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Last update for (4)HotCider_1.1 : 2006, 11, 07 21:14
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
115 (4)HotCider_1.1 128*128STIMEY D OKGM FISH1.6final

The map has been rated 75 times and got a total of 120 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

@9 gas should be on top, so it only needs 3 workers.

I love those walls protecting when moving to a neighbur position. Great map overall.
It seems to me that you started mapping just some time before cuz every map you present look like LT or an LT version remapped by yourself. so, all of them got the same problems as LT does. just an example. Te 9 o`clock position is the only one where its easy to defend your choke with an FE. take this as a hint and try to make your own maps without these boring LT mistakes. greetz, Lis :)
I don't know how you can say this map was made by a beginner with a straight face. It does follow the same formula as LT but that was out of a belief that most people prefer the gameplay of LT, which was even more true when this was made than it is now. In a world where most people only play LT it is ludicrous to make a balance significantly different than every other map out there.

It doesn't have all of the problems LT does. If you think that, you don't know many of the problems of LT.
I'll elaborate for you a bit. 12/3 is not too close like it is on LT. The ridges are much smaller. The middle is much wider, more interesting, yet buildable. The 2nd nats are lass problematic. There's no 6/9 airwars. There are more islands, but you can't float to them. The width of entrances and cliffability is all balanced and significantly different than LT.

To call this a half-baked LT clone is just stupid. Yes, it uses 4 high ground mains and respects the natural/2nd nat formula. I would rather risk remaking LT than remaking nostalgia. When I made this map I did not have LT in mind at all, it just worked out that way because LT's balance is the only one that stands up to the general criticism people give, especially when I made this map, which was a while ago.

Make a 4 player map with high ground mains with one entrance, a natural that somewhat protects the ramp and is protected by the high ground from the main, give it a cliff (no cliffing is boring), give it gas (gasless nat is boring), and have a 2nd nat mineral only so people don't bitch. Have islands so it's a more interesting game. Do all this without being accused of remaking LT.

Most of the deviations from this formula are just inferior. I don't like the play/balance of hybrids, even good ones (Forbidden Zone/HoV). Bifrost is good but people bitch about its balance. People bitch about incubus's balance, and nostalgia is called boring. Every game on it is the same.

So the map looks like LT. But the mains have a different mineral count, difference distances, the naturals are a little different. Try it.
I have to agree with the others on this one too :( I think it look really ok, despite the lt-clone thing (no problem with those). Its just that i dont play that much, and when i do i prefer something brand new than some modifications of LT. Although its a new map, the theory behind it is practically the same, imo.
If you guys knew how to play LT better you would realize how differently you have to play this one. This map is more similar to several other maps, gameplaywise, than LT, despite the superficial similarity.
takign a closer look on this one, i actually change my mind a bit. specially with the tar center it looks kinda appealing ... i would definitely try it if my computer werent fucked up :(
Looks fine. On of the better maps made from this formula. I see how it differs from LT, but surely the resemblance is great.

I like the cover between neighbour mains. Also the mins only islands are fine, but might not be used much. The gas islands could be siegable from inland, but I'm not sure about that. That wouldn't be fair, while it is ok that they are siegable from the ledges overlooking the nats.

The resource placement looks a bit off to me. Like the gas at 12 nat. Also mineral lines in generel - aside from mains, which are fine.

The is no problem with FE on this map, imo. Don't know why you say so, Lis, at least it's better than on LT where 12 surely can't 2base FE.
trust me, all siegabilitiy, lurkability was tested pretty thoroughly

the resources were copied from JRM

the min only islands are kind of dumb but making them into gas would also be dumb

the mineral lines at nats are a little odd, but i think they don't hurt gameplay because they're expos and not mains. the reason they're like that is to make them all equally lurkable/tankable from various positions and equqally defendable with defensive buildings. they are a little worse for zerg than most expos but i don't think the map is anti-zerg so it's fine.
LT clone :/
Yes, a bit of an LT clone because of the classic arrangement of the startpoints and expansions. but a good one also.
When I looked at the map first, it seemed ok. But the 999 min patches really make the game short and depressing :(. should make a none-extremly-low-min version!
Very nice
someone else edit it if you think it's worth it. imo there's too many good maps way more interesting than this out there these days. ppl should stop making new maps and start figuring out which ones are necessary and how to improve them.
So easy map :)
ok, so who has played this? i may revise this as well. i'm thinking of making the mains actually last longer than usual (like 2k patches), adding gas to the 2nd nats and min only islands... what else?

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