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Last update for (2)Bonecrusher : 2007, 12, 05 22:03
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
1000 (2)Bonecrusher 96*128flothefreak0.2final

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a badlands-structure map that was laying for about two weeks on my pc now, because i just cannot find a way to deny dropholes :/
yet, wanted to upload it now and have some comments.
i think it's quite balanced in pvz but a bit hard in pvt. i want the huge amount of structure-maze to deal with that because it makes carriers extremely effective.
tvz should be okey I think

if you can think of to fill the dropholes, just let me know. i can only think of putting unit sprites into those :/

the map has a certain theme, which is mass structure, mass asphalt and mass bones ;O

share your thoughts, please! D:
fear my paint skills btw
--v mOsQ
^^ paint ownz
lol i dropped the "h"
Yeh you did, but still a nice thing to do.

Hmm, I believe zvt would be difficult as well. It takes no time for t to reach the different expansions, and the only chance of securing a 3rd gas is really the island exp. That's tough to claim if he keeps and eye on it. z would need to drop there very early.
put critters in the holes :P will take alot of effort to kill those before droping
lol SP - the genius

why didn't I think of this^^
well, that was too easy for my mind i guess, units sprites are more cool 8]

thx, gonna do that with critters ;)
the raised drop areabehind the nats could be a little smaller to allow more room in the air expos.

other than than it is a great map
Don't put too many critters or people may confuse units with the critter color O_+
Beside this, nice look and looks fun to play ;)
I think you should stick to this way of map making, Even though i did not prove that mass doodads may become %"/?%"?"/ for pathing, i can hardly see a map with 200 doodads making some serious achievements.. If we take a look at the current pro maps, they only use few, thats my opinion D:
modified by trcc
Graet map. Drop the blocking-minerals on islands and make each mainbase mineralline 1 tile aways from mapedge (if it isn' already) and i'm happy.

Don't know what the purpose of the blocked island is. it's to far away to give T with floating CC an advantage. I'd really recommend to remove it.

Looks great, really like it.
modified by Listoric
Hmmm, maybe there's too much minerals

main - 8
nat - 8
min only - 9
island - 7
side gas expo - 8

if it's like that, i'd reduce the min-only to 7 as well as the gas expos. But minonly with 9 is kinda much.
cool map although not my style

structure also looks bad to me ingame imo
nice 1000th map :D

GJ flo, not much to say except lots of mins :)
okey, will see to the minerals...
and yeah, i have to admit that i had a time where is was too much into blocking doodads ;p
but for now, i normally stick to a more open field with walk- and buildable doodads. awoken demons is kinda the same, with only some more doodads in "not so much used" areas

hm, i wanted to have the mineral block because i think terran is quite strong on this map...don't you think so?

minerals are i tile away from edge btw, iirc

-check wallin-possibilities
-reduce minerals
-put critters into the holes (shift+tab against a blue player works :p)
-maybe remove the island minblock. i really think it's necessary because without it, terran doesn't need much attention to get the isle. now, he has to use shuttle and scv there, so the focus is drawn away from the mainbase. it's much easier and comfortable (and thus can be done "along the way) if you just put a CC at your nat and float it over there...

just tell me if you think the map is slightly favoring terran...
I like being loved, but I think you can still switch to normal map image now. Would be easier to evaluate the map this way. :)

I really like that map. Looks decent balance wise too.
added a picture now and deleted some minblocks.
if you have some more suggestions, just post them :p

wall-in test are yet to do.
however, blocked the holes partly with critters, partly with critter-sprites
modified by flothefreak
i suggest making a ramp from the island expo to the raised drop area behind the nats
uh, i love that idea

i guess I'll do that, thx a lot!
1. where is the ramp ^^
2. remove the doodads signs that are exactly on the way from top to bottom. i can see goons getting nasty there ^^
Is the bottom ramp work?
which one?
updated btw ~~
lol, i have to do wall-in tests now
i am forgetting it everytime^^

i should make a "yet to make with each map"-list, with things like "wall-in test" "obs check" "move nat" etc^^
The most bottom ramp that is to stick to the map edge. It looks like big units cannot pass there... Don't forget that the x128 line is unable to use in game.
Well nevermind... I already do the test first with ultras, and they can't pass, next with lings, and they can't pass either... So nothing can't pass. The most bottom ramp that is to stick to the map edge is not working.
uh, thx, i gonna correct this

haven't thought of this honestly :)
gonna update it in a few secs, then you'll see the wall-in as well
here you are
ultras can now pass the bottom ramp.
the entrance is 1-rax-wallable, the minerals at entrance have 24 value. protoss can close the choke with 3 zeals easily.
did some changes on this one when having no internet

-reshaped naturals
-changed the islands' style
-made cliffing a worty option
-redid some expos
What do you think about reversing the min onlys, so they are where the back of the compound currently is, and facing the player? This imo would help pvz/tvp for 3rd expo.
nightmarjoo, sry but most of your theoriecrafting is completly wrong...
f.e. what you allways say about zvp... plz go to and read atleast the neogen-PvZ-thread, its at the featured threads...
modified by flothefreak
I've already read it, but that's irrelevant. I know how to zvp, and I know pvz too. If you think anything I say is incorrect, try explaining why instead of being like this.
modified by flothefreak
the map suffers a bit from the long distances i guess. and i will also see if i make the 3rd expo some closer...before that, i need to see how the corner "island expos" work out, though.
i'm playing a lil bw again :o

--flothefreak vs kbl71(1on1, 1.15)
--flothefreak vs rust[nod]icus(1on1, 1.15)
--starbrift vs flothefreak(1on1, 1.15)
--flothefreak vs die]flopgun(1on1, 1.15)

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