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SPs Random MapCompetition #1

deadline to enter maps: 2005, 08, 18 (Year, month, day)

OK, Just a random competition for anyone who doesn't have anything else to do :) Perhaps it will be popular with time so we gotta start somewhere! ;)

Here are the rules:

* 3 Startlocations (Yes, you read right, 3)
* maps must be NEW, no creations before this post are permitted
* Tilesets allowed are Ice and Desert.
* Original design, meaning both fresh, and normal (no Panschk-techno-playground-shit <3)
* 1 submission per contestant ONLY. No fake names please ;P

other than that you're free to do w.e you want. Islands, semi islands or ground maps does not matter. There will be a plus if the map is StarEdit only although not neccesary at all, but if you can do the same sollution in StarEdit just as beautiful as You can do with StarForge, prefer StarEdit for this competition.

The only prize i can award will be that the winning map will have my vote for the next MotW :)

DEADLINE 2005-08-18, That is next thursday!
Good Luck and i hope you'll participate just for the fun of it :)

I will personally decide the winner.

NameAuthorDownloadvote(1., 2., 3. choice)
(3)Heart RockPanschk[FP]Melee Picture0
(3)DirzTravinMelee Picture0
(3)Brass BallsDaleadilMelee Picture0
The competition is closed!

Damn, trcc participates. So I can't win anymore ;P

Well at least I tried^^
lol.. it's my first try at 3 player maps :|. People say that expo are too close from each =(
gotta be more than 2 submissions :P come on, An entire DAY has passed since i started this competition! ;P
I'm working on something in my mind. I'll get to doing it...eventually...
Nice one ;)

as seems very interested in our even perhaps the prize isnt as bad anyway. And if you wan i can also draw a picture to the winner :)
I guess none wants to do 3 players map :O
I'd love to make a 3 player map for this competition.

But the problem is, my schedule is kinda pressed. And the fact that my school starts tomorrow (tuesday), it's gonna get even tighter :(
got 3 atleast
*4 :p
you can remove one of the maps since i posted to many :s (if you like)
1 day left :p

no, i just igonre white water, i like the other one better anyway
Submitted Brass Balls.
Worked on mineral placement. (thx Star)
First time doing 64 box.
Tried my best to balance.

2x Scorp Critters per base.
Start cash @ 6x1500, 1x5000
Expns cash @ 4x1500
Min walls @ 34

Hope you likey.
If not, constructive comments only.
that was unnecesary :P
my bad.
Personally, I really like Heart Rock.
Mostly because it _seems_ to be the most balanced, haven't played it yet though.

Also, the name & map cross well.
Good work, methinks.
ill tell winenr tomorrow :)
I will pronounce Travin, with Dirz as the winner! :9 To me, that is the most appealing map in this bunch.. Much because he choose to make an island map, the only true way of positionally balance a 3player map on a square good.
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