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TO ALL USERS16 of August 2005 07:12 PM
Posted by:Starparty
This is directed toward all the users of

We, the creator and the "admins" of this site, are very happy that we are beginning to recieve alot of response on this site. Many new mapmakers are uploading his/her maps to make our database grow even bigger and more varied.
However there is a few thing we must ask of You.

We can not possibly answer to every map that gets posted if every author uploads 10 maps each at a time. "But half of my maps are finnished anyway" You might think. I'm gonna say this trying not to sound like a total ass.

The "User-Final" category is for US to determine when a map is good enough to be called final. Even if You might consider your map final, it doesn't mean that this site will regard it like that. If Your map doesn't look and play as the already finnished maps, please don't hesitate to put your map as final. Put it as a beta and we'll discuss it through.

To avoid this problem, don't upload your entire collected work at a time. Upload your favourite map and we will have a good discussion about that one. Perhaps its good as it is, perhaps we can give you suggestions on things to change or tweak. This way everyone has more fun and the maps will be considered more instead of just being "one of many".

If anyone feels guilty, don't go and start removing maps. First of you can't :P Second, whats done is done and let's try to do the best out of it. Its not like its a crisis, it's just a matter of functionality. Just keep this in mind the next time You have a bunch of maps You want everyone to know about.

/Starparty admin

Just wanted to upload my Blizzcon entries.
I'll make sure to slow it down.

Thanks for the heads up.
its ok :P
sorry, but its nessecary
I don't really see a problem there. When people discover the site for the first time, it is only natural they want to upload their maps immediatly, they might forget it if they don't. Maps might still be bumped afterwards from time to time when it slows down again. When you want to be No.1 reference in maps, you can't complain about too much activity imo;)
Perhaps. but it is difference in, lets say (to actually name one new) Travin, who uploads maps of good quallity wich doesnt need to much altering (and he knows that), and people who upload several _BAD_ maps (bad comparing to site standard) and then doesnt give a shit in trying to make them better. I REALLY isnt trying to pick on someone special, its just that it has happened before, and as i feel like im the only "map" admin right now it gets hella lot of work for a sparetime project cleaning up the mess.

Please dont be offended by my way of expression, its just the words that pop up in my head first ;P
I see this as a newcomer mistake as well.

I also uploaded 4 maps in one rush. just to discover later that all of them had slight problems, sometimes the same, and see, that everyone complains on the same problems all over again. i don't see a big problem here. As well as i like to search for maps with no or just a few comments, to bring them up again, and support the creator with that.

I don't see a problem with that.

Because of heavy spam on the map comments, it is needed to be logged in to post. We are sorry that this has to be done because nothing else stops spam bots
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