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Last update for (2)The Bad Omen : 2005, 10, 07 14:16
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
363 (2)The Bad Omen 128*128Travin1.8final

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 103 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

First 2 player map i made in a while
Looks good to me, but, the thing what popped into my mind first is, if you get a tank up there, to the cliff next to the mainbase ramp, you can easily kill all units before they even get out of the base top-left, but not at bottom right position. despite that, i like the idea of killing the wallin with a tank on a nearby cliff(had that on a map myself as well ;)

if you just lower the left base choke a bit, the problem would be solved.
well first thats a huuuuuuge way to go with units, and secondly if you set up your units in a odd position you might be overrunned at home.

well ofcourse it could be done but i dont think its a mayor problem
and the placement of the main mins and natrual exp, is really good for drops and mutas i think that would be a risky strat to do
oh if you mean ruching to it i forgot
I wasn't thinking about a rush, more like annoying the enemy through the game, and it is then a bit unfair or unbalanced.

BUT, as you said, it isn't a big deal at all after having distances that long. I really like the map having that option put in very well.

well if its sucks in gameplay ofcourse ill remove it, but until then ill let it stay :]
imo Listoric means it should just be position-balanced. You can dominate the choke more on the top position than on the bottom position.

This map reminds me of Raid Assault, even though it is not that awesome-gosucool. I still like it, especially as a terran player;)
okay i fixed that
I get lost in raid assault =)
This is a good looking map, although tanks could be a pain on that high ground which was mentioned above and i think muta harassment will be a bit easier to pull off in this.
I dont like siegable ramps at all. period :(

its like 3 vs 12 LT on old original and it is not fun at all. And top now has better pos than bottom cause bottom ramp can be sieged much more than the top. Its too powerful in tvp and ... well i just dont like it :(

The visuals are great though! Some flame you for that :P But i think it is much more fun with goodlooking maps :)
okay most ppl dont like those cliffs so i will remove them soon :S
cliffs near ramp = gone
much better. but i though about the mins only that is on that cliff. without a gas i dont think anyonereally wants to use them. you have to go a far way to attack and might get backstabbed bigtime. Too big. 2 islands might prove to give more fun gameplay.
well the entrance to that expo is quite small so its pretty easy to def for near main ie rack block or so.
and to give terran 2 gases that easy would be pretty gay...
well i wasnt refering to the defendability, rather the long distance walk to get to them :P
I was more thinking about drop to get them
--> GMCS
ill do some changes tomorrow maybe
I think the mineral only expansions behind the base should stay mineral only.. At least for now. Say you have your expo up as P, zerg sets up a contain and you drop out behind your base and secure that expansion, do you really think it's fair you get a gas for that? I mean, Z will have to run SOOOOOO far.

Would be HUGELY annoying TvP as well, imagine tanks defending from main and 2 dships ferrying over reinforcements.
I like the min-only best there.

The only thing what i dislike is, that it looks like a T could push quite good. He "just" needs to cover his expansion and then slowly pushes towards the enemy base. There is almost no room to flank.

Second is that a T could easily expand at the min-only in te back with a floating rax and a floating cc. Could shut the door near the lower mapedge center (where panschk already set a mark on gmcs) and then he should have no real porblem to defend this extra expansion and push with tanks and m&ms into your base.

Especially in TvP protoss has a really hard time i'd guess.

What you think?
well its harder than usual for t to get the usual 2 expos, and the middle is quite open actually and those pathways can be used to flank
how about adding a path from 1 nat with a ramp connecting to the nearest cliff? that might give atleast a little bit more room

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