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Last update for (2)Contrast ver.2.0 : 2007, 01, 16 22:05
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
204 (2)Contrast ver.2.0 128*96SoulFusion1.4final

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I added a new map, cause this reversion is very different from the old 1.0 i couldnt find a possibility to delete my old version, so an admin may delete it or let it cause of what i know for a reason.

in this new version, theres a much bigger middle (cause its now 128x92 instead of 128x64), there are 2 new expansians, the mains are a bit bigger, the 2 geysires at the island have ionly 3750 gas because u cannot kill one gas even not with a tank. i designed many things new, and the long outer way is now deeper than the rest instead of being higher. so terrans havent got their big advantages like before. also the bridges are bigger and the attackpossibility behind the natural is a bit different.

for the interested ones, in the middle is a new scmdraft creation of me, u may look at them exactlier at this pic
or just download the map and play it ;]

comments plz :)

in the replay, we both went for an cheese and at the ende we changed our mains 8[
hasch still wins at the end cause he has the most lings and he burrow em
Well you replay doesnt let us to think about how good in the map, since it's a bs rush. anyway you should have managed to kill those lings :x you made some really bad moves hehe anyway make another replay and ill watch for sure
ok, heres a much better one i think. hf.
and plz some more comments.
Wasn't 2.0 the first version? The whole version number stuff only makes sense when updated;)

My opinion: Much better than 1.x. This time building space is no problem, the "two face" (batman villain) look is pretty cool.

I believe the optional path that is on low ground now won't be used at all the way it is now. You should make the path slightly wider, especially on the upper part of it, so that units will travel without getting stuck or confused, even its a group of stupid dragoons or goliths.
The blocking minerals in the middle of it can be dropped imo. I don't see much tank gayness coming from this path anymore.
I uploaded an interesting TvT vs haschischtasche. I made several stupid mistakes and lost after a game over 32 minutes.

I like the map as it is now. Especially the posibilities to attack the natural is great, or how you can defend that position. (watch haschischtasche how he blocks several ways ;)

It`s better than the smaller version and feels more balanced.
the optional path on the low ground was a bit imba in the old version, cause it was very easy for a terran to kill it with some tanks and goliath or vult support. the path was in the older version and is still now exactly 2 matrix wide, so that a terran cant block the way with some depots. cause of the sunken ground it only seems that the path is smaller but it isnt ;]
if i used the path, i didnt had any problems with goons and other big units.
and i think it will still be used for attacking each others minsoly.

lis, u sure ur game with hasch is on the new version?
i heard of an tvt some days ago, but the map was finished the day before yesterday....
Well, i played yesterday against haschisch, so yes, it is the new version.
i think this is too tight, t>p

also nats are hard to take for zvp, z>p
u can only canrush the nat, its too hard to take for an toss.
and ith this big,big middle its too tight.
i think that _very_ open expansion in the middle is not that hard to take for p in tvp.

and this map is soo so hard for toss, who can still use other ways if they are contained.
contained wanna go minsonly: outer path
contained wanna go middle to attack contain from 2 sides:
way through the minerals of the natural
enemy contains middle: go through the expansion in the center
enemy contains from the expansion in the center: go through middle.

a bit more explanations and thinking would be n1, like that it just seems for me like "i have a bad day, i look 2 secs at this map and then give my astatement"
This looks awesome! i only would like 2 ramps at 6clock too.. that would spoil the blocking thing there, but i think the pasabillity would be alot better, and that side route would have more use.
I absolutely agree on that one Starparty. The small outer route is now almost unnused, with two ramps at 6, that would be way more interesting than it is now, good sugguestion!
Don't you want to update your map ? :D PLEASE add the ramps ^^
random map, looks nice, what do you guys think?

--SoulFusion vs haschischtasche(1on1, 1.13)
--SoulFusion vs haschischtasche(1on1, 1.13)
--Listoric vs haschischtasche(1on1, 1.13)
--SoulFusion vs Nocturnsen(1on1, 1.13)

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