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MOTW Number 302 of August 2005 01:56 AM
Posted by:panschk[FP]

We are behind by one day, but we still present you the map of the week number 3. It's the first four-player map to get motw honors on

This MotW in highlight is The Great Divide 4 by Tuy. Tuy is a great mapmaker who puts effort in making his maps as playable and fun as possible! What he lacks in multitude he gains in dedication and his maps are very thought through!

(4)The great Divide 4 is a nice combination of innovation, starforge/scmdraft fancyness and playability. The mainbases are located on low twilight dirt, but the middle is on high ground. The gameplay on the map is highly depending on the starting locations the players get, but it seems to me they are always well balanced. I had a couple of games today on the map, and all players agreed that it is a very good map.

So here it is! The Map of the Week 31 - The Great Divide 4 by x8_Tuy!

Download melee, or visit the comment page for "the great Divide 4"


Hmm, very sexy map. ;) I'll try it later.
WOW didn't know original Great Divide won a motw competition!!
02 of August 2005! i didn't know starcraft by that time :D

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