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Last update for (2)Scorpion : 2005, 10, 07 11:41
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
439 (2)Scorpion 128*128Travin1.1final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 70 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

so... any comments?
Terran terran terran :P

sorry but thats the way it is atm
hmm care to explain why/what i can improve? :o
Just look from which positions you could do damage to vital parts of the map.

a) you can cliffdrop every expansion
b) you can cliffdrop the only two ramps
c) you can`t defend your mainbase with a fast expansion as zerg
d) almost every route is quit small, so T>all

Hmm.. think that are the points :)

YOu should eliminate the cliffdrop posibilities on some positions, maybe just change them to "normal" drop places instead. Just think about the terran tank and his range and you will see what to change i guess.
well it has no ramp, so in pvt protoss is little favored by that. And the nat even tho its cliff its in a odd pos, that usually favors p. Basicly the protoss needs to go shuttle to protect exp but he can then take advantage of the island expos (the closest have slightly less resouces).

Zvt, zerg needs to three hatch but the main minerals and expos is placed so muta harass is viable. lurkdrop can also be used to deal some damage. also the cliffexpos can be defended by placing lurkers on the ramp.

well i want to see a few games before i change this one.
well he didnt play his best but it sure didnt play like a t map to me.
so? :/
I'd agree with Listoric. And beside the incredible cliffdrop-possibilities for terren, there are many isles a terran can easily attack (mentioned cliffing) and also easy take and defend. Small isles mean 5-6 turrets and 2 tanks to defend an expo against EVERY drop (ok, excluding z mass drop maybe, dunno, played not enough tvz to be sure about this). When we talk about that isle near the natural gas expansion, I could add the strange feeling about a terran doing a cliffdrop on this isle (no matter if taken by the enemy or not) gets a gas expo for free...He prohibits your gas expo and has one for his own, which means a strat with a large cliffdrop there (2-3 shuttles with tanks/vults/scv) could be the GG for a protoss (e.g.). He would even save the ramps when taking his isle on the other side...

And I also see the possibility for a terran to "lock the door" to his gas and mineral-only together, because he should be able to get a good defensive position at the choke to the map center, because he can move/push nearly all his army to this point, saving his 2 nat expo and being now free to work with drops/cliffdrops/isle expansions/etc.

Sorry, but I think you'll really have to review this map.
if you havent noticed, the near nat isle has less minerals than usual. and its a long fucking route to go to the expos on cliff and that sucks for t

and i dont really see the most of your argument plz specify more
-A often played strat is a permanent cliffdrop. Take a shuttle, a few units, at least 2 scvs.
On this little isle you need 1tank, 4scv. then you fly to your enemy's isle, immediately start building turrets and siege your tank. The isle is so small that you do not need many turrets for sealing this little space completely vs drop. Now, you have cliffed your enemy's gasnatural. AND you have a gas expo yourself. Maybe your enemy will wait a bit before writing "GG", but the game is over at this very moment. Did I already mention that he is now controling the only ramp to the higher ground?

-Terran can cliffdrop EVERY expansion.

-"lock the door" is the following scenario:
Terran has only to push from his entrance of his base to the chokepoint (small canyon in front of the unbuildable terrain that is part of the middle). Arrived at this point, he defendes two expos at once with a VERY good defence position for terran.
With this advantage in his back, he can take the isles, cliffdrop, do whatever he wants. You would need much more units for breaking through this small choke point when terran has organized his defence.

clear enough?
most ppl dont let the terrans turbo newbie their cliffs.. and terran cant cliffdrop on everyexp, if you say so you havent watched the map closely.
i played this map zvt and had no problem at all with ur scenarios
and the area just outside choke is very vide
Uh, flo, if you go for 1 tank 4 scv drop rush you'll die to 2 gate goon rush I promise you.
On this map that is, not on maps where you have a ramp.

Anyhow, if P goes goon and shuttle attack you'll die eitherway doing that build ;o
Hmm.. i watched the replay and i really liked it. The map looks quite good ingame, but stil i think that a terran with m&m and tanks is the man on this map. You expanded very well as Z in the replay and through the small ways, the enemy troops got killed quite fast with those lurkers. But for me the replay looked a lot like you're just better than him (just seems so).

Anyway, if you got some replays with TvX with a T on tanx, please upload them, it would be really interesting.
well those ledge exps are really good for z in tvz and then you get speedols and drop to take islands, you also need to get fast drop to cover cliff at maps like lt.

and in pvt will carriers be really good, and the cliffs also gives stormdrop options. they also needs to use the ledgeexpos good to do that. and with cannons the terran need to send his army quite a bit to take out the exp.
Yeah travin's Z is better than my T (he wins maybe 70-80% of the time - more than that lately - or so) and my P is better than his Z (I win 70% - a bit more lately - maybe).
Maybe a bit off-topic but we could play against in the near future maybe? I really need to playtest my maps as well and you guys seem to have the skill to test such maps really good. And i really need practise anyway... ^^

ICQ - 51192781 - Nickname: Listoric
Or just get in contact in the Forum here maybe :)
Don't have (well, don't use) ICQ :P

And, while I don't mean to sound rude, I'm not too fond of playing with people I don't know (well, I don't mind playing with koreans I don't know for whatever reason ;p).

But maybe if I think one of your maps look fun I'll post/play (don't take me not posting as me not liking the map though, I barely read this site except when travin links me to a new map he's made/new map someone has made) :P

--VDP]TRAVIN vs iD.FA vs (1on1, 1.13)

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