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Last update for (4)Melting Forces : 2007, 02, 10 12:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
206 (4)Melting Forces 128*128Snooky1.4final

The map has been rated 62 times and got a total of 84 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Well I tried something different in mind mostly for 2v2 but 1v1 still as well. Middle won't probably be used in most games, because the ring connecting everyone's 1st nats is a quicker route. Distance between bases is pretty short because of this. I've already edited it making that ring wider in effort to neutralize the terran advantage. I hope it was enough.
You did a good job of having decent position balance, considering how difficult it is on a map like this. The optical aspect is very good to.

Some little thing you could improve easily : Having a "3-gas" in every main, would be no problem here. Did you test wallins? It should be doable everywhere.

You should also add more ramps to the low ground in the middle, at least @10 and @6.

Balance wise and gameplay wise, I think we will have to test it. The expand will be difficult to save for zerg, but on the other hand he can't be contained easily, as he can just take a secound path out of the main, doing some harass with zerglings and later lurkers.

tvp the toss will have to use the optional paths the same way, as terran can push rather easily if on short positions. On long positions, the map will probably be hard tvp.
Snooky please:
Some little thing you could improve easily : Having a "3-gas" in every main, would be no problem here. Did you test wallins? It should be doable everywhere.

You should also add more ramps to the low ground in the middle, at least @10 and @6.

I want to use that map in a tournament, but these changes are needed IMHO.
I just made the changes myself, so you get an idea of what I mean: Forces(n).scx

Is that ok to you?

I don't have time to look at it carefully. All I noticed was the new ramp to the right should be moved slightly down and left for better symmetry. Not a bad idea with the ramps I kind of like it.
Ok I moved the ramp a bit. I updated it here too. Please no other update until the tourney is played, because having more than one version might be confusing.
Looks good
The desert map you made with the same theme seemed a little better imo, since it was easier to comprehend 8atleast for me) both has good concept though i think.
The bridges just aren't workin for me anymore... They serve no purpose since I cannot get the water to touch the cliffs. I think it looks a little better (realistic wise) now. Afterall, the map is titled Melting Forces so why not have big puddles in the lower ground ;)
I'm calling this final.
Very nice blog.
Well this map is intresting, but it's not that balanced for each location. Some players can make his netural mineral expand in the center of the map where everyone is passing, and the others can be hidden at a low ground, and forgoten too... Mayby if you put 2 more expands in the center, one for each player (thier netural mineral expands), and make the air expands - not air it's gonna be more balanced. The desing of the 4 netural expands in the corners is good, just add a little high ground to be sort of a "bridge" to get to the expand. Or you may try making 4 air expands. You know best. But this is my opinion.
its ok just kinda confused with it... just doesnt seem like it would be fun to play no actual critisims just ugly imo

--Drunken_SheeP vs LostTerran(1on1, 1.13)
--panschk[FP], Tombombalin[FP] vs B00n_lik3_U, Flacker[FP](2on2, 1.13)

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