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Last update for (6)Redheart SE : 2022, 06, 27 21:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4487 (6)Redheart SE 128*128Cardinalallin1.7betaground

The map has been rated 59 times and got a total of 102 points

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14th April 2012
Version 1.0 Redheart SE
A 3vs3 player map where allies spawn together under Use Map Settings.

1. Defeat screen only when you and your allies have all died.

2. Map is greyed out at the start of the game rather than blacked out, so the layout of bases and terrain is visible.

3. Slots for two observers.
I watched a game on this, well part of one. Pretty interesting. I like the map\'s double entrance to the shared mains :)

edit: After watching another game of this I see that indeed, as you said in the game the map does appear a little tight as you as T defended against flanking PZZ with your line of tanks and gols and then your P ally came in late and you somehow managed to beat all the enemy armies almost by yourself.
modified by 3FFA
Pretty good layout except for the corner expansions, feels too cramped there.
February 2017

lol MellOw[PaiN] has bumped the map with 2 new replays.
Thanks very much dude.

When I made these 3v3 maps I didnt decorate them or anything and I wasnt very good too, I was more trying to encourage a good mapper to make a 3v3 map.
Luckily NegativeZero did so at the time.

So do check out
(6)Ancient Bridges click here
(6)Ascend click here

I would like to revisit making a 3v3 map one day. I found that shared expansion bases didnt really work that great because often a single player would just take them both. But maybe over time and with a more close knit team they would work just fine.
Just watched the reps. Unfortunately the 2nd replay, the one with mr grg as observer at the start is corrupted for me. The program freezes after a couple of minutes of playback.
The first game works ok though. Was funny for me to see a game on it after this long, cheers Mellow.
I have played at least 100 games on this map, ranging from DDD vs DDD games to AAA vs AAA (iccup rank) games... I really love it, and get great feedback from top players in the ladder. After all of my years playing brood war, this is my all time favorite. Please release one more. <3
I already did; (6)Redheart Bridge
click here
modified by Jukado
Oh nice! Glad to see people playing this :)
>Map is greyed out at the start of the game

There is an issue with this. Suppose we have a player who race is random and he got zerg. Then with no fog of war there will be a short moment when ALL MAP IS OPEN. And the other team will find out his race and where it appears, cause creep will be seen.

Screenshot here
Hi T1m_tmp, thanks for the comment. Yes I know of this side effect. It is possible for a map maker to make start locations blacked out so random zerg remains secret. Personally I wont be doing that as I actually quite like the repercussions. (if you choose random you get an advantage over the other team in some ways, but if they get to see if you are zerg or not then the advantage is evened out a bit in some ways)

If you like this map, do check out my newer remake of it (6)Redheart Bridge
click here
100% beest map ever
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really dig this map for 3v3. never gets played but still a worthwhile endeavor.
ive played tons of epic games on this map.. Wish we had 3;3 ladder like in sc2
I like this actually
@Mellow[PaiN] I wish for that too! Which server do you play? I played lots of Dreamweaver (another 3v3 UMS map)

--MellOw[PaiN] vs MuNi[PaiN](other, 1.16)
--MellOw[PaiN] MuNi[PaiN] geNiuS[PaiN] vs 3 randoms(other, 1.16)
-- vs (other, 1.16)
-- vs (1on1, 1.15)
--MellOw[bwL] vs (other, 1.15)
-- vs (other, 1.16)

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