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Last update for (2)Amphetamine : 2005, 11, 07 22:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
656 (2)Amphetamine 128*128SpoR[Mech]1.2final

The map has been rated 65 times and got a total of 78 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Two entrances, kinda hard... the map stills ok.
From fair view, i think P >> T, Z >> P, T >> Z.
2 player map -
Backdoor expo
2 Ramps to mains

I couldn't figure out what to do with the middle. I didn't add any doodads yet. I didn't test any Tank range, SBS blocks, or mining efficientcy yet. (Why do people say BBS when its Supply > Barack > Supply?)
Should I add more bases?
Are the Mains too large?
It will be possible to wall the backdoor with a baracks or a depot.
I'll find a way to wall main entrance with 1 depot and a barracks and the back exit with 1 depot.
its SSB - supply supply barack - If you want a good block :)
and please remove the space between (2) and Amphetamine
It's a litte hard for me to comment a map like this, because a map with a 2 entrances, and big mains, are good for those that like that kind of map, and it's bad for others... It's most of the diffrent teste of the people. I don't think a player that like this map can force the other one, that hates all maps with 2 entrances (and there is a lot of these types of players). I don't know how, mayby with a mineral wall or something you should slow down the second entrance a bit. That one with the mineral exp i guess. Or you may try to make netural buildings, like in Industrial Revolution. But one thing is for sure, you should remove this minerals in the center. They only make probles with patchfinding, and i don't want to think about it, if there is a battle between terran and protoss, how the protoss units will react from the tank range... And the maps looks a little empty. You got plenty of space, you may try add some lakes somewhere... And you say that you are still wondering what to do with the center. So this was a suggestion :).
Well I jsut searched for SSB, BBS, and SBS and nothing came up for any of them, wierd. Gimme some suggestions about my map SP.
First of: Looks pretty darn cool.
Secound impression: Yeah, balancing is really not very good :(
I don't really know what do do without just taking away one of the entrances, which would be a shame :[
I was thinking about making mineral blocks for the back entrance. 32 mineral chunks should do it.

I know the map looks plain. I'm not going to detail it until its balanced.
How about adding a neutral building to the second ramp? that sounds good =D Xel'Nagas are an exelent block, cuz it can only be destroyed in mid games or late games. Neutral building or make like in 815, with the second ramp, make it so oly small units can go thru. Idk maby i can came up with more ideas.
In a ZvT zerg can put sunkens off their main creep to defend down the ledge of the back. They would probably have to 3 hatch to get the natural although if you waited for the creep to fully extend you could start a sunken line just fine.
Yea, I also thought abut smaller ramp for the back door as well. I think that would be a better Idea than the mineral blocks which are played out as hell. I'm not going to make custom doodads yet though.
I think that the Neutral Buildings is stupid.
no offense
Well at least they don't do a bad patchfinding :)
neutral buildings? same pathfinding bullshit as all buildings, minerals and units ^^
Buildings do mess with Ai. Haven't you ever Maynard your probes and had them get stuck on your gates or something?
Instead of smaller ramps I could just make the Pathway between the cliffs really small that way you can still defend your backdoor expo easily. And those extra bases I added above the backdoor maybe better to make them enclosed?> like an island?

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