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Last update for (4)Citadel Of Adun2.0 : 2005, 11, 19 12:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
364 (4)Citadel Of Adun2.0 128*128Travin2.0final

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 121 points

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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Im really proud of the outcome of this map
Nice map.
If you really want this to be a solid map, drop the parradox double mins/gas.

When you substitue temple for raised ground, make sure that you cant build on the rasied ground, because you cant build on temple.
It also seems like you could fit a tank in the wall around reds main, but not any of the others.
i have many doodads tightly packed around the mains to avoid that
I didnt see sorry.
Seriously though, this map looks like it will play very well. GL
heh no need to say sorry :]
wow. It looks really awesome.

The money-mapish mainbases are questionable of course. Balance wise this will help the slower, less mobile but stronger races, so P>Z, T>Z and T>P, imo. P>Z on a ground map is not our concern, so drop that. T>Z could be a problem of course, you pretty much have 2 base vs 2 base from the beginning, it's definitly at least slightly imbalanced. TvP is less of an issue imo, both players would get into hardcore macro mode pretty fast, and then it's mostly skill that decides, not map imbalances.

The islands are not really fair position wise. Don't know if you can find a way to balance that out.
beacuse you can enter the cliff easier with exp from the main far away i think the islands are pretty good. hmm
okay made a small update involving reds main and making it a little easier for t to block
Visually stunning (ofcourse) But again i will not agree on sieagable exits from bases. That simply isnt good imo.
the exits are larger than you think, and the raised jungle can be seen from below. i think there is a path where you cant shoot from the raised jungle from each main
vid första titten ser det ut som om alla pos utom lila verkar rätt utsatta
vad menar du :o
för tanks. om jag siegar p från raised jungle så täcker jag hela choken från alla pos utom lilas. det borde vara bredare utrymme utanför så det inte går. även om man kan ta den där siegen så e det det rätt demoraliserande och förbannat tråkigt (läs 3vs12 old LT)

Visst, det e lite svårare, å om du inte ser det som ett problem så spelar det ingen roll. Jag tycker dock inte om det :P
***svårare (att siega här än på lt)
okay i updated it, now theres no way on earth you can sieige his path from raised jungle :p
nice :) cool map :D

however the only thing about expansion would be that, as i explained somewhere else, there wont be a natural transition from taking 1nat to taking 2nat - since there are no 2nat :P

If youcan contain your opponent until his main dries out you will win. Nothing wrong with that i guess, but this map has the potential to have way more tactical opportunities than that i think.

I dont have any good ideas which would not ruin the entire visual design atm :( let me think about it a bit.
well dont know if i personally like the changes i made now so i called this 1.1 so i have the other v. left,
expos are more natrual now
i think i better shut up on this one :P cant really come with any ideas to make it better than it is.
well i dont know if that is supposed to be good or bad, is the latest changes good or bad?
first was betetr i think. center expos were more balanced positionally
changed back then
Wow, awesome looks! I'm impressed :)

And i really had to laugh on this conversation, because it was like

SP: change something
Trac: no
SP: change something
Trac: no
SP: change something
Trac: no
SP: vid första titten ser (strange protoss psi language)
Travin: okay i updated it

^^ crazy :)

Anyway, i like this map, hopefully we see some replays here, to check the nat in base thing (i've seen this on an other map too, somewhere in this DB, pro map i think)
@ Panschk
Since terran really can't utilize the extra minerals without a second CC, I don't think it will be that bad in TvZ as the entrance is just INCREDIBLY open.

As for TvP, a 2 gate range goon opening (perhaps from a 2 gate lot rush) will probably be very strong so I don't think it will be too different from most maps, with the wide choke it might even be harder to expand than on some.

PvZ, well, a forge first build sounds good, there's still LOTS of stuff z can do to cause you grief though, for example, should you choose to place your cannons not at the front but at your nexus you'll find that quick hydras might be troublesome (you might have trouble placing gates or even surviving).

If you place them at the front, you need to make damn sure he doesn't get a ling inside, and again, hydras should be able to cause more problems than on most maps. Still, should be a fairly balanced map!

actually this is a money map

i dont like the mineralconcept, but the terrain looks kinda nice
My comment was only on the money-mapish mainbases, not on the map overall. Actually I think TvP you die 50% even before the 10minutes mark on maps like that (very wide choke)

btw FA, nice replays you uploaded;)
the play is really not like money map,
the amount of minerals in main is 11 not 20...
and you only get close mining from -6- patches until you have new nex/hat/cc so please dont say this is a money map..
I like the contrast between the temple walls and the raised jungle.

most jungle maps dont really use temple walls very extensively, and it gives the map a really nice exotic look
Yes, i has nothing to do with a money map, you have to expand in your own base to gain the extra money. If you wouldn't build a second Headquarter, you would have to send about 4 or even 5 SCVs to gain the same amount as on the near minerals.

I really want to watch these replays, damn, i need my PC ^^
Djin, watch the replays.

The main runs out SOOOOOOOOO fast it's ridiculous.
the only thing i dont like now would be the islands, since theyre not being on fairly balanced distances from all mains :P they are just too close to 2 bases and too far from the other 2 imo. perhaps think about a way to get around it and youll have my blessing :o
well i still think its easier to enter the raised jungle from the "far" main than from the close, so i dont really see a prob here :/
as i see it from a terran perspective id have to disagree on that
made some mayor changes.
btw you who keeps giving me low scores on this map, you could say what you dont like instead.
Dont bother wit the rating. The islands are much better imo. great w
btw, is there room for comsat on all bases if you exp the 1nat in base?
have already thought about that
Hmmm gj.

One thing i could say is that upper middle gas expo has his gas tankable from the purple, and not the 3 others maybe put all gas vulnerable to tank ( already 2 gas in mains ) or make them all safe.
well i guess thats easy enough to change, also added some random zoo-animals (bengalaases)
Finally i watched the replays. FA plays just nice, but Travin should have won against him, you just had to expand better and you'd flooded him with units. If you built Mutalisks faster, you'd the chance to kill his second eco in a second :/ well, "if" ^^

anyway. Map looks god so far. Z seems a bit overpowered imo, but i might be wrong. It's 12 mineralblocks and 2 gas, mins aren't that worthy than gas for a Z. And 2 gas are great. Also the ways to the expansions are a bit T favouring.

It just feels strange to me, even if i really liked the replays. How about ZvT? That might be the most intersting MU on thsi map. more gas, small ways to expansions, both + for each race. Very interesting...
hm, I think zerg will be very strong in early game, suffer a bit of the enemy's 2nd gas in mid game, but be really strong in endgame, with a very open middle.

map looks very good beside (possible) balancing problems. didn't play it yet, so I'm not sure how balance works :).

very beautiful, indeed. it grows more and more beautiful the longer I look at the picture :p
"Gube6tiq" was a hacker, and he lag so fucking much... Anyway i think this open entrance and near exp... this is just zerg to mee.

--FrozenArbiter vs Malmis(1on1, 1.13)
--FrozenArbiter vs Travin(1on1, 1.13)
--FA vs maleorderbride(1on1, 1.13)
--LGI, Zaicev vs METtt, Gube6tiq(2on2, 1.13)
--LGI, Zaicev vs METtt, Gube6t(2on2, 1.13)

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