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Last update for (4)Balanced Bloodbath : 2010, 03, 06 00:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4047 (4)Balanced Bloodbath 64*64Impervious0.3betaground

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I've tested the mining rates for everything. They are well within 5% of each other (usually closer to 2% variance between best and worst position).

The sizes of the mains are just about identical (you can fit a single pylon extra in the bottom left and top right bases).

The opening has to be blocked with 2 depots and a rax, making a zealot-tight wall, but marines can pass through at at least 1 point. It is impossible to make a zergling tight wall.

The extra mineral patches are double stacked at 3000. The rest is standard.

The mineral patches are more vulnerable to harass than the second vespene geyser, regardless of position.

For Z, they can put their second hatchery near the choke, and be able to mine either the gas or the minerals that are close by, helping Z defense out.

I think this is about as positionally balanced as possible, while still adding my own personal touch (extra gas), and keeping it in theme of the original. This was mostly made because of a thread on TL.

If there are any flaws that you see, let me know.
Yet another BB? Gas mining rate is not balanced. If you tested it, you probably didn't test it for all 3 races.
I did test it. I didn't test it to see if the races mined at the same rates as each other, but in any mirror match, the difference between the best placed gas and worst is 5% (actually, it is 5% for all 3 match ups). The best and worst positions are different for each race, however.

I put a doodad in certain spots to affect mining rates..... And the main geyser can be mined at just about 100%, if not 100%, with 4 workers, regardless of race. The secondary geysers have closer to a 2% variance in mirror match ups.

I was more concerned with balancing it in mirror situations, because then there would be little difference in the course of the game, with respect to spawn locations. I mean, if Zerg is gonna suck on BB, then at least it won't matter where you spawn.....
I think this approaches the limits for just how balanced a map like BB could possibly be, and I think that's what you were going for, so good job. :)
Maybe I should submit mini-blood bath.
Nothing interesting in this map.
The added geiser in main should make it more fun then the original, but i miss the old middle.
Ok. I found a wall for T at one position which allowed a single zealot through..... And I don't know how to fix it, so I modified the terrain so that I think the best wall available will let zealots through at 1 spot.

Also, I changed the middle to something that resembles the middle of the original better. I always thought the bridges were ugly though, so they're gone.

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