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Last update for (4)RetroTech : 2005, 08, 27 12:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
365 (4)RetroTech 128*128megamonk1.2experimental

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 75 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

cool, but the distance looks kinda close and it looks kinda hard for z.
btw what is a cc doing below 3's main? :]
The original idea was to make it look like an old tile based RPG, but still be play-able as melee. Tile ramps into high bases work like real "doodad" ramps. I think I need to add some mineral only expos to really get that LT clone feel...LOL. My friends complained that the cliffs were not clear enough to their eyes, which is understandable.

Any thoughts?
LOL at the CC! Always checking distances, guess I forgot that one :)
Distance kinda close?..It seemed to play pretty well. What's the concern?

Hard for Z in what way?
well close distance = hard for z and the way the expos are placed
I think we should find a name for maps with this style. How about "techno-maps". Look at techno playground, another map with similar style.

Imo you should move the ramp to the side, so that you can protect the ramp by getting the expo.
Exactly what I just edited! :) Right after travin said "expos", haha. Ramps on side now and a fixed a few other tile mistakes. Not sure about adding a mineral only yet.

BTW I tried to edit my map and it says wrong password although I know it isn't wrong. Any starparty only admin here or are you one too panschk?
Your name is all over this site, and I ask if your an admin...duh. Yeah, if you could help with this. I also posted in, am I impatient or what? What a jerk I am :)
i have also had those editing pw error, so ive been forced to go via my admin account to update maps
well it _should_ work. Some times it does not, I know that myself, but that is only on an other PC, not the one I make the scripts on. Something you could try, is rebooting, maybe there are some old session-password that have not been deleted that cause the problem. I really don't know:(

I will try to fix it when I know what actually causes this problem.
Cool, thanks..thought it was just me. I'll try again.
Updated! Had to install firefox to get through.

Made ramps close enough for zerg to sunk them from natural. I think that will play much better for z. Thanks guys.

Any other ideas? I am going to add mineral only, but I am deciding where to put them.
Panschk: Tile-based maps and Hex-based maps could be the categories :P

@the Map: I have no problem with the tile design, but look in the gmcs for a thing id like to have removed. Also, even though it is a squarish design, the mineral fields should still be "normally" placed. It would look and play better and give a more serious impression. Great work in symetrical design, i tried this but all my designs became too advanced and boring.
What is GMCS?

Yeah, I think I will change the mineral placement. I do want it to be taken seriously, not just novelty of the "tile style".
Click GMCS button just next to the "Comments" headline on this page and you will see a picture of your map with my comment morked on it with a red "X".

GMCS stands for "Graphical Map Commenting System" and is a great original invention by panschk (i think, unless he borrowed it from somewhere else that is :P)
BTW, have you made sure that all terrain is correct? like all the highground actually is high, and the low is low and not the other way around? It would mess it up entirely if not? :P

Since it is tiles this is nothing that really can be seen only by looking.
GMCS = cool idea, but it doesn't work for me. Firefox and IE give errors when clicking on the "x". But I saw your comment in the address of the error in IE.

That little path started back at the main like on LT...but I removed part of it because I hate tank attacks up a cliff on a main base. I think you should have to work for main drops :) but yes, I will remove that as well.

And yes, I have made sure all tiles height is where they should be. I did all high parts at the same time.
don't click on the X. Just hover over it to read it. The link is because in FF, this text for images is not displayed.
can there be a way to display a simple white page with the comment on it when you click the symbol? i really dont like that you get 404 by clicking a clickable link.
Ahhh, I see...yeah I click too quickly when I see a link ;)
you might wanna remove 2 islands also. it will make it very losttemplish, but 4 islands is too much on a ground map.
But there are no mineral onlies like on LT, without two of the islands, the expansion possibilities were to few, imo
I been fighting myself about the mineral "onlies"...should I or shouldn't I...I think a cool place would be near the slots of middle walls. That would give three paths to attack it from, might promote more action towards the middle. But then they would be too close to eachother.

Starparty, "remove 2 islands"? You are asking me to kill the perfect symmetry I worked so hard on :( Maybe if I some how connected them to land...but it may be too late for this space-wise.
∙ GMSC element fixed (removed)
∙ Mineral arranged normally
bah my tank at 12 got placed all wrong, but im wondering if you can place tanks on those locs to hit main.
I was sure they wouldn't ...but I ran a test now just to be, all mains are safe from tank cheese.
I take that back, good call Travin! I did the first test without a spotter :p
They barely reach the first square of the main with a spotter. I will change this a bit, thanks.
Slight tank cheese fixed
Just nice ^^

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