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Last update for (2)The Barrens : 2009, 02, 06 23:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
205 (2)The Barrens 128*128trcc1.6final

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 98 points


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Comments:   GMCS (1 elements)

Hi Hi, I wanted to make a map with badland titleset, well here it is =). The natural has a good defendable position, and there's enough space in the mains.( 128 x 128 ), The first bride give you acess to one part of the map, and the second bridge is an alternative to go through middle. I made a easy defendable expand at 9 and 3.. with a small choke. But, i put a cliff near so it's not that safe =). The island is the same, you can siege it from almost everywhere.. The middle has 2 small plateau where you can put some tanks.. The middle is kind of open, flanking armies is not impossible with the bridges, and some water in the middle with unbuildable terrain to prevent terran from pushing too hard with basements. If you think there's too much gas, tell me. 1 main + 1 nat + 2 others, + island make 5 gas overall.

Is it good ??? =)
2 nodes too much imo. 12 and 6 is unnessecary. great looking map
4 position seems to have slightly easier defendable location too..

this map reminds me of (2)Tbmmitu a little bit. me and hefty made it and it is somewhere in the TL forums. Look at it, see if you like it :)

(only slight resemblance though)
Wow, another really nice map by trcc. bottom player can 2 hatch fe without problems. I'm not sure thats as easy for top player. From the first look I have the impression that a cliff drop to the bottom island with sieged tanks will affect the mining activity, on the top position I'm not sure. Never tested it though. (I'm not saying cliffdrops are bad, it should just be the same each position)
Other than that, thumbs up! You rock ;)
Nice map, even with badlands. I really like it!
ingenius expo designs... (+) (+) beautiful shape, (+) decoration. (+)

maybe a little too tight, t pushing vs p, a slight t>p? (-)

a slight z>t z>p because of easy expos combined with the far distance (corner to corner) (-)

i was not sure about the amount of gas expos but their position makes them qualify as "interesting" (+)

+5 -2
Removed gas on 12 and 6 expands, removed water in middle, added some trees instead, moved to the left the mineral only expand of top main. Made the choke of red players smaller, though it was supposed to be the same size, but when i put asphalt, it made it bigger :o.
Panschk, I tryed to tank the islands, and yes it works for both players. You can only get the workers, not the cc. =) I played agains't a computer and so was a bit boring :S
Use cheat codes next time, you won't need so much time.
"show me the money" ->money
"operation cwal" ->everything builds in a secound
"black sheep wall" ->maphack-_-

"food for thought" -> you don`t have to build supply depots anymore.
"power overwhelming" -> you`re undestroyable, its easier to get rid of the comuputer wile he is attaking your units.

I test a map with this cheats as well. Best way is to build 3 dropships and fill them with: 4 tanks, and some SCVs. THen you fly around, build up CCs, let the worker gain mineral, shoot them with a tank from an outer place. You get the look for it after some time.

If you create your maps, turn on the grid and remember these numbers for tankrange:

about 12 [] grids in staredit
about 6 [] in large grid in scmdraft

Keep up the good work!
I just added two replays of myself vs Manson] on this map. He is at least my level of skill, and it were two ok games. (nothing special, but at least decent activity-_-)
the best way to test is just to put 1 computer on a force called "required for testing", make the victory triggers only apply to the "player" force. change another force to "tester" and put 1 human slot for it, set to a certain race. then start your map in UMS, you start with whatever units you placed (tanks, scvs, ccs) u can test easily.
i'm not sure if removing those 2 geysers was really an improvement. it might have been more interesting and fine the way it was.
zerg really needs the islands now. But it's ok, the flanking room and the easy-to-get expansion are favoring zerg, so giving him an too much gas would not be that good an idea.
I raelly have to say that this map is awesome looking for a badland map and the expansions as well as the rest of the map is in great position. really good job.
trcc, i wonder why some of your maps are still "beta" even if they really feel like final maps anyway ^^
You should remove the mineral block on isle, it really is just there for the sake of it. the point with those blocks is to prevent really fast fly exe to a isle just nearby, but that 1 is so far away that it gives no perticular advantage in taking it fast and the block is only in the way. After that you should move it to final. im voting this motw2 :7
Pretty good looking map especially for badlands. The set up of the main/1st nat/2nd nat is almost too everyday for me. Good thing you have that back entrance into the 2nd nat.
Your name
Dont Forget the cheat code "Modify the Phase Variance"
^ me. nice map...
I found a drop "hole" for tank that you can attack minerals and gas trought there. Look at GMCS.
eh i couldnt even fit a vulture in that hole..

and even if it does work, its complete useless and will never be used in game. seriously there is usually stuff 1000 times more urgent to fix than dropholes(you have made these comments on like 4 maps now)

start commenting on more valuable things plz
Well i test everything in game. I can make replays if i have too, but this will take more time. It's useless as it is on LT 9 o'clock the old versions little island that fits 2 tanks that they can attack minerals.

I don't know why you react like that. Such little things can be fixed to complete the perfect balance. Everything should be fair i guess... And it's not that difficult to fix too. Just put a doodad or something.

I tought such map test would be useful, but go ahead, make maps with little mistakes, that could just make the game unfair.

You all know that everything can happen in one game. Some little things such as this that i point could effect the winner on this map.
Or mayby with my last comments i hurt the ego of some map makers?

P.S. For now the best balanced map i've seen are from trcc. While i look the map with every ditail i see so many important doodads that are really needed to complete the perfect balance. Respect for that. I am sure that the others do the same, just i am watching to do in map making, but i still have many maps to look at.
Mmm, sorry about 3 comments in a row...

Btw yeterday i play with friends on (4)Black Lung they found 3 mistakes. One of it was that the top air expand can fit 3 hatchers, and the bottom can't. This is not that big mistake that could effect the map right? I mean that it's the same warn level for balance, and people complain about such things.

Anyway the map maker makes his move. He can fix this, or he can say the same thing that you say Travin. Players will have to play very much to notice that and start using it.
Very elegant map. Enter it for the MOTW contest! Some picky comments: You can use an inverted ramp in the NW main to avoid that ugly "hook" in the tail end ofthe main terrain. Consider adding one more mineral clump to the main, that would fit the classic 16-2-6 setup. Isn't there a "gas issue" with the NW expo having the gas on the right and the SE expo having the gas on the left? Not that it bothers me but people here bring that up all the time. Nice replays, thanks.
modified by Lancet
lancet, maybe you have noticed that this map is already MOTW 30 of 2005 (to the right above the replays for this map :P)
modified by LostTampon


--Panschk[FP] vs Manson](1on1, 1.13)
--Panschk[FP] vs Manson](1on1, 1.13)
--DG)Rogue vs NiGhT)V(aRe(1on1, 1.14)
--Vimes vs DG)SpoilR(1on1, 1.14)
--russell vs Grief_Stricken(1on1, 1.15)
--KiNG[InFi] vs i_shaLL_kiLL_U(1on1, 1.16)
--Qed_Bisu vs WWB(1on1, 1.16)

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