. gl in the future with more like it.
i like it too :)
Ok, i tried a newer conception, for the zergs i put gas on the central exps
Hmm.. i liked it better before.
Remove that gas...
The map is definitely not disfavoring z, for the natural can easily be taken as FE and the middle containing no bigger obstacles. You do NOT need to back up zerg with a additional gas expo. I would rather make it a minonly to balance the map AGAINST zerg.
Yes, yes the tests on the newer version showed this imbalance, i change it...
Ok, i saw some cheesetank posibilities and draw them into the gmcs, i tested it ingame, so you really should change it (done in 20 seconds ;)
ok, i drawed them into it. The upper left tank is for the small cliff, the <- arrow just also says that there are other drop-cheese-whatever positions, but they don't hit the eco/gas-lines, so i left them out. might still be annoying ingame.
you were right, its repaired i think !
congratulations :>
ty ;)
hm have those ramps at the nat been there all the time?
yes, they have

otherwise it has pushed, because i uploaded obs version for BA tournament
modified by Antares


--LGI vs hot_bullet(1on1, 1.13)
--neocronx vs Colony)Makro(1on1, 1.13)
--neocronx vs Colony)Makro(1on1, 1.13)

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