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Last update for (4)Nomad : 2007, 04, 05 01:10
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1628 (4)Nomad 128*128Antares0.8final

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 48 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i tried to make a very very different map from the others, i have also been working on this for a long time

main 6x1800m and 5000g, backnat 8x1000m and 3000g, they drain almost the same time, 3rd nat 6x1800m and 3000g

island expo come to play last in 1v1 or it could be more important in 2v2, it has 10x500 in less-drone-supporter formation and 2000g

since the backdoor expo is very easily secured i think the 6min-main is not a big advantage for zerg

modified by Antares
looks like a sligtly easier version of sattarchasm PvZ. theres still amazing amount of gas on this map and i would be inclined to rush every game PvZ on this map due to backdoor expo.
Custom ramps are not bad, but improveable :p

Also I'd keep the 3/9 expansions behind the minonlys on high grond, with the same decoration style as the mains have.
The combination of mineralwall (that is an expansion as well) and custom ramp seems a little too much to me. Just a suggestion though.
amazing amount of gas inept? (48k 14g) well less than on LT (50k 10g) and yes many nodes, but certainly less than rpoint (70k 16g) where were even more gesysers in the islands..

yeah spines i also thought of changing it, i will se what i can do, but the main thing is the natural expansion layout in my opinion
modified by Antares
well not gas, geysirs.
Oh, it's so lovely:-)
very good map, i see that u've finally submitted a map again :)

good map, no real problems i can see atm.

gets a MOTW vote from me :)
yeah this map is really good man, I automaticly fell in LOVE XD
These one make sense to me.Well reflected layout,adequate proportions.Good,good.The work of many hours.

Anyway.Just 6 min rocks in the main?Haba,haba!Even if you have a well protected nat expo it's a lousy idea(favorize to much the zerg).

The other part wich I dislike are those mineral walls(2) in the midlle.With them you try to create a island effect for those 2 expos in the middle,I think.But I'm afraid they are usefull just when you gather them from inside the expo.The outside is too vulnerable for such adventure.I suggest to delete these walls because just terrans can defend these expos effectiv(so long they are blocked),even from the inside.

Summa summarum a good map.I look forward for the final version.

@ Inept I can't understand your analogy to Sattarchasm.
modified by Fry
It's great on a look, but some things are keeping me worried.

First the positions might be too close and very hard to handle a zil and goon rush in the begining vs terran. Not only the close positions but they are also on the same level on the ground.

The second thing that i notice as a zerg player is that a third hatchery is a need, because zilots/marine/medics can skip whitout any probles the choke and your main and go right in to your exp. And if a zerg player wants to defened himself whit sunks and build first the hatchery on his entry and then the expand, think whit 6 mineral blocks in his main how he will be in late game.

So the main problem for me is the zerg situation. Defending whit sunks won't help. Zerg players will be forced to play for a lot of army. Vs protoss player would be easyer because we can see that most of the zerg players will play for mass lings here, something like Azalea style because of the choke, but it would be easyer, because the distances are closer. But vs terran it would be really hard.

I hav to second that. zvp on 5/8is really close. " gate certainly is a good idea in this case (don't you think so, Inept? :p ). You force z to make a choke hatch, and he certainly won't be able to hold it with 12 hatch 11 pool. Even 12 pool seems hard to me.

But then again there is this 6-minerals main. I can't tell without testing how much this will limit protoss... Zerg certainly won't care much about it.

Bunker rush seems to be hard as well. I don't think you can safely choose 12 hatch vs terran on this map as well...
oh yes i agree, see 1st post. 9/9 gate everytime ftw especially with the 6 minerals. who needs eco??blah

the sattarchasm analogy was stupid, i was just referring to the 3 gas per player
7 mineral main with an additional - very small - patch.. what do you think?

and remember 6 min hurts all races, little more T and P, so the rushes shouldbe completely different. that is why 9/9 rush wont be that effective against zerg imo, because the lack of minerals

goon rush is of course possible here, but as you can wall in with 1 rax, terran is favored a little, also scv-chain is possible in some ways..
modified by Antares
no, 9/9 gate will be more effective because of lack of minerals, zerg cant make as many zlings/sunks which already is bad since they have to defend 2 places X.x
minor update

mains have a 7th minblock, with the amount of 300
neutral expansion custom ramp is deleted, now the minonly is on the cliff totally, the semi-island became an island
Even less zerg power TT
why even?
Islands are good for p.

And the close positions and the unability to fe is anti zerg as well.
modified by spinesheath
i like this map :D it has a nice layout, and the graphics are stunning, nice work :)
I think you should make some games, all non-mirror mus. This setup is pretty unusual, so we can't really refer to other maps when discussing...
Imo the rushyness is obvious though.
i changed some things due to test

mains consider 7x1800 now, and chokes are hermetical wallable and you dont lose a building (so you can still get marines or goons), also more crystal and gas in islands

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