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Last update for (2)Harena0.9 : 2023, 03, 15 23:26
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4488 (2)Harena0.9 96*128Taranok0.9betaground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 45 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My 1st attempt at a melee map. It\'s not really creative but I think design wise it is at least somewhat unique. Any input would be appreciated.

- entrance to 3rd gas to regular ramp

- more unbuildable area
- fixed blue spawn
- entrance to 3rd slightly wider

- removed most of the tank holes (I think)
- main is slightly bigger

- changed center expos
- made side routes wider
- made ramps to 3rd gas smaller

- lolol forgot changes

- moved mineral only closer to natural
- moved 3rd gas away

- made some areas unbuildable
- fixed comsats
- moved main base so its more vulnerable to mutalisk
- made side routes wider, we\\\\\\\'ll see how this works out

- added 2 more bases
- move neutral building more towards the mineral only
- modified overlord pod
- modified bases to reduce some of the gas issue
- center side bases returned to normal resource amounts

Center bases:
2000 minerals per patch
6000 vespene each geyser
modified by Taranok
modified by Taranok
Awesome map! I think you should make all the thin paths wider and delete the neutral building. Also the mains need to be bigger. Consider muta harass at the mains too. Finally think about making the space outside the natural unbuildable for classic balance, and the centre of the map too.
I play terran so I like this map hehe
modified by CardinalAllin
Yeah, I got some feedback and this map (apparently) is really not Zerg-friendly, (although it really wasn't in my mind.).
Better deco!
Youve done way more than decoration, and greatly improved the map imo. If you want to get closer to classic balance:
1. Extend the mains so the buildable area fully touches the edge of the map
2. Put the main minerals on the outside edge. So they are inline with the naturals.
3. Put the mineral onlies in the tarpit area so it is further away from the natural and add a gas.
4. Use a thin ramp to the corner expos.
5. Push the 3rd gas base into the corner fully.
6. Make the side paths as wide as possible.
7. Make the centre unbuildable and open, no obstructions.
8. Push the low ground centre expos right to the edge.

Whether or not you choose to do these, awesome first map congratulations!

modified by CardinalAllin
2. Put the main minerals on the outside edge. So they are inline with the naturals. - back to opposite side? no muta harass?

6. Make the side paths as wide as possible. - should I just make it so wide that it can be tanked from the middle highground?
@2: leave some room between the edge and the minerals so you can build turrets/cannons, but hes just saying most maps have the mains as close to the edge of the map as possible...

Also kinda random but maybe delete the compound in the middle of the map...
I would make changes but scmdraft crashes when I try to save..
Yah SCM Draft crashes a lot...what happens for me is when I click save, a trigedit error thingy pops up...if I click on the trigedit error thingy then scmd will crash, but if I just click save again and ignore the popup then I can keep on using scmd just without the that whats happening to you?
modified by asiantraceur
Try the following:

- install the newest version of SCMDraft (download it from
- regularly delete the backup files in the scmdraft folder (backupDB.scmdDB or something similar), those tend to grow indefinitely and the bigger they are the more unstable scmdraft becomes.
modified by Freakling
Ok deleated the backup files fixed it, thanks!

Tbh, I don't really like the idea of moving the min only back next to the 3rd gas expo, but I'll try anyways. :)
I think the min only is pretty good where it is...
I agree that the min only is fine, maybe to compensate for it being so open you should reduce the size of the ramps at the corner expos even more (would further help zerg defend 3rd gas).

Also you might not need to completely remove the compound, but probably remove the side parts protruding from the square in the middle since they make the center too choke-ish.
modified by NegativeZero
How funny, Ive been using SCMDraft for about a year and its never crashed. Just today I encountered the exact same bug you guys are talking about here. I tried deleting the backup files but it didnt work. However a reinstall has so phew!
modified by CardinalAllin
So for some reason GMCS isnt working on my computer so Im going to try to describe this...those expos above blue's nat and below red's nat where the minerals are above and below the gas...the tar pits that make a semi-wall around it are different sizes for blue and red...since its not the nat/main its not that important but just pointing it out for symmetry...
To find tank spots, turn on the ultra fine grid and turn on units snap to grid. For example there are spots around the blue natural still. (The blue spawn is still a tile too low aswell btw).
Terran Imba ;)
K Im gonna try to describe this...
So if youre worried about tank holes such as in that small low ground next the the cliff of blue...what you can do is copy the very edge of that low ground, then use tileset index to draw tar pit so its pretty close to the cliff...and then paste the part that you copied...gah feel like I failed at explaining that gonna go write an article with pics
Small update:

Reduced size of ramps to 3rd gas to normal size.
This is probably a minor insight, but the decoration to many of these new maps i've seen on the site recently could be a bit better. The aesthetics, you know. For example, straight lines in this map in the mains, at the nats, along the side paths, it just doesn't look good. :O

I'm happy that this site is still active, and I'm planning on spending more time map making this summer, too. I also like the new maps/concepts that are being thought up of, but I also think the newer mappers here should make their maps prettier :)

Again, I think this is something trivial, and probably the least important thing about map making, but I think it's something we can't ignore.
(2)Plasma related?

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